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This is the company that put two Radeon 7970 equivalent, along with a 12-core Xeon, in a 9.9in tall case with 1 fan, that you are talking about.
I wonder if the competition with Google is so fierce that the software guys are being rushed a bit?
I think the Mac game publishers (Feral, Aspyr) would probably prevent you from setting a game to the full 5K resolution, if it was a complex 3D game. Aspyr made a 4K version of Civ V for the Mac Pro, maybe that would be updated for the iMac, but in general I doubt they would shoot for 5K support on many games. 5K is mainly for the desktop.
I am very interested in this product. Having used a Macbook Pro retina for the last few years though, I have grown to like the 16:10 display, and wish the iMac would have a squarer display. But despite that, a Retina iMac would be irresistible anyway. Also wondering if the same event might unveil an iPad Plus.
I didn't know Michael Keaton worked for Apple.
That's a good point. The home screen is no problem, because you can just put apps that you don't use along the top row. But actually inside apps, a lot of the navigation buttons are right at the top.
You jest with the name but I think an iPhone mini really could happen. Apple will be gathering stats right now, watching who is and who is not buying the new models. I wonder if they might see a drop off in sales to female customers and that might lead to the introduction of a mini.
Too soon to know in my opinion. We will know in a year, when the iPhone 7 has 3 sizes or 2.
I must admit I was surprised when Apple made both new phones bigger. I expected one but not both.
Jony Ive is recognised as a world class designer, even among non-Apple fans. Trying to attack his hardware designs, surely you will come off second best. Doesn't that occur to them before they start?
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