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I agree that Apple is on the wrong side of the PR on this issue, but it's not clear to me what they should be doing (or should have done) differently that would improve matters, short of understanding the problem fully.As for the article, I would point out that much of what has been written on this subject is fact-free. One fact that I do know is that Apple isn't close to meeting demand for the iPhone4.
Sane article from BusinessInsider on why this is a non-issue here. Great to see at least a bit of op-ed contrary to the FUD-fest this topic has turned into.
Looks like Ireland's not the only one infuriated by the iPhone 4 antenna "calamity". http://vimeo.com/12858526
Enough is enough dude. Welcome to my ignore list, and good riddance to you.
Wow, after reading thru 10 pages of posts, I'm spent. The verizon vs at&t threads weren't this tedious, were they? So it's been pointed out already, this campaign smacks of desperation by Adobe. They really contradict themselves as well, at least in my view. They seem to think this is just a PR problem, when in reality it's a issue of technology and corporate strategy. Apple outlined their position in SJ's letter, but I think that was in response to rampant internet...
Are the web ads going to be in Flash? http://clicktoflash.com/
If the shoe fits, you should wear it, Adobe shill.
Verizon and Google have Apple envy, bigtime.
Careful Bongo, or the black helicopters might get you.
Another post of nonsense from you. Goodbye.
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