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Basic math. It's your friend.
In 5 months they've lost 35 percent of their market cap... so yeah... there's that.  Hundreds of billions of dollars.   There's a difference between business as usual. And just pure, unadulterated stupidity.  
Never once did I say Apple is doomed, man.   I said they do a horrid job of P.R.   As in doing nothing.   In modern marketing, it's irresponsible.
Look...I know you're a moderator and all, but you really come off as standoffish and kind of rude.   Isn't your job to moderate, not berate people?
Another day of flushing billions of dollars down the toilet.   Great job Apple.  Great job.  
    I'm not sure Samsung is worrying. They're ripping off Apple left and right.  And doing a darn good job of it.  Their sales are increasing. Apple's 2013 salses forecast seems to be heading in the opposite direction.
Good talk.  
My point is the subject line of this thread.
I'm not trying to start a fight.   And  I'm not listening to trolls mind you. For clarity, I will state that I work in a position where I get to see "lots" of a new phones that will be released in the next 6 months. The phone's that I play with on a daily basis are truly innovative and fun. Lots of envelope pushing technology.  These manufacturers, that are obviously not Apple, are really using cutting edge hardware and software in their devices.  No... they don't have...
"Apple a dying animal"   Right or Wrong this is what I mean by much lacking P.R.    This sentiment it out there.  Trust me.  It is.
New Posts  All Forums: