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Indeed. Plus, no more than three minutes after your post, SDW parroted a variation:
Thank you, trumptman, for helping keep this thread at the top of the page. Also, I almost forgot to include one of the more interesting smears from this post:Apparently we should all be concerned about a lost college paper from 1983.
Trumptman is not a liberal.
Since this thread was last updated, we have some new smears. A quick tour through trumptman's threads gives us some new examples: Obama Utopianism strikes again! The Blank Slate aka The Empty Suit Dear Media, Try Harder to Obscure being Totally in the Tank for Obama It's the Obama Photo and Caption Thread! which provides some little pot-shots. Of course, this is just a sampling of his anti-obama threads in the past month. Other examples include SDW's The Post-Racial...
Nice. We can add it to the growing list of phrases trumptman parrots:obama is an "empty suit"the media is "in the tank" for obamasocial security is a "ponzi scheme"Obama is "utopian"
Someone said to me the other day "and gas was $4.00 there!" I was like "is that low or high?"
You know what's awesome about this quote? That this thread is the only place on the entire internet that it appears.
BRussell is obviously confused, but it's also not that simple. In terms of statutory rates, they are high compared to the average for OECD countries and about the same as other G7 countries, but when it comes to marginal rates it depends. There are cases where it's lower, even significantly lower, than the OECD average.
No, it's for organizing. It gives supporters a way to discuss issues in groups organized primarily by interest area or location.
The same concerns exist with China due to the one-child policy and the aging population.
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