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More questions; I have been using a PC until now and all my important stuff is on an external which I would need to access from time to time on my MAC. Are there external HD around where I could store this on and have it accessible for both PC and MAC or would I have to partition a drive with one part for MAC and one part for PC.   How to install that shared folder on my MAC.
That is absolutely great support, tx a lot and let you know once done!
that is understood but would mean that my back up is on my macbook, probably the only option is than the network drive you have suggested. Will have a look online and see how that could be set up. So far tx for the support.
Appreciate your response, that shared folder would have to be where?
I have purchased a macbook pro 13" retina with 256 Gb hard drive with parallel and windows installed as I -unfortunately- need it for some applications, need external back up and have done some research where no one seems to agree on the solution where you can store (and access) the data for both windows and Mac. The time capsule seems to come close to that solution but from what I have read one is not able to access the Windows data. Any expert advise would be highly...
Using office 365 on this and other laptops and works great, tx for getting back to me.
@ Jag_Warrior; same thing I have installed both parallel and windows 7 and it works just great, no problems with speed whatsoever, tx for the response.
@ Charlituna: 1st of all tx for the response, however allow me to disagree with your post. I have installed parallel and have windows 7 running on my macbook pro with with 8Gb RAM and is fast as lightning. Very happy took this road instead of bootcamp.
Tx Mr. Me, much appreciated
Makes sense, but with office 365 with 5 available installs could I than install on both MAC and Windows or does that not make sense?
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