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I've heard more than a few times about the iPhone 4s not turning off but does anyone have any solutions? I won't respond, but only because I hope this generates a real fix long-term for this problem, rather than a discussion of the 4s itself.    Got anything that's worked for you?
I find that if this idea were such a great benefit to both the shareholder and the company, it would be widespread across the globe. Why it is not, is why I am more than hesitant. The other critical component, is whenever I hear of another great idea espoused by anyone wealthier than I am, is why would they want the rest of us to gain from what would work best for themselves?   Sorry but supposition from Mr Einhorn, that Einhorn predicts that iPrefs distributed at a...
Gawd no kidding, this ain't about another phone or OS, I agree, shut the hell up.
Corporations, including AAPL are less concerned with their trading value than their corporate valuation, and it is not the company that sets their trading value, it is the market. Knowing that then we must understand that the only influence the company can do is to create the very best in product and service that is possible. The rest is all fluff, so this lawsuit is nonsense because in providing preferred shares to owners of their shares means that the company actually...
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