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Yes it will explode in those markets, but only if it has a serious looking GUI that a businessman can take to his manager without getting a quizzical look back. The iPad will also take education by storm, but only if teachers feel they are giving the kids a serious learning tool, and not something to play with. This also requires a serious looking GUI, else teachers may revert to laptops just to get the seriousness a keyboard brings.
 ...except in Japan where they went through the roof. And Japan is known for it's cultural like of minimalism and cute things, both properties of the new GUI.
I agree. Spotlight has always been a local disk search, so if they are changing it to be an Internet search too, they should ask you. They should display a popup the first time you use it, asking "Do you want Spotlight to search only your local computer or the Internet too?" and then it should remember that setting. They shouldn't just automatically start sending the names of files you are looking for to Microsoft.
I'm sure the shops will figure out some way to track you... For example, if your device is in NFC range (10cm) it's probably also in Bluetooth range, and Bluetooth has a unique mac address.
You can do it with the watch and that doesn't have a network connection.
Not to mention the fact that you have to auth with your fingerprint, which is surely a big step forward over other systems.
It's already replaced Dashboard for me. I used the Calculator, weather and world clock on Dashboard, all of which this has. The only thing that would be nice is a translator widget. They come from the app store. Click on the "Great apps for OS X Yosemite" banner in the app store and there are some there.
Yep, waiting until TB3 seems the most likely outcome. I remember at the Mac Pro introduction, Phil Schiller specifically said "There are a range of great third party 4K monitors you can use with it." People probably assumed that it was temporary, but in retrospect he may have been talking about the life of the machine.  The trouble with the compression option (even lossless) is that by the pigeon hole principle there must be some frames that come out of the compression...
A single TB2 port can not handle 5K but yeah, they probably could have done a 4K monitor for the Mac Pro. It seems like they invested in a lot of tech to make the new iMac screen so a bit surprising that they wouldn't want to put that in an external screen also. On the other hand the Mac Pro has a lot of TB2 ports, and 2 together could power an external 5K, still leaving 4 ports free.
Apple's webpage for the Retina iMac is very cool. As you try to scroll down it actually zooms you out...
New Posts  All Forums: