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It's got everything to do with it... Stealing ideas, learning the trade etc... Lets face it, it's really hard to study for an exam when you get the questions two days before ...
I went with the wrangler case. This case is great. I can carry my phone around in my pocket and not worry about dropping it. I purchased it based on an article I read on men's fitness selecting the best iPhone 5 case which I really think it is.
I disagree ... If they still wish to fight patent trolls and copycats they need to focus on their design ... Sorry with that much cash in their checkin account I wanna see the " all new iPhone 5s" that I can wrap around my neck or better yet something that doesn't break everytime I drop it that has a design that I haven't seen before ... I say if Huyndai can do it, so can Apple. Bring those manufacturing jobs back to states so you don't get screwed eveytime you innovate
I just hope that Apple does some MAAAAAJOR design updates for the S model and not just move the volume button and add some memory to all it the " The all new 5S "    Its stunning to me to see with over $156B in their bank account, they still want to save money on tooling fees or machinery and use the same body to call it S 
I had 4S and now the 5. Yeah it's nicer but I'm sorry with over 156Bn in their checking account, I'd expected a bit more from APPL. As much as I dislike samsung, everytime I see one of their phone, its a constant reminder of how bigger is somehow better. We're all used to that notion anyway... so making the phone a bit longer  with minor improvments is not what I'm looking for from APPL. Now they're talking about coming withe a new cheaper iPhone!!! No thanks, please...
I purchased a new iPhone 5 last week and I'm looking for a new case already. I got cheapo case when just until I find the ONE... I was using a Quattro case for my iPhone 4. It was a great case and I see that Ivyskin has a new one now called the wrangler for 5 but I wanted to finalize before purchasing one.   After reading reviews and a bit of research, my choice is now between their new Wrangler case and otterbox defender case.   Otterbox looks very rugged but...
New Posts  All Forums: