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I hope that ability can be toggled off during installation, that's horrible for editors. I'm finishing up a job in FCP6 soon and I was thinking of giving fcp7 a try, imagine when I found a problem and wanted to go back to FCP6 my fcp6 disks were automatically giving me fcp7?
Wow that price would be too damn high. It shouldn't be more than $99, other wise it's not an impulse buy. maybe I won't wait and just update the maps on my garmin unit. If it's $99 I want to be able to answer calls with a bluetooth handset and get back into the app with minimal effort while driving, I don't want to the whole car to hear my calls all the time. If they play their cards right on this, this could be a no-brainer accessory for a lot of iphone owners.
When does winmo 6.5 come out again? I've got an old Samsung Blackjack 2 lying around I'd like to update for the hell of it.
He wears the black turtle and jeans in his everyday life? I thought that just a keynote thing. Between that and the black car, after the pain he went through I guess we wanted to paint it black.
Quoted for truthWhile the first 3 are correct, unfortunately I have heard people say Rock Vee. I think it just happens with 5 and 10?
I fixed it for you.
Aww man. I didn't read the replies before posting. You beat me.
I personally think it's evil to force one iphone to film and watch his brother die. It probably doesn't make calls or alerts anymore, it just sits there, occasionally vibrating.
Futurama ftw!
Oh man I really like what Apple has done with the iPhone platform. I want a 32GB iPhone so bad! I really hope fido carries it, but I'm thinking Rogers is gonna take it and leave fido with only the 8gb model that I already have. In an ideal world fido gets the 16 and 32gb ones as well, I get a 32 and give my old 8 to my gf and call it a day. Anyone know why voice dialing seems to be an iPhone 3GS feature and not a OS 3.0 feature? That kind of sucks.
New Posts  All Forums: