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Maybe it's just a case of 2 engineers at a party full of singers and actors latching on to each other.
Yep, I also used to write ObjC apps using retain/release before GC or ARC were available. In fact manual retain/release is probably a little bit more efficient than ARC as it doesn't have to go searching up the stack to see if it should release a var at the end of a method or not.
Splitting apart atoms and getting at the energy inside seems like a very clever way to get energy, but solar seems like a more "obvious" way. The Sun is beaming down free energy on us 24/7, all we need to do is capture it (well 12/7, if you happen to be facing away from the Sun at the time :).    Fossil fuels are a gift of nature... all those rotting plants for millions of years, just sitting in the ground in an energy dense sludge. But there isn't an unlimited amount of...
It means apps will use less maximum memory (lower "high water mark"). Garbage collection lets unused memory build up for a while and then cleans it all up in one go, whereas ARC cleans up as it goes.  I wonder if this means the garbage collector will be removed (as opposed to deprecated but still there) in OS X 10.11?
Tesla might be a special case though, the CEO is an ex-software engineer (who wrote the software for PayPal). Other CEOs who are less tech-savvy might be less inclined to roll their own. Tesla's run Linux I believe.
If you buy a 64GB phone it should come with 64GB of cloud storage to back it up. If you buy a 32GB iPad it should come with 32GB of cloud storage. Your total free cloud storage should be the sum of all the SSD space on all your iDevices.
Putting solar panels on the roof of the building concerned is probably preferable.
Tim Cook is a big environmentalist. The fact that they just spent $848 million on a solar farm, makes it more believable to me that they could be trying to make an electric car.
Have you seen the engine in a Tesla electric car before? It's that cylinder between the rear wheels, that's the whole thing! Grease, oil and contained explosions are definitely on the way out. 
 When they do a bugfix-only OS release it's usually because the the software developers are busy with something else. Snow Leopard (the last OS X bugfix release) came out in 2009 when they were busy adding the SDK to iPhone OS and getting the iPad ready. And now we will (yay!) get another OS X bugfix release because they have been so busy on the watch OS. As for the Apple Car, the person above who suggested it would be a share car system sounds right to me. You can summon...
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