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i liked powerbook better. pro sounds cheesy
ive been trying to setup to another networked printer i have an (hp deskjet 3320) i installed the drivers off hp.com and i cant get it to network either. what shit. anyone know what a driver file would be so i can search and use that possibly as the printer model?
jc, Ive done all that many many times. The printer is shared - it works with my networked windows pc. The only problem I can see on the mac that would be preventing it from working correctly is that its Printer Model is set to "generic" and not the exact model (which doesnt show up under HP). The printer is an HP PSC 2700 series.
well ive been sitting here for about an hour trying to connect to it. i can find the printer under "add printers" when i try and print the only thing is that the printer model isnt listed. when i click "generic" i get a bunch of postscript code and it starts to print a million pages. there is an "other" option that brings me to a finder window i guess to search for the printer? i have a hewlett packard folder in apps but i dont know what kind of file i am looking for? ...
i gotcha. im going to do all that now and retry. it is sending post script the only thing i dont get is it DID work. ok took the printer and hooked it up to the mac, it worked immediately w/o installing anything. the printer when networked is connected to the base/home pc using USB. I am going try and install anything from the cd that came with the printer because it doesnt show this model in the printer setup printer options.
i have set up my printer and have been able to print to it from my mac. randomly it stopped working and i havent been able to get it to work properly since. i keep trying to print test pages with one word and it will start printing many many pages of code. I have my PC networked to it, easy as hell but the mac...noo. i deleted the printer then readed it but it keeps printing the same pages of code. the printer is an hp psc 2170 series btw.
wow i finally got rid of that piece of shit and have a regular keyboard mapped with command on the far left. i like my mac that much more
yes i hate my keyboard and am not using my mac now. i guess its a person preference deal. if anyone wants to buy it let me know
i find safari and ff to lack on os x. but i use ff mostly and safari occasionally. i did give safari a try for a week and it didnt cut it.
heres the code i want the windows to open with no toolbars, etc. were looking at the onClick="" under the lense comment \texample
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