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The articles you read were not telling the truth, and the fact that it was untrue was very well publicized. China is not drilling:http://www.factcheck.org/askfactchec...the_coast.html
He's not really the same breed. This point was driven home to me early on when I saw all the democratic senate candidates speak at a small venue at Northwestern in 2004 during the primaries and Gery Chico, Daley's chief of staff and former schools chief, really stood out as the classic chicago politician, complete with over-the-top pandering and planted cheering crowd. Obama, on the other hand, was actually fairly unremarkable and had a presence more in line with most...
Why are you asking me? I am not franksargent and I haven't expressed that position. Constructing strawmen is a cop out.
Are you asking why it's a problem that you express incredulity to the suggestion that there could be contexts in which the interests of a specific business or industry could be detrimental to a broader set of interests?
Your post relied on an assumed connection with "bad[ness]" and expressed incredulity that conditions desirable to a specific interested party could be considered "bad," meaning that the opposite quality, "good," is somehow implicitly involved.Case in point. It's not "bad" or good without context and, therefore, using that as an argument on its own is nonsense.
Just because something is desirable for certain interested organizations or individuals doesn't make it intrinsically good.
Questions and arguments are not people and, therefore, attacks on them are not personal attacks. Smart people can make stupid arguments and ask stupid questions. Lundy is wrong. Just because it's not nice doesn't mean it's a personal attack. That the mods can't distinguish between attacks on arguments and personal attacks is why it's strange that anyone here would believe there ever would be reasonable moderation here.
Exactly. Which is why when you search for a quote you use these little things -> ""
And, yet, this thread is still based on a fabricated quote that has never appeared before in any other 1 trillion pages indexed by google.
Using that google-unsavy technique, we can get 2.6 million hits for Ron Paul liberal.
New Posts  All Forums: