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I still want my AppleTV (true tv). I love my AppleTV (set top box). I wouldn't mind a watch that is combination of the two though ;)
Anyone else have issue with 3GS randomly bricking? I have never modded/hacked/rooted it and suddenly the phone just died and now won't allow me to make calls. I can get it to the screen where I can restore from iCloud backup and as soon as I do (or even set up new) it just hangs at the main screen of iOS and never lets me make calls, use apps, anything.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNpOhUEFH6E   Figured out this is made by a company Forté. Apparently they make EMT software for the iPad. I wonder if this is their idea of a viral video or if they are planning on making a video game (looks to me more like the premise for a video game).   I won't lie if it's free I'll spend a couple hours putting our fires/saving people with an iPad. However, what the heck is up with the ending (won't spoil it).   Weird???
New Posts  All Forums: