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Or they could just raise the price of the subscription by a couple bucs too. Not saying they should or will, but Apple doesn't dictate what developers and publishers charge, only that they can't undercut Apple and there is a 30% fee.
It does sound like a dis-information campaign, doesn't it..
A kingdom of serfs more like it. Unsuspecting dupes waiting to be raped of their privacy by an evil monarch. No thanks.
I'm holding out for a phone with dual chiclet keyboards. Then I can fumble my typing twice as much.
Meh. Sprint, call me when you get iPhone. Will Sprint ever get iPhone?
Googletards.. As for me, I deleted Picasa from the one machine it was loaded on and I've started using other search engines. Time to become Google-free!
This thread is like an astroturfer's convention.
The plot thickens..
No problem here, updated a PPC G5 machine running Leopard, from software update. Haven't yet updated my Mac Mini running Snow Leopard.
Google is proving to be a giant "bag of hurt".
New Posts  All Forums: