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For me, it's a huge deal. I will never buy another cell phone that doesn't play nice with my Mac. And I want that functionality out of the box, not interested in 3rd party connectivity solutions for something as baseline as syncing contacts and such.
+1 Agree wholeheartedly
Welcome to my ignore list. Good bye.
"I already know your favorite flavor." Meet Google CEO Eric Schmidt
I must be doing something wrong, I've not found any artists beyond the original 10.
I don't think it's odd to expect that Apple couldn't have had more than 10 musicians on board to start things off. Otherwise I'm fine with being patient for some momentum to build.
I signed up for Ping and got nothing. It's like a ghost town right now. Can't find any other musicians beyond the 10 or so suggested by Apple. I tried the Facebook connect before it got pulled, but it came up empty too. I guess it will take time to build up some momentum.
I didn't use my "credit card name". Am I missing something?
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis.
I have to admit, I really dislike Autodesk, but this is great news for Apple.
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