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 It does seem to lack a killer app, unless notifications is it. But new form factors sometimes make new apps possible that couldn't be done on previous form factors. So even if existing form factors are more optimal for all known apps, we still have to withold judgment until we see if any new ones arise.
I just think that computers get smaller and smaller as time goes by, so at a certain point it will make more sense to wear them than carry them around.  What kind of interface it will have at that point I don't know. It could have a Bluetooth connected contact lens that gives the augmented reality you describe, I wasn't saying it was inevitable that our wearables will be wristwatches.  But the wristwatch is a form factor that people have proven willing to wear in the past...
You need to focus your engineering resources on what the current bottleneck is. That is why Apple is focussing on the GPU in iOS devices and on the SSD in Macs. I don't know what Samsung is doing with all those CPU cores.   The Kronos group has published Vulcan now, which is their own low level graphics API, so I wonder if Apple will continue with Metal or switch to Vulcan? Much like AMD published their own Mantle low level API, but now there's DirectX 12, which is a low...
We can safely predict that wearables will take over from smartphones in the long term. Long term tech trends are easier to predict than short term ones. But whether this particular product at this particular time will be successful, I don't think anyone knows.    The first sign will be when the preorders go live on the 10th, how long it takes to sell out.
Having a high stock price discourages speculators, but Apple tends to do a split whenever it gets "too" high.
Those original iMacs were some beautiful looking computers, you can often find quite well preserved ones on eBay.
That's what I was thinking. All it needs it some major Christian group to boycott Apple and it would surely show up in the numbers. Whether you agree with it or not, it's a widespread religion.
I think it would be pretty cool to go to hospital and they wheel you in to the theatre and there are all these high tech robots there.
 I tend to think of morality as a private thing, something you apply to your own actions rather than something you preach to others, so I'm not super impressed by Tim Cook trumpting "Apple's Values" every chance he gets. 
This is the second time they've released a thinner keyboard with less travel. The end game might be for the whole keyboard to be a taptic device, and they are just easing us in by gradually reducing the travel over the years.
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