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I made a chunk of money buying AAPL as it dipped down in value this year, and sold yesterday at $572.  I think that's about what AAPL should be valued, or at least close enough that I want to take my profits.     Personally I'm just waiting for a stock market correction at this point.  There are almost no "value" stocks available.  The stock market is very overvalued.  I still have a small portion of AAPL stock that I'll hang on to, but I'm young and am currently at...
Of course I just discovered bu.mp has a 20mb file size limit, just great!  Now I have no way to get the file off of the phone onto my laptop.  I don't get why anyone with any technical knowledge would choose to buy an iphone this thing sucks!!!!   I also do not have the personal hotspot option on my iphone 5s, so I guess I can't tether either.
I actually got the download app to work by copying the entire URL to the file into the app. I can't use the download app go browse my files. I assume I'll be able to use bump to get the file off my iPhone but haven't tried it yet. I have a 5gb data plan so I shouldn't have a problem staying under that.
I am traveling soon and the hotel internet access is capped at 150kbs.  I want to use 4g on my iphone to download files and then put them on my computer.  So far, the best solution I have is to use dropbox to send the file from my home pc to my iphone, then use bump to get it from my iphone to my computer.  Rooting is not an option since this is a work phone.     Is there a better way, or is this the best I can do with iOS?  Of course with android this is incredibly...
Its P/E is like 9.5.  At $700 it would be around 16.5.  There's nothing crazy about that.  Microsoft is sitting at almost 18 p/e.  Unless you think Apple is the next blackberry and will lose their entire customer base you should be buying!
I bought more shares today.  You know last week I decided to give up my unlimited data with verizon to get a new phone to sell on ebay.  I took at look at what I would net buying and selling a samsung galaxy s4 and thought wow I'm going to get a lot!  Then out of curiousity, I tried running the numbers with the iphone 5 and it wasn't even close, the iphone 5 (which costs me the same) would sell for more.   I really don't worry that much that after the release of the...
The shareholders are the people who still own stock at it's current level, the people that sold their shares are the people causing the fall, and they are no longer shareholders lol.
  Do you understand any of the numbers here?:   http://ycharts.com/companies/AAPL/valuation
Haha maybe!  But I'll only be worried if it's lower than I bought today in 5 years :p.
I bought more shares today, here are the reasons why (I'm a developer):   1.  Developers like developing for iOS.   2.  Apps are more profitable on iOS and therefore it will remain the go to platform for releasing new paid apps. 3.  All the headlines are bad for AAPL right now (suggesting to me that the stock is being oversold). 4.  Apple products are still seen as the "premium" or higher quality product.  I have a droid 3 and consider it a POS (as does my gf...
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