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+1 and done.
Please, just get over yourself.
Speak for yourself. I want Flash to die, and tomorrow isn't soon enough.
Apple is doomed.
They removed it just to piss you off.
Nice try, thanks for playing.
Most American consumers don't appear to "give a stuff" about what the bloggers have to say either, as the demand here for iPhone4 remains well ahead of supply.I think the reality is that the bloggers are driven more by Apple's competitors in the mobile phone space than by consumers. Testament to how well Apple is doing with iPhone and how scared the competition is. This blogger blitzkrieg over alleged iPhone antenna issues is for the most part an all out attack on Apple by...
Stock manipulation anyone?
I agree that Apple is on the wrong side of the PR on this issue, but it's not clear to me what they should be doing (or should have done) differently that would improve matters, short of understanding the problem fully.As for the article, I would point out that much of what has been written on this subject is fact-free. One fact that I do know is that Apple isn't close to meeting demand for the iPhone4.
Sane article from BusinessInsider on why this is a non-issue here. Great to see at least a bit of op-ed contrary to the FUD-fest this topic has turned into.
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