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I think 1.8 was the default gamma on the Mac up to OS 10.5, then from 10.6 onwards they changed it to 2.2. Don't know why.
I also had a play with one in the Apple Store on Friday. The screen does look beautiful as everyone says. One thing that was very noticeable to me also was, what people have been saying about how "close" the screen appears. That is, normally the lights which are the pixels look like they're under a piece of glass, but with this computer it's like the pixels are right there with no (or very thin) glass covering.
That's right. Companies play their strategic games if they can get away with it, but there's only one place they get their money, the customer. If people stop paying them you never seen anyone change position so fast.
IT security is very difficult to get right. There are some stores where I will only use cash because of their poor record. Other stores, like Apple, I use my credit card, but even that has fraud protection.
You might think that because Europe has the terminals already, it might roll out faster there. But on the other hand, since the US still has magnetic stripe cards, that are more subject to fraud, the US banks might be more eager. So which is the determining factor in rollout speed, technology or banker willingness?
I wonder if this is why the iTunes Radio rollout is stalled? It launched in the US (of course) and then later in Australia. You would expect it to have reached Canada and the UK by now, but no. One explanation is legal hurdles, but maybe another is that Apple themselves have deliberately stopped it because it will be replaced by iTunes Beats in the near future.
Yes, an excellent movie and part of my collection. He's quite recognisable too even though a kid. Some people are like that, they don't change much in looks throughout their life. Other people are almost unrecognisable every 20 years.
I think you also have to uncheck item 2 in that list, "Spotlight Suggestions" and then open Safari and uncheck "Include Spotlight Suggestions" in the Search tab to disable all sending of search queries to the Internet. But that doesn't change the fact that it started sending them without asking first. How hard is it to pop up a dialog and ask whether you want your searches to be local only or go out to the Internet? 1 line of code to pop up the query sheet + 10 more lines...
The fact that OS X now sends your search terms to Microsoft without asking (opt-out), makes Tim Cook's trip to China to talk about privacy seem a little ridiculous.
Maybe look in System Preferences, Extensions icon, Today item, and make sure the ones you want are selected.
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