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Profit wins, and Apple is ruling the roost right now. We'll see how it plays out going forward. I think Nokia has their work cut out for them, but that's just my opinion.
The plot thickens..
And you as well. Good Bye.
Flashtards will believe anything that suits them it would seem. And my ignore list has some new inhabitants.
It makes absolute sense from Apple's point of view. I can understand why someone in Adobe's camp would view it differently, but Adobe's track record for supporting Apple and their customers is known to be worse than bad. Some could argue that Adobe had sufficient cause, but who cares? From Apple's perspective, it is what it is. History shows that Adobe doesn't care about Apple's customers, and it's too late for them to change their stripes. Apple have stated numerous times...
Excellent post.
Sue, any axes to grind? Just wondering. Apple is justified in not allowing Adobe to marginalize iPhone OS with Flash translations imo. Speaking from an AAPL pov that is..
All the astroturfing aside, I have a difficult time imagining how Adobe could make a case here. Their corporate legal staff would surely convince them not to waste the effort if the mgmt is actually considering legal action. Just my $.02. More generally, the rift between Apple and Adobe has been growing for years it would seem. While it is possible to see both sides of the dispute(s), I think it's very difficult for longtime Apple customers to have any sympathy...
John Gruber at Daring Fireball has what I think is an excellent take on this new restriction by Apple here.From the article:
New Posts  All Forums: