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Thanks for the reply, but a few things..1.) I am trying to record interviews over VoIP, so it isn't realistic to expert others to record things on their end.2.) GarageBand is as amateur as it comes.3.) Anything in an Apple Store is beyond amateur. (Sorry, but it's true!)Debbie
So I ended up using QuickTime to record phone conversations, because I cannot figure out how to get Audacity to record both people's voices... Here is one other issue that is driving me crazy... When I am speaking on my headset to someone else on VoIP, their voice sounds normal, and people on the other end are basically saying my voice sounds like it os coming from a normal phone. Check. However, when I go back and listen to the recorded VoIP conversation, a lot of the...
Are you sure that I just don't have things set up correctly?It doesn't seem like it is Audacity's fault, but who knows?!(I just don't understand why Apple has such a FUBAR architecture for how audio works?! On a PC this would be plug-and-play!)Can you think of anything else I can do to get this to work with Audacity?Sincerely,Debbie
This has to be the most painful set up on my Mac I have ever endured!! Since my last post, I have made the following changes... Audio MIDISettings: Aggregate Device Audio MIDISettings: Multi-Output Device Zoiper Preferences SoundFlower Menu Per your advice, I tried recording using QuickTime Player. First I did a test with me just speaking into the headset and that seems to work. Next I tried recording some music from VLC and that seems to be okay. Next I...
Oh gee, it was right in front of me!!Say, before I finish answering your QuickTime question, could you please let me know if I set up everything correctly above in my screenshots?? Sincerely,Debbie
Earlier you said, "In say Quicktime, set the recording input to your aggregate input. "How do I set the Preferences for QuickTime Player?I don't see any place in the menu options - most of which are greyed out - to be able to set the Input/Output that you mentioned above...Debbie
Marvin,I have followed your instructions above and had no luck.Not sure if this will work, but I am attaching screenshots of what I have...Audio MIDISettings: Aggregate Device(I tried setting things to my LogiTech Headset as well, and that didn't help either.)Audio MIDISettings: Multi-Output DeviceSound Preferences - InputSound Preferences - OutputAudacity SettingsSaying HelloWhen I speak into my Headset, I can see the "power indicator" moving to the right, which indicates...
Yep, I'm all woman!! As far as your advice, I found a tutorial online - which I lost when FireFox crashed - that said the same thing.I tried that, but it still doesn't work.I must say on a side note that Mac's have the most FUBAR'ed way of doing sound that I have ever seen?! (This would have taken 60 seconds in my old PC...)Since I am out of work and broke, I hate to ask this, but is there maybe a more "professional" way of doing what I want that would be less hassle?If...
I am conducting interviews for a news article, and Yes, I know about that, but thanks anyhow.Debbie
I have a 2012 MBP with Mountain Lion, voip.ms service, Zoiper, SoundFlower, a USB Headset and Audacity. When I try and record phone calls, all I get is the other person's voice. Does anyone know how to configure my Mac's Sound Preferences and SoundFlower to capture the entire conversation? Sincerely, Debbie
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