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Yes, you have to not be afraid to take on the really hard problems.
 "One of the common complaints made by software developers who spoke to The Verge is that they can’t offer free trials of their apps as part of the App Store download process, or issue paid upgrades to long-term users." Neither of those things are true. You can offer a free trial by making your app free to download, and making the full version be an in-app purchase. And you can offer paid upgrades by release major new versions as separate apps, e.g. Photoshop 1.0 is one...
In early versions of OS X (e.g. 10.1, 10.2) you could minimize a window to the Dock and it would keep updating, e.g. you could have Quicktime movies playing in your Dock. Then at some point a few years ago they took that feature out, maybe they though it was too inefficient? But with El Cap, it seems to be back on an app by app basis.   Notice Terminal: when you minimize it, it doesn't become a freeze frame with it's icon in the corner like other windows, but it seems to...
In the past people have worried that cheaper foreign manufacturers can just copy American designs and sell them for cheap. But what if the American innovations were too complicated to copy quickly (requiring both software and hardware changes)? And by the time they were copied, the American company had already moved on to something else? It just goes to show the strategic power of raw speed in business.
Pushing the boundaries of miniaturisation, nice. This bodes well for future revisions of the Apple Watch.
This is not purely Apple's fault. For example I have a lot of games bought from the Mac App Store and I noted that all the games from Feral Interactive were fine and all the ones from Aspyr Media fell down.   The reason being that developers write their own code to check their receipts, not Apple. And when Apple changed from a SHA1 hash to a SHA2 one, some of these developer's code fell down. And if they were using OpenSSL (which is what Apple's example code suggests)...
My understanding is that mobile displays in general (whether it be laptop, tablet or phone) are typically quite far behind desktop monitors when it comes to colour accuracy. So if you need a highly accurate display for your work you're probably not going to be using a mobile device to begin with. But within that context, comparisons don't hurt. The Surface is quite an expensive device remember.
That makes me happy, I prefer a pure computer/workstation experience and a pure tablet experience.
It might be a bit out of their budget, I guess it depends on whether it replaces any existing things in the budget.
That's right, if newer automatically means better, then the Samsung Galaxy must be better the iPhone. Better is what works best for the particular jib you're trying to accomplish.
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