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 I'm not waiting. I have the 2012 (original Retina) MBP. I follow the rule of "Everything has to double," before I will upgrade. In this case the SSD is more than 2x faster than my current one (it is about 4x faster), the GPU is about twice as fast as my GeForce 650M (Apple says it's 80% faster than a 750M so I'm extrapolating) and it has 2GB of graphics mem instead of my current 1GB, and I have 8GB of main memory and it comes with 16GB standard.  The only thing that is a...
That's amazing! Are there any other laptops out there with an SSD so fast?
Why do the pictures of the new Macbook Pro in the Store have a flower on the screen instead of Yosemite? Were the old ones like that, or have they just accidentally leaked the name of the new OS X?  
But if they were surprised by the success of the bigger phones, then (by virtue of being surprised) they might decide they can't trust  their own reasoning on the issue of bigger screens, and just need try it and see. In which case arguments about different problem domains and use cases would be discarded simply because they're argments and not experimental evidence.
 I think you might be right, the Watch has come in at the bottom (in terms of screen size) and they are pushing everything else up a slot, to wit:- rumour on this site that there would be no 4" iPhone in this years refresh, only the larger ones- persistent rumors of an iPad Pro- Apple's lightest laptop is now 12" whereas a few months ago it was 11" Or maybe they were taken by surprise by the huge success of the bigger iPhones and now they're going to try the same thing on...
Yes. The current Macbook Pro SSDs already do 700MB/sec, two of them in a striped RAID would be quite compelling for pros.
I would like to see increased internal storage. The blade SSDs they use in the Macbook Pro are so small and thin, they should be able to lay two of them on their side and fit them in without making the design thicker. Then you could have 2x2TB = 4TB internal storage which would be a very pro feature.
The idea that a company could be so old that Queen Victoria and Audrey Hepburn went to the same taylor is very cool!   You notice the companies that last hundreds of years are never the ones that serve the low end of the market? Probably because those companies go out of business when the low end of the market reduce their spending during a recession. The oldest companies are always the ones that focus on quality damn the cost. Rich people have money to spend regardless...
The right argues that hospitals would work better if they were more like a business that treats you as a customer. The left argues that hospitals would work better arranged like a government department. They're both missing the point in my opinion: medicine is primarily a scientific problem, not an organizational one. We need to focus on curing the limited number of diseases out there, and then medicine will be so cheap it won't matter how it's organized.    In my...
Sounds like quite a good batch of upgrades for an "S" model.
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