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Thankfully, the "i" is not being used to name new products and services. "Apple" has a nice ring to it. Apple Watch. Apple Music. Apple Television (for that Gene guy). 
After reading the above responses, I decided to take a quick look at what the hired ex-Apple employees were working with for improvement. OpenStreetMap data is being used and may be presented in a different graphical manner... Now it’s even easier to get local data so you can start building cool stuff. Each week, we automatically extract the latestOpenStreetMap data into manageable, metro-area shapefiles in a variety of formats for you to use.I do not think the ex-Apple...
Apple Music and Beats 1 have been released, let the rumor mill return to the car, turn to iPhone 6S leaks and of course remind us all of how superior Samsung is to Apple. 
I did not see the phony benchmark tests returning at this time of the quarter since I was expecting to see more rumors about how Samsung has garnered more Apple supply chain business. Samsung appears to be extraordinarily desperate to return to phony benchmark results when the results can and will be proven quickly then published as being fraudulent, which further taints Samsung's image. Oh well, Apple please keep up the great work!! %uD83D%uDC4B
Who is Spotify talking to now? Apple just helped that "afraid of competition/sneak behind closed doors to spew FUD to government agencies around the world about Apple being a monopoly" streaming music company land a major music group and probably more once Apple Music starts tomorrow at 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST!
I hope there is no report on Apple Watch sales. Learning about how CNBC is doing such a bang up job of fabricating FUD even when being provided facts is hilarious!
This DRAM story has proven the February story was a false rumor as I had expected. Here is my comment about the February story...    Barron's is reporting this morning, "TSMC Will Have The Lion's Share of Apple's A9 Pie: Citi". It appears that Samsung's 14nm fabrication process is not ready for prime time after all. TSMC's 16nm fabrication process is ready as TSMC had reported. But Wall Street chose to ignore TSMC in favor of Samsung until denial could not be held on...
What is interesting about how Apple is currently using Force Touch is it is similar to how Apple uses the long press gesture. The long press gesture displays contextual menus. iPhone/iPad/iPod touch owners can use the long press gesture to to select all, copy, paste and/or delete information. Because of the existence of the long press gesture, I am thinking Force Touch will provide "something more" than Apple has presented and others have guessed at so far.
It is a sad fact, but the DOJ probably will jump on this and classify it as collusion or monopolistic if Dr. Dre decides to not ever release the album on any other streaming service. The bullseye is not painted on Apple's back. The bullseye with Apple's name on it is painted on the back of the eye lids of the DOJ and the NY and CT State AGs. (And, Judge Cote).
There is no problem here, but like you many people will most certainly find a problem and ignite it. The end result will be an explosive amount of digital listens to the album and sales of the digital album. 
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