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When entering 14/08/06 into cell it is formated to 14 August 0006 (uk date format) instead of 14 August 2006. When I do the same in excel it correctly works out as 14 August 2006. I suppose it isn't strictly a bug but could cause confusion if using the DATEDIF function like I did. I couldn't understand why it was showing 730,852 days!!! difference between now and last year. Anybody found any other bugs.
Sorry my point is this. On one hand you have Apple who within 5 years perfectly replicated OS X from PPC to intel and not only did it work as it should, but it allowed you to run PPC software as if it was intel native. On the other hand you have Microsoft who have been creating software for the intel processor for 30 ish years. Yet over 6 years development the best they can come up with is Vista that cannot even support 3rd party XP drivers. See Not a Happy Bunny Why...
I think this is definitley bad news for M$. Six years in the making and only 3 months after release and people are saying "hmmmm....can i stick with XP". Vista is beginning to sound like a dud.
Users force Dell to resurrect XP This can't be good news for Microsoft
No problems with update here. Installed and everything running smooth.
I think you will be fine with 80gb, If you have the money then upgrade the hard drive. The hard drive is really easy to upgrade in the Mac Book and you can do it yourself. You could always put a larger hard disk in later.
Don't think about it anymore, just buy one. You won't regret it. I suggest the white mac book with superdrive. This gives the best value for money. As for upgrades well you could upgrade the memory but standard 1gb is more than sufficient. I have never bought the applecare but if you can afford it get it (3 years peace of mind). As for the other questions, others on this forum will probably have the answers. I was a diehard PC man but switched in 2005 after...
I switched 2 years ago from Pc. I was sick of the virus/ malware problems plus blue screen of death. Always saving docs in case of a crash and loss of work. I tried linux which was exciting, but that was too developer orientated with little choice of software. So I decided to get a Mac. All my friends laughed, but they dont now. I bought the 1st gen Imac G5 and never looked back. I and my friends were amazed when you could have 5 music videos playing...
aqua graphite classic is nice...thanks for the tip
This guy from the BBC isn't too happy about his Vista experience: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/robertpeston/
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