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Google actually finds a lot of security fixes for OS X if you read the security update release notes. And not just the generic unixy ones but OS X specific ones too, which is great.
Yes, the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS update also popped up today.
If these subcontractors are just paying lip service to Apple's rules, then maybe Apple could open their own factory over there. Are foreign companies allowed to do that in China?
It has to be someone really intense. The suggestion of Tom Cruise the other day was good for that reason. 
Well, technically only Enigma is a DVD, the other two are iTunes downloads. I suppose that saying is a bit out of date these days.
I liked her in Eternal Sunshine, Finding Neverland and Enigma. All 3 in my DVD collection.    She doesn’t look too much like Lisa Jobs but I guess the important thing is that she looks like she could be the daughter of Michael Fassbender.
See it for yourself   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVaTl2kW6YU   The last 10 minutes are missing. This version has the whole thing but the audio is out of sync with the picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLpgA7iw5sM
Is Apple actually denying anything in the report though, or are they just saying that context should have been added (to the effect that they are already doing a lot of work to improve the situation)?
Yes, presumably they could have done the same story about any tech company that subcontracts to China. They probably chose Apple to get the most attention possible.
That's great about the iMac 5K. It may mean they have solved the problem of how to mass produce hires 27" screens which is an advance for technology in general. Maybe big hires screens will spread to the rest of the industry now.
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