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It's worth mentioning that Siri is still beta software, and Apple is no doubt collecting data from the server in order to further its development. They have good reason in my view to limit its functionality to the hardware it was intended for. Frankly they have that right in any event, but it makes even more sense considering the ongoing development.
Apple wants Samsung to stop copying their products. There's really no mystery here.
There's actually nothing "frivolous" about the lawsuits. Apple believes Samsung is stealing their intellectual property, and I agree. Kudos to Apple for bringing this egregious problem into the limelight.
Thanks for the update. It was all too easy in this case to lump you in with the other and I was perhaps too quick to make that judgement. Nevertheless, I definitely disagree with your views on this topic. Apple has every right to defend their ip vigorously, and I hope that they are fully successful when this legal process runs its course.
I see, a mutual admiration society among trolls. Good riddance to both of you.
Actually, we don't. And we also have an ignore list to help us avoid your smug, Andriod based rants. Welcome to it, and good riddance to you.
To borrow a quote from many years ago,RIP Steve.Sincerest condolences to friends, family, AppleINC, and the entire Apple community.
Oh really? What are the unit forecast sales for iPhone 4s and what do you expect they will actually be? Are you shorting the stock?
Most of the complaints are really groundless, but with the 4 month delay, it is at least understandable why so many anticipated an all new hardware design. I for one am glad that the iP4S has the same design, and I'm going to get one just as soon as Sprint figures out how to update their website with the pertinent information.
New Posts  All Forums: