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I think Airport routers run the VxWorks operating system, the same one as the Mars rovers. Does this mean the rovers are also vulnerable to Heartbleed? 
I thought the bit at the of the Apple logo was supposed to be stalk not leaf.
Wow, dramatic improvements. The Mac will truly have the best ports of any computer. Which matches nicely with the best screens, best keyboard, best software :)   You will put your laptop down on your desk, and a single cable will go to the monitor, which will have drives attached, and will also charge the laptop back along the cable. No separate power connector on the laptop, even when on the road and using an external power supply, it will just plug in to one of the...
I guess I was just thinking, before you make something exclusive to your platform, you should check it is not Worst-anything.
And the Mac is temporarily renamed the Granny Smith?
Apple made a special deal with EA? Weren't they voted The Worst Company in America last year.
Maybe Tim wants to cure AIDS?
In Unix software versions the first number incrementing means new features that break compatibility, and the second number incrementing means new features that don't break compatibility, and the third number incrementing means bug fixes. They are just 3 separate numbers not some sort of decimal.
Why do you think wearables is a fad? For a thinking animal like human beings, a computer is surely a hugely useful thing, and if we can build it in to our clothes, more the better.
It's great if they can get an iPad Air revision out so quickly. I guess once you've figured something out there's no reason not to get it out there. I would like to see a fingerprint sensor and 2GB RAM. Thinner of course is always nice.
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