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 Square might have done Apple a HUGE favor by rejecting Apple's offer. Think about what Apple does not have to deal with now... Apple does not have to deal with hardware, software nor personnel integration issues. No one at Square will lose their jobs due to the company being purchased by Apple. Apple is still digesting the Beats purchase, taking on Square right now might too much for the company to handle.  Apple does not have to deal with delays getting regulatory...
If I remember correctly, AI published a rumor about the iPhone 6 the week after the iPhone 5S was released for sale.   In this case though, "the next version" is not "the next iteration". I suspect Apple will be creating multiple versions of wearable devices that just happen to display time.   Reuters wanted to be the first organization to push a new rumor since there really cannot be anymore rumors about the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch.   We still have...
 In less than one hour, Apple showed the world it had a message for its smart watch while the Android camp is still trying to spell smart watch. Look at how ALL 6 Samsung watches have flopped, the Moto 360's UI fails, the LG G R???? is already outdated.   
Not meaning much shows Apple is unafraid to cannibalize it's best selling products for the next best selling products! I see this cannibalization with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus vs iPad Mini. The ads were great when they were initially shown, but they look dated now. Let them go. This is a gentle suggestion.
"As expected"... Really? Time KNEW this ahead of the announcement? 😉
I feel there are times when AI purposely chooses to purposely be incorrect and/or negative about Apple. I do not expect to have a 100% pro-Apple Web site, but I do find it saddening to see an Apple-focused Web site throwing in negatively-toned sentences. I expect Cnet to do this, not AI.
Awesome hire! Newson's design abilities are equal to or even above Ive's!!   hy am I feeling Jony might be setting the stage for leaving Apple to pursue something else not related to electronics? 
Of course Google did not think through the implementation of Android Wear. All Google wanted was to get ANYTHING out the door as fast as possible to enable Android Wear manufacturers to rush ANY kind of wrist-based product that could be called a smart watch BEFORE Apple showed the world its designs for a wrist-based product. As much as I beat up on the New York Times, yesterday the rag published something truthful about the current state of smart watches: They...
I guess Apple really is needed to show the Android camp how to do things. I want to see who copies Apple the fastest!
Thanks for the correction and explanation!
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