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The same can be written about Samsung.
The following link is to a Barron's article that favors TSMC. The arti mentions Cowen who was mentioned by AI. The article is dated March 15, 2015. http://m.barrons.com/articles/BL-AFUNDSB-1949 What adds humor to the pro-Samsung storyline is TSMC just announced a banner quarter. Here is a link to a Reuters article about this. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/taiwans-tsmc-books-65-pct-054243025.html?.tsrc=applewf The press is focused on TSMC's lower Q2 numbers due to...
And it begins... In this instance, thanks Ming. Because of you a reference to a report flattering TSMC actually got published here. Now here is how this storyline will go until September... Hold on, I do not want to be censored again. Thanks, Cowen for your report last month!
Samsung fibbed for multiple quarters how well it's phones were selling until it could not fib anymore. Web sites around the world proclaimed Samsung's supremacy over Apple nonstop. Samsung HAD to tell the world that it had been stuffing the channel with phones that were not selling. Then and only then did the Web sites stop the proclamation. So, step off the pedestal pal. We will not know the truth until Samsung HAS to tell it.
sog35, you beat me to it! Thanks!!Cnocbui also provided a link to an article dated 2015-03-09 that was written in Barcelona, Spain at MWC. As Samsung was announcing the S6/Edge phones to the world, the following was also announced..."Samsung received some 20 million pre-orders for the S6 and s6 Edge _ 15 million of S6 and five million of the S6 Edge from mobile carriers, worldwide. This is a record,"a top executive at a leading mobile carrier in Europe told the Korea Times...
While reading the Bloomberg report, I sensed it was another "boost Samsung's image" at a time Apple's image is shining brighter.It was rumored Samsung's will reach the 10 million shipment mark for the S6 in two months, which will be faster than the S5, but is much slower than iPhone 6 reaching the coveted mark since Apple reached it in a weekend!The Apple Watch is being estimated to have sold nearly one million on Friday, which surpasses all Android Wear watches sold for...
The "sad" thing is Google and Samsung will now decide to promote allowing people to bring selfie sticks their conferences to try to show they are more open than Apple.
MarketWatch is claiming, "When Apple sent software developers a test version of the new operating system in February, it said iOS 8.3 would support UnionPay, a development that received broad media attention." I do not recall an official Apple announcement saying this. Am I mistaken or has MarketWatch fabricated an Apple announcement to push its story around the globe? And, are AppleInsider and other sites once again pushing fabrication as truth?
I do not get any digital content outside the Apple ecosystem. So, IMHO, Apple should receive something for customers like me.Understand I typed purchase not use.
You literally don't care yet you quickly posted the 800,000 number then started backtracking when people called you out.What makes the 800,000 shipped number really bad is Samsung provided the number after a South Korea newspaper stated a 50,000 sold number. Samsung did not disagree with the sold number, it tried to focus attention on the shipped number.
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