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Obviously a competent CEO, he seems like a pretty decent human being too.
Google already uses their own method of shielding your credit card number from the merchant; the merchant sees only a virtual credit card number, and stealing that number wouldn't let you make purchases because the CVV is randomized for each transaction.  Apple Pay, GWallet, and other NFC payment systems are not mutually exclusive. As long as the merchant has an NFC terminal, it can support multiple NFC payment systems with different backends.
This is quite similar to the shenanigans the carriers pulled by blocking google wallet in order to push SoftCard. But SoftCard didn't actually go out of their way to work with Google Wallet; Google eventually ran around them by switching to host card emulation and depriving them of their "secure element" excuse. In this case, though, it would be harder for Apple or Google to go, "you know what, we don't actually need your stinkin' NFC!"
The viewership of AI reflects the fact that AI is much more concerned with Android than Android sites are with Apple. For instance, the most recent story on AndroidPolice mentioning "iPad" dates back to May 15. 
Google services are frequently blocked in China nowadays, so what may have started as a "partial retreat" has been effectively made into a complete retreat by the gov't censors.
Google quit China altogether a few years ago after some hackshttp://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8455712.stmhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/23/google-china-news-googles_n_509550.html
I don't think you need studies to deduce that since the iPhone doesn't let users change the default apps. So to use anything other than the default involves at the minimum an extra copy and paste. Thus for a third party app to gain users, it's not good enough to be just slightly better; it needs to be so much better that users are willing to accept the extra inconvenience of using that app compared to Apple's apps.
Even with tricks like memory compression, OS X has gotten quite a bit heavier in recent years. So if you have upgraded your OS since Snow Leopard, you likely find yourself with less memory for actual applications, and have to lean more heavily on far slower swap space even if your application usage hasn't really changed. Snow Leopard ran comfortably on my MBP with 4GB RAM (that was the OS it came with); Lion and beyond less so. In fact Mavericks seemed to have the largest...
Recently enough that some of their partners still call them Isis. https://online.americanexpress.com/mobilewallet/us/mgmt/walletmarketing.jsp
Laptops tend to run pretty hot if they have beefy discrete GPUs, and heat is the worst enemy of computer hardware. Desktops typically are better at dissipating heat because they have larger cases that allow better airflow. Thus you don't see reports of widespread GPU failures on desktops.
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