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This is bullshit, troll. Apple's providing one-click access to customers with credit cards who actually buy things, and lots of them. The idea that they are simply providing payment services and nothing more is bogus.
This is a joke, right?
Or they could just raise the price of the subscription by a couple bucs too. Not saying they should or will, but Apple doesn't dictate what developers and publishers charge, only that they can't undercut Apple and there is a 30% fee.
It does sound like a dis-information campaign, doesn't it..
A kingdom of serfs more like it. Unsuspecting dupes waiting to be raped of their privacy by an evil monarch. No thanks.
I'm holding out for a phone with dual chiclet keyboards. Then I can fumble my typing twice as much.
Meh. Sprint, call me when you get iPhone. Will Sprint ever get iPhone?
Googletards.. As for me, I deleted Picasa from the one machine it was loaded on and I've started using other search engines. Time to become Google-free!
This thread is like an astroturfer's convention.
The plot thickens..
New Posts  All Forums: