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Flash wasn't that bad though. I remember in the days before Flash, trying to get web videos to play with Realplayer or Quicktime and half the time it was unreliable and didn't work. The Flash plugin was the first reliable way to play videos on the Internet. But it's time has come, you can play videos using web standards now, and plus they have had many years to get on top of their security issues and have not succeeded. So it's ready to join the floppy disk and CRT monitor...
Definitely, they earned it fair and square, and they don't have to do anything with it other than what they want to. I just think they have a lot of smart people there, so spending it on internal research might be better than investing it in stocks or something.
Problems of fragmented clients are just pain-in-the-b*m problems though. I mean, they suck, but most developers can deal with them. Server side scaling issues are bigger problems, the kind that academia hasn't even solved yet.
Server side software is a lot more complicated to write than client side software. On the client you have only one user and no scalability issues.   This kind of bug is the answer to people who say we should put everything in the cloud and just have dumb terminals as devices, as against running local software and just syncing your documents to the cloud. The later is easier to code by an order of magnitude. Maybe at some point in the future when programming languages...
You would think other companies would take note and try to make better quality products (instead of always aiming for the lowest price). People don't only care about price, it's just one factor.
I wonder what they are researching? I think advancing the frontiers of science and engineering is one of the best things they could do with that big pile of money. Not just good for them, but for humanity too.
 He's going to announce his design for an Earth to Mars transport ship later this year. The only reason SpaceX exists is to colonise Mars, the satellite launches are just to pay the bills. He can get away with that because it's not publically owned. He has said he won't be going public because the sharemarket would not invest in such a long term project (essentially agreeing with your broader point). Reasons for not going public...
It's a different CEO now though. How much of a reversal of fortunes would it be if Tim Cook's first completely new product (the Apple Watch) received a tepid response and Nadella's first new product (Hololens) actually took off?   But as I said earlier, even if it does take off, it will not (intially at least) be as a mobile device (due to the embarrassment of wearing it in public), it will be tethered to your computer in the workplace or the home. And in that sense...
It's a clever middle ground you've thought of. A way for Apple to save on components with minimal disruption to users. The only thing that makes me doubt it is that I think Apple are radical enough to go the whole hog (ARM CPU too) and just expect users to adjust.   Also, do Intel even sell CPUs without an onboard GPU? If not would Apple just let the iGPU sit dormant?
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