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It is right at the top of the app. I see the options for AT&T next, but I do not see the option for Apple new phone every year option.
iCloud backup sounds like a great idea but there is not enough space with just 5gb. I have two devices, my wife has 2 devices, two of my kids have 2 devices each. We use individual iCloud accounts so it is 4 accounts with 5gb each. It will be quiet costly to back everything up to iCloud, ie pictures etc. that is why I wanted to use the wifi sync. Wake on lan should allow computer to wake up as it does for back to my mac. However the wifi sync wake on lan does not allow for...
Ever since Apple announced that you could do wifi sync when you plug your device in I thought it was great. However, it never really worked fully. My wifi sync only works when the computer is awake. Once the computer falls asleep wifi sync is useless. If I manually trigger the wifi sync from the iOS device I hear the hard drive spin up but it does not wake the computer to complete the wifi sync. I have the wake computer on network access turned on in the settings. ...
I hope to see that my screen sharing, file sharing, wifi sync will work when the computer is asleep. I have had this issue for a long time. I have my time capsule set up in bridge mode because of Verizon Fios limitations and have not been able to have wake on LAN. I saw somewhere that it is fixed in 10.8.3 Would live to see some thumbs up from people that are beta testing.
New Posts  All Forums: