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Why does he do so many public appearances?
http://www.apple.com/privacy/manage-your-privacy/ How does a list of locations you've been help make Maps better? Is it so they know how much weight to give to your suggested corrections? 
I remember when all technical devices came with a thick, beautifully made user manual. I'm glad it's making a comeback though in digital form. It's way better to bury your head in a book for a few hours and know your device through and through than struggle along and ask questions on the Internet over a period of weeks.
I was more comparing the amount of thought that went in to one vs the other, rather than the things themselves. There's no reason you can't put a lot of effort in to an incremental update.
That's the kind of GUI design I like, actually thinking about how things can be made more intuitive. Instead of just making everything transparent and then going on stage an WWDC to tell the crowd how incredible it is.
I don't have any problem with using 2 tiles myself, as long as the driver hides that fact from any higher layers. What we see in Windows with dual tiles is that it appears to the system as two monitors which is the wrong approach I think. But then how is the OS to know that it isn't 2 monitors, e.g. you have daisy chained 1 Thunderbolt display to the back of another? Perhaps that's why Apple only supports specific 4K displays with the new Mac Pro, it has to look at the...
There's a Mac version of VLC here that can play HEVC, and some sample movies. http://www.libde265.org/blog/2014/04/02/hevc-4k-ultra-hd-media-player-vlc-for-mac-os-x/   It works fine on my 2012 rMBP, but if you look in Activity Monitor it fluctuates between using 2.5 and 3.5 cores :) If Apple adds software HEVC to Quicktime Player or iTunes hopefully they will use OpenCL to offload some of that to the GPU.
I think it's just waiting for the Broadwell chips. There was a leak on the Apple website a few months ago when information about a mid-2014 Mac mini appeared and then disappeared. They must have been planning to release it but the Intel delays stopped them.
I wonder if the new iTunes 12 beta has HEVC?
Wow, you'd really have to love your company to turn down that kind of money.
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