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It does sound like a dis-information campaign, doesn't it..
A kingdom of serfs more like it. Unsuspecting dupes waiting to be raped of their privacy by an evil monarch. No thanks.
I'm holding out for a phone with dual chiclet keyboards. Then I can fumble my typing twice as much.
Meh. Sprint, call me when you get iPhone. Will Sprint ever get iPhone?
Googletards.. As for me, I deleted Picasa from the one machine it was loaded on and I've started using other search engines. Time to become Google-free!
This thread is like an astroturfer's convention.
The plot thickens..
No problem here, updated a PPC G5 machine running Leopard, from software update. Haven't yet updated my Mac Mini running Snow Leopard.
Google is proving to be a giant "bag of hurt".
I don't need anybody else's benchmarks to to tell me that Flash slows down my browser and eventually causes it to crash. I can also easily compare playing html5 video vs flash video in Youtube. Don't need any fancy measuring equipment to tell the difference there. Html5 wins hands down. Not sure about the FUD you mention, unless you're referring to your own posts.
New Posts  All Forums: