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Carl Icahn demanded eBay spin off PayPal. eBay said no, no, no. Then eBay said I can. The rest is now playing out.
If I remember the articles written when the AuthenTec purchase was rumored then announced, Apple actually asked Samsung, Motorola and other companies to consider a touch-based fingerprint sensor, but was unilaterally turned down due to the cost of the sensor and sapphire glass covering the sensor.   Only after realizing the advantage of having a unique fingerprint sensor, did Apple decide to just buy the company and lock up the fingerprint sensor technology for itself....
Blackberry chose to resist change on the hardware side. Palm had an interesting WebOS, but chose to try to one-up Apple instead of exclusively promoting itself. The ex-Apple employee in charge of Android seemed to have a grudge against Apple and wanted to show he could beat Apple at being Apple with Palm. I think the only way a new operating system will be able to become successful is for a new market to appear. This new market has to be something that makes people wonder...
 I agree with you. I highlighted the parts that DED has recently written about and what the Chinese are doing. Seeing all of this in real-time is very interesting.
The way Google is heading with Android, OEMs will only be able to differentiate themselves through hardware. It is great to see HTC, LG and Sony trying to create different and unique hardware designs, but software is the key to truly being different.
I agree with you. I see local (not cloud) servers being used to provide computational power to mobile devices.After reading about an Apple patent that enabled customers to manipulate objects by waving their hands above an iPad display, I bought a book about holograms to familiarize myself with the technology. My thoughts repeatedly returned to Star Wars, Iron Man and Avatar.
I am hoping Apple does things right sooner rather than later. Holograms without head gear would blow up the landscape and cause companies to change course once again. Apple has old and new patents that show it has been thinking about taking this path. The company has the CPU and GPU skills (as we have been reminded) to make it happen. Time will tell.
I am surprised AppleInsider felt inclined to label the magazine as "rag". I wonder how this site will be remembered when it's closing day arrives.
This patent is scary in the sense that it would weaken the security of Touch ID. The US government would immediately force Appe to secretly share ALL biometric data with it. Apple would have to comply due to national security. The patent shows Apple would have the ability to decrypt biometric data using a key. Apple would know the iPhone's and associated Apple ID accounts the biometric data belonged to. Apple would know the stuff it has repeatedly stated it did not want to...
Wizard69, you were doing so well then you blew it. I was not criticizing AI for publishing rumors from Digitimes. I made an observation about how AI reports rumors about Samsung versus TSMC. Samsung rumors are written with a more factual tone while TSMC rumors are written with a questionable tone. Please refrain from telling me to read something to get an understanding when you obviously did not comprehend what I had written. I guess today had to be the day I had to deal...
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