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Same here!
What is sad about this is Apple's Asian suppliers appear to be willing AND able to honor their contact agreements whereas this US company chooses to dishonor its contract agreement. Even as Samsung chose to steal, copy and lie about Apple's technology, Samsung continued to honor its supplier contracts with Apple (that is an amazing sentence!). GTAT seems to be lying about what went wrong and why it went wrong. And, is trying to use the US court system to get away with it....
The Apple/Reznor interactions have been emotional of the years! It should be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the coming months!!
Not in the USA.The DOJ would accuse Apple of anti-competitive behavior.And, with Bromwich and Cote still monitoring Apple for its anti-competitive behavior in attempting to break Amazon's monopolistic practices, Apple has no choice, but to go along with this denial,On the Google front, it is highly possible Google was selling customer data to MCX partners which enabled Google Wallet to be used in the partner stores. When Apple came along and could not sell customer data to...
The court has already chosen to NOT see this for what it was. Otherwise, this case would have been halted instead of being allowed to proceed.
 Horrid Web site. Great music to shop to. The one song I listened to was purchased on my new iPhone 6 with Touch ID!
As noted by forum member Rogifan...   I just noticed you are being given credited for the picture. Congratulations!
When I saw the Forbes title, I thought I had misread the publisher's name. Forbes (US) does not hesitate to rake Apple for sensationalist Web page hits. This article from a European Forbes author cleared away the purposefully sloppy, inaccurate reporting by the Financial Tines, Wall Street Jourbal, Business Insider and to some extent Apple...
Hey Samsung, Apple would have NEVER pushed for an early launch nor a price reduction on its iPhones no matter how many Galaxy S and/or Note smartphones you claimed to have sold... uh, shipped in three days!!
I wonder if Gene Munster will balk at the sales number this year as he did last year? Gene? Gene?   On a more relevant note, as Rogifan noticed, Tim Cook mentioned "sell-through" with this year's announcement. I wonder if the SEC had to be informed of a larger than anticipated  change in quarterly earnings this year or if Apple had already informed the SEC of a large quarterly earnings due to the iPhone 6/Plus.   Back on a humorous note, will the iPhone 6 be considered...
New Posts  All Forums: