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Which makes me wonder how much customer information Amazon and Google are providing the US government for the pass. Apple has been very vocal about not sharing customer information and about default encryption on iPhones. Google does not turn on encryption by default, which is strange. Or not so strange considering people who signed up for Google's free Photo storage service have to go through an undocumented second stop process to stop Google from automatically uploading...
I spent quite a few hours today writing a letter to the Department of Justice against the Consumer Watchdog letter. The Consumer Watchdog letter dripped with corruption and collusion with Spotify and I decided to add my voice of support to Apple against the insidious behavior of Spotify and a supposed non-profit writing a letter on the behalf of consumers. Consumers who were not contacted to discover if they wanted a letter written.   Consumer Watchdog's letter started...
 Just like the mystery ships, Google Glass was a spectacular failure. If Google Glass is not sidelined, what is it?
I understand what you wrote. The extraordinarily funny thing about the NYT article is the NYT purposefully chose to not admit it had an Apple Watch app ready to be installed the first day the Apple Watch arrived to Apple customers. So, with Facebook not being on the Apple Watch while the NYT is means the Apple Watch is a failure? Since this is the case with the NYT, the NYT has openly admitted Facebook is a better indication of the success/failure of a device than the NYT.
So, according to TrendForce, Apple is the ONLY top-five company to have a downward trend in 2Q? Hmmm.... Apple loses market share... WHILE... gaining more profits! Damn, Apple is good at what is does!!!!! 
I have never been a Spotify customer so I cannot write about the good/bad sides of the streaming service. On the Beats 1 side though, one day I was listening in and heard an Action Bronson song followed by a Jimi Hendrix song followed by a Sam Smith song. I sat there listening to the music and was absolutely blown away. I realized I would have probably never brought those three artists together. I was glad there was someone more knowledgeable and capable than I to...
After the New York Times fashion director, Vanessa Friedman, publicly announced her break up with her Apple Watch in the newspaper then on CNBC to get more coverage back on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, I wonder if the New York Times will publish an article covering this satisfaction rating? Or if CNBC will call her to ask her thoughts about this rating? Probably not.  
This is an interesting moment in time for me.   I am 1 hour and 49 minutes into the Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote video. Watching the video that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4, listening to Jony, Scott, Bob and others rave about the new device's features (FaceTime, Retina display, 5 MP camera) and the new iOS software then reading this article has me shaking my head about how far this company has traveled in less than ten years and where it could go during the next two...
I was excited to hear the news this morning and decided I would listen to reveal. So, yes, I think Apple seriously thinks Beats 1 will gain listeners for it even if it is for that moment only.
After popping up to $93 per share Friday, Google is down $16.02 as of this comment. Fortune, the great magazine for being two days late, is touting that the Google co-founders gained $4 billion in stock value Friday. I wonder if Jonathan Chew will write another article discussing how the Google co-founders lost that $4 billion in stock value the next week. 
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