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Shouldn't the Smart Cover just be a flexible screen that connects to the iPad?
That iPad Mini should have the same PPI as the iPhone and iPods if I'm not mistaken.
I'm hoping for an OLED display like the Nokia lumia, deeper blacks would make me happy.
Deeper blacks man.
OLED displays at higher PPI's. Siri, P2P software updates controlled by Apple in the Mac App Store, new UI Designs, better animations, sounds, etc.
I think iOS 7 adds two great features, Control Center, and Translucency, but everything else seems bad about it. The app icons should have been translucent or dynamic to the wallpaper instead of the same color scheme as before.  The bottom dock makes it feel less organic than the glass version and it would have been better if the dock instead of being glass or blurry, just a wave of light passing through like an aurora, or something that changed with time or touch motions...
I made a list the other day that I think makes up the price of an unlocked iPhone or Apple device in general. Pay for devs work Retail work Manufacturing work Store electricity and water bills R D Health insurance and 401k Materials and chips used Lawyers and marketing team Cloud servers and administrators/ installers 24/7 assistance at apple.com, Apple Geniuses Stock price - Variable based on Investors and Economists
 I made a checklist after restoring my iPad with iOS 7 because my relative mentioned he got less battery life after updating to iOS 7 and restoring seems to help with it. Turn off Background App Refreshes, Control Center in the lock screen (security issue fix), Bluetooth, Automatic App Downloads, Set manual push of emails, and erase some photos from photo stream, or disable photo streams in general. Also remember to set the lock orientation in control center so the...
Apple should focus on making P2P file transfers for large files like iOS 7's ipsw available instead of creating more storage farms. Even if they grow the capacity, they'll still run out of bandwidth and this would fix people's issues with downloads that fail because the end users connection could fail and no relapse would be there to pick it up on Apple's side, so It's best if they make every file they release for OS X and iOS to be P2P Based when users devices are in...
 It's mostly because every year Apple releases the same things with faster this, better that... It's nothing new that we don't predict in this community. We had the Mac Pro in our minds months before it was released just envisioned it as a G4 Cube, the iPhone 5S and 5C already leaked for us even if the rumours were right from the start, it's not exciting like it used to be. I really think it's something psychological happening at a mass scale that's causing people to loose...
New Posts  All Forums: