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Now that it now runs real Windows, there's nothing technically preventing you from running visual studio.
 Why would system apps need to use the same deletion mechanism as normal apps?
The mom could also in theory "accidentally" delete Safari on her Mac from the command line. That hasn't made Apple afraid to include a unix terminal in OS X with all the powers of sudo.
Not sure if you are being serious, but Apple does not sign SLAs with developers.
Just tried this. The first three hits for "the app store" (with quotes) are1. iTunes2. iTunes3. store.apple.com4. Google Play5. Amazon.6. Windows. Seems pretty consistent with the mindshare of those brands.  Omitting the quotes yields a similar ranking. Similarly "email" shows1. Microsoft Online Services2. Workspace webmail.3. Office 365 login.4. Wikipedia6. Gmail. The same search without quotes this time yields1. Gmail2. Workspace webmail.3. Yahoo.4. Microsoft Online...
Google is used to testing in public rather internally because they mainly sell large-scale services, and there's only so much information you can get from testing it just among a handful of employees. How a service like gmail handles a few hundred tech-savvy users doesn't necessarily tell you how it will scale to 10 million users.
Why can't the automatic winding mechanism in mechanical watches be evolved to also top off the battery? Edit: "Automatic quartz" watches like Seiko's have actually been doing this at a basic level for a while.
Something like this an evolved version of this (http://www.planar.com/products/transparent-displays/td3200/)?
The idea of human-reviewed app stores. Amazon has used subjective reviews for their app store for a while. And even before the App Store, linux distros had always maintained all their software in secure, curated repositories. In fact the review process has the potential to be even more thorough on Linux because the actual source code is submitted for inspection.
So does AI have privileged info on CarPlay that's not available to the public but that Google somehow got (what else would such a judgment be based on)?
New Posts  All Forums: