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The website does open on other computers it is just my macbook that has a problem with it.  It is also the computer I used to change the theme hence I thought it was probably a problem with the macbook having stored an old version of the site somewhere that is now confusing it.   Looking at the help section on wordpress is a good idea though.  I will do that now.  Thanks for that.
The site name comes up on the tab and the information at the bottom of the page says transferring data from the site but it never gets any further than that.  It is the same for the admin site which only gets as far as the log in page.
I have a problem loading up my website I created through wordpress.  I uploaded a new theme to the site and now my mac book won't open the site in my browser even though I can open it on my phone and on other computers.  I have cleared out all my search history and tried different browsers - firefox, google chrome, and safari turned the computer and the modem on and off.  Is there anything else I can try?
New Posts  All Forums: