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Google is a disreputable company, run by slime-balls. This truth is plain for all to see, that is for anybody paying attention and who isn't sucking at their teet. I doubt their plea for public opinion favor pans out, and I cherish the day when the courts decide against them.
So if you currently use a .mac or .me email address and can't switch to OSX Lion (and iCloud), can you still use your email address until June 2012? If not, when exactly does your .mac or .me email address expire?
Yes. magicj should be on the ignore list and is now. I feel much better.
Great. Now that they got that troublesome Barry Bonds business out of the way, they can devote themselves to really important stuff, like saving us from our iPhones.
AndroidDomination --> Ignore List. Time to take out the trash..
Thanks. I'm on AT&T dsl, I'll check to see if they have anything similar. Really have no idea what my total is monthly, but I'm guessing it's pushing that new cap limit, at least on occasion.
I blame AT&T as well. They call me 3 times a week hawking Uverse, which I won't buy, but I use their dsl to access Netflix and other sources. I would guess that the upcoming restrictions will affect me. Any source of information on these new restrictions?
How do you measure monthly bandwidth usage?
Thanks for adding some sanity to this thread, which has been littered with hysteria that the sky is falling. I think the hysteria is premature to say the least, and I give AppleC credit for doing a pretty good job making business decisions over the last several quarters. The fretting over the 30% cut of digital content subscriptions and the other recent changes announced is rash, and I think a wait and see attitude is appropriate. Apple could very well make adjustments...
If my characterization of you as a troll is unwarranted, I apologize. I'll take you at your word that the balance of your posts bare this out. However, I still take issue with your statement that Apple is providing nothing more than assistance with payment processing. And this is in regards to the topic of this thread, which is subscription policies for digital content. As for apps, I don't get the beef here. Apple has always asked for 30% and the developer sets the price....
New Posts  All Forums: