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thank you for your time!!! I can get education discount easily with my collegue, so is gonna be 1749 aud for the 13 and 2279 for the 15" the save is around 480 euro total! depends on the current change, but i will pay with aud cash that otherwise I have to change and get a low exchange rate!!!! (a bit of a problem for the online store order), i had already read the thing about the invoice thats why i was worried about buying online, i called the apple store about the tax...
Hahahaha Mai riso cosi su un forum!! Che modello mi consigli di prendere? 13" 256 ssd o 15" entry level??
Gotcha...but I would save 700 dollar buying it now and not back home! I'm not sure for what I use, if it worth to wait 3 months and spend 1800 euro, when I can spend 1200 euro or less now....so if i buy it i should go with the i7?
is that a mac forum? if somebody can give some advices please do!  
ahahah no worries man ! pm me your favourite italian wine!! any advice about the setup of the machine? like which processor pick or how many gb of ssd?? (by the way one of my collegue got me a 1tb lacie external hd 5400rpm with thunderbolt, so i dont need too much storage in the internal hd, and i already have an external apple optical drive) do I need other features? thanks
Hello everyone! I'm davide from Italy, just got into appleInsider and I love it! Im always on my AI app now! I need some advices about rmbp! hope that someone can help me! im gettin into mac world and i really wanna go to an apple notebook (coming from an old dell xps), I'm currently working in australia but im leaving in couple of weeks, I would like to buy now a 13" retina mac book pro beacuse it fit what I need and it's really cheap compared to italy with the euro...
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