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I don't need anybody else's benchmarks to to tell me that Flash slows down my browser and eventually causes it to crash. I can also easily compare playing html5 video vs flash video in Youtube. Don't need any fancy measuring equipment to tell the difference there. Html5 wins hands down. Not sure about the FUD you mention, unless you're referring to your own posts.
Enough with the 'saint jobs' nonsense already. Ignore.
appl -----> ignore list Buh bye.
They're all ugly as sin. I wouldn't be caught dead with one.
I'm no expert, but my understanding is that Sprint's and Verizon's networks are not compatible.
No, they are not the same. Lots of people use loose when they really mean lose.
Fully agree with this comment. I think it wound up to be a case of "throwing out the baby with the bath water". I believe Apple would still prefer not to allow apps that are cross compiled from Flash, but realized, very quickly, that these restrictions were much further reaching, and especially including games development. If there were any influence from the FTC, I believe that would be related to the Admob situation. As for third party development tools, I think Apple is...
Maybe you're the fangirl Bettie.. I happen to agree that the largest draw for Android is that iPhone is only available on ATT. Granted there are other attractions to Android, such as Apple hateGirls, flashtards, and I'm sure some other constituents like the free software fanatics, but the dynamic for Android is hugely different without the iPhone exclusivity, imo.
For me, it's a huge deal. I will never buy another cell phone that doesn't play nice with my Mac. And I want that functionality out of the box, not interested in 3rd party connectivity solutions for something as baseline as syncing contacts and such.
+1 Agree wholeheartedly
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