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As I read the article, I was confused by what the author had written and wondered if he was a newbie. Anyway, the Taptic Engine could be programmed to help the blind navigate walking, the deaf feel music. Depending on the durability of the sensor, there is much that TE could do over the lifespan of the new iPhone.
I am amazed you and the guy held onto this for so long. Thanks for playing!
You have been disagreeing with my decision to not trust a rumor for a while. Now you conclude this is a rumor site!! I suggest you stop disagreeing me and just accept I am willing to wait for the truth instead of trusting in a Samsung rumor.
Again is in reference to publications stating Samsung had won the majority of the A8. My entire conversation has been about publications being proven wrong before and not accepting the publications stating majority again.You can keep on trying to get me to accept your thinking, but I will not. Publications want Samsung to have the majority for some reason. They will keep on publishing it no matter how many times they are proven wrong. The lie sells more than the truth.I...
Good on Samsung! What I choose not to believe is publications stating Samsung won the majority of anything iPhone until the iPhone is on sale and it is proven that Samsung won the majority of whatever.The majority of publications stated Samsung had won the majority of A8 chip, but those publications were proven wrong.It does not matter if Samsung gets something. I just disagree with the overwhelming claim that Samsung won the majority. This claim is false because no...
I think you want me to see what you want me to see. That will not happen. Accept my choice and move on.
I have two Samsung champions fighting me on this subject. From the start I have rejected the rumors that Samsung had won majority positions for the A9 and now DRAM.You can point to every article written that states Samsung won. I will still be skeptical until I am proven wrong with the next iPhone.History has shown that Samsung will not tell the truth. I am thinking these majority wins will be proven wrong again.
I read Melgross' post to me before responding to your post. It was funny that his response was more for you than me. Scroll down to read it.Samsung having a lesser share of the A8 shows that the rumors of Samsung having won the majority share were false and that is what I have been attacking.Starting in Q3 2014, Samsung rumors about having won a major customer for the 14nm fab process for the A9 began to surface. That was interesting since Samsung was still promoting the...
One thing you will now learn about me is I am unafraid to admit being wrong when I am proven wrong. I am looking forward to Samsung's announcement Sunday. And, looking more to the next iPhone. I truly doubt Samsung has won the A9 as so many rumors have indicated. Nearly all of the rumors are from unnamed sources at Samsung. Similar rumors about the A8 were published by Samsung until the rumors were proven false. The months of the A9 rumors sync with the months of the A8...
I do not think it is safe to say that at all. IF the 14nm process is working for Samsung that does not mean it will work for Apple. Still, as I mentioned above, I am looking forward to the March 1, 2015, announcement! On another note, I need to tone down! I am ranting about Samsung!! Yikes!!!
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