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Yes, I wonder if there's a formal contract announcement between Apple and Nike forthcoming? Maybe the iShoe.
The other thing about open source that a lot of people don't realise is that it's mostly developed by companies anyway, not some Utopian ideal of the citizenry spontaneously developing their own solutions. Look at the Linux commits, 75% from companies.  http://apcmag.com/linux-now-75-corporate.htm Surprise, surprise most people want to get paid when they work.
I think it's short sighted of them. Eventually computers will become built in to our clothes, the wristwatch will only be a stepping stone, and shoes will be one of the first items of clothing due to the ample room in the sole. They should have kept up their efforts.
I don't mind if OS X gets a flat look, the original Mac OS was flat. It's the transparency I don't like, they think it puts content first, but it just makes things hard to read and cluttered looking.
It was a smart move hiring an ex-Google person as CEO. The most important thing for Yahoo at this point in history is not to be intimidated by Google, and an ex-Googler probably wouldn't be.
Yahoo was the biggest for a long time before Google came along. If only they had had "Samsung Ethics" and had grabbed Google's technology straight away they could have stayed on top. But it's been so long now, surely Google's tricks must be known by the academic community and it is possible for Yahoo to get fairly close.
There is a definite difference between an automated action, such as playing the piano, and an automated evaluation, such as love. But there is also evidence we can change our evaluations over time. For example children who screw their face up at certain foods later grow to like them. Or you start off hating someone but learn to love them over time. I don't think there's a question that our evaluations are malleable, but there is a question of degree. I do not know if it is...
Careful, she's friends with Jony Ive, he might have advised on that :)
I think it may be possible to choose who you're attracted to, but only over the long term. In the moment, it's not a conscious decision, it's just an emotional reaction. But there's no such thing as magic, so our feelings must be happening some way, by some mechanism, and if that mechanism is mental there's no a priori reason to assume it's not maelable.  For example, we know the conscious mind can long term control the subconscious in cases such as playing the piano, or...
The thing with good UI design is that you're trying to make the controls seem obvious. But then if you succeed, people say "That's obvious, you can't patent that." So does that mean no decent UI can ever be patented?
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