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This effort to shutdown an ad blocker gives more exposure to ad blockers. As people become more annoyed with intrusive ads, they will turn to solutions that empower them to get rid of the intrusions. Publishers will one day learn they need readers more than readers need them.
The answer to your years question is many more years. As long as Samsung can safely say they ship more phones than any other company, investors will accept the delusion Samsung spews to them.
Of course there had to be a Steve Jovs reference. Do you by any chance remember MobileMe? It was designed, developed and delivered on... Wait for it... Steve Jobs' watch. It beyond time to let the Steve Jobs was perfect image go.
I remember the NBC greed very clearly. I decided to stop watching NBC because of it. I bought the Heroes series once it returned to iTunes, but I still have not returned to NBC. When I want to buy something new, I check for NBC first and if I see NBC, I do not purchase it. I did buy the Friends seasons when they became available on iTunes.
One day supposedly intelligent people will accept the facts that Steve Jobs is dead and Tim Cook never wanted to be Steve Jobs. These people are being blind to what they are being shown or stubborn to accept what they are being shown by Tim Cook about any product. No, Tim Cook is not a Steve Jobs-like showman. Tim Cook does not need to be that. How many times have people criticized foreigners for being the Steve Jobs of wherever? Yet, they do not hesitate to say Tim Cook...
Where is the outrage? The class action lawsuits? The press? I admit there was done press about this problem back in August/September, but the press just shrugged it off. No class action lawsuits have been filed as far as I know. I guess being an Android problem means just accepting the problem. Unless... Not many Note devices have been sold.
Auto-correct feels like a misdirection play by Apple. It is the other applications referenced in the patent that I think Apple is truly heading towards.
I know you are being sarcastic, but somehow some idiot will try to spin this as being Apple's fault.
Samsung's actions remind me of how insecure people behave. To be a participant in the conversation of the moment, Samsung announced a new chip. When the chip is put under the early microscope, the chip is found lacking. Apple's A9X chip is the chip of conversation versus Intel chips. Samsung is in the conversation because of its rushed announcement. The inclusion will fade quickly.
I more interested in learning why Sculley chose to sell the company instead of using his CEO skills to make a truly competitive product against Apple and the others (Isn't funny that competing with Samsung or any other Android Wear manufacturer is mentioned in press releases?). I am guessing with the failure of that opportunistic "Steve Jobs" movie, in which many, many people realized Sculley attempted to rewrite history, the man chose to get out of the embarrassing...
New Posts  All Forums: