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Bullshit. I used to do just that all the time. Never once had a charge for it aside from using minutes.
Sure enough, about a week after my last reply to this thread I had a random shut down. I installed the firmware upgrade and I've been running okay ever sense. With any luck I will continue to do so.
That would be me. Of course I'm sure I'm going to jinx something now....
Did I read that right? Steve-o previewed something that is between 3 and 6 months away????
During the 10 minutes I've spent fighting with AI trying to reply to this (forgot my password to my account... and then to my junk Gmail account,) both the iLife ad and as I type this now the virus ad is running and I want to put my head through my monitor. They're an embaressment! There is no other way to describe these ads. I guess we might know when the next financial statements come out whether the ads worked or not, but I'm pretty sure they won't. They belittle the...
Really? Which Costco in particular did you see these being sold at?
I just save myself the trouble and use the stove.
Gah! I drive a 2004 Chrysler! Oh well, I'll just have to use the integration deal I got for Christmas.
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