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Apple might consider skipping Canada until that government's farce anti-competitive investigation is resolved.
The shipped vs sold is showing up in their financial results. This is one reason why Samsung announced such a drastic drop in earnings and profits last quarter. Since the company is not being challenged to announce the sold number, the company has an advantage over other companies. I am suggesting this advantage be stripped from Samsung.
"Apple is thought to have sold some 38.2 million iPhones in the third quarter of 2014, according to market research firm Gartner's quarterly handset sales tracker. Nokia sold some 43.1 million handsets, while market leader Samsung moved 94 million devices."   It is beyond time that Samsung is forced to announce sold handsets instead of shipped handsets. Otherwise, they should not be ranked at all.
With supply still constrained, is it possible Apple might consider delaying the release of the next iPhones?
The Korean newspapers also reported Samsung had won the majority of the A8 production. Those reports were proven false. There is no proof A9 reports are telling the truth. One thing is certain, the reports are succeeding at making Samsung look good until the reports are proven false. When the reports are proven false, new reports surface that Samsung won the next A production. The last three paragraphs of the so-called report are the most important. 2014/12/12 By Bae...
"need"? Really?Whenever Apple releases the Watch, it will be okay. Apple is not hurting for cash, does not have to give the impression it is innovative, etc.
This is the only incident being reported due to a financial loss being experienced . How many more trades have been ignored by the SEC? Also, Morgan Stanley "accepted" the $4 million fine? Did it have a choice? If so, why? Could the fine been larger? $4 million is less than 0.5% of $1 billion. If Morgan Stanley is still too big to fail, it is long overdue to break up the bank. Otherwise, the bank will continue to do whatever it wants however it wants.
I appreciate the sarcasm. For the record, I am a Black gay man in technology. As many people have posted their opposition to Tim Cook and Apple associating with Jesse Jackson, I am as well. Still, I see that Tim is in an awkward position. If Tim chose not meet with Jackson, no matter how untrue, there would be an avalanche of worldwide bad publicity claiming Apple was not sticking to its diversity support claims. I think we can all agree that much digital ink would be...
It seems that Apple cannot get away from people trying to steal from it and the U.S. judicial is corroborating with the would-be thieves! I actually have an iPod touch that falls within the correct timeframe and I am not interested in suing Apple nor collecting any money if Apple loses. I was absolutely against Real Networks' repeated attempts to usurp FairPlay to get its music on Apple's iPods. Real could not compete with Apple's iTunes and iPod businesses so it decided...
I wonder how PayPal will respond to this? The same goes for Samsung with its swipe finger print sensor. I should not forget Google with its Google Wallet
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