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Although screen mirroring is not an option on iPhones, only iPads.
And the new 9 pin connector port is way to big. this is a total faked mock up.
Funny that no reference of another OS was mentioned in that ad. It said multiple OS's but didn't say iOS or Android, nor did they show it running on another device other than RIM's. I know it was a RIM commercial but you'd think they would at least show you, or mention devices that it actually supports. Just an observation.
Yes they do, and it's an enormous sum for just being able to use other devices on your data. It should pull from your existing data plan but they charge you an additional $50 to tether. Ridiculous. That is with the iPhone plan, so not sure if the iPad will be different, and if it is indeed free on an iPad plan, why not make that available to iPhone users too.
This Schmidt guy must be related to Steve Ballmer with the crap that comes out of his mouth.
Too bad NetFlix doesn't have any HD movies that are current. I'll take my rentals on iTunes for $4.99 over a $9.00 a month subscription to nothing worth watching.
Yes they are working in the release of iOS 4.3 today. Not just the GM version.
When in any app, five finger pinch gets you back to home screen. 4 or 5 finger swipe to the left or right switches app, 4 to 5 up reveals multitasking bar. Works like a charm.
That little stunt has Ballmer written all over it.
I figured out why my phone does all of those annoying things that everyone bitches about. Who knew?
New Posts  All Forums: