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I don't see anything wrong with giving them a pay raise since the company is doing so well. But you don't want to strengthen the union, they will just use any additional funding they get against you in future. Ideally you want to starve them of funding in fact.    One way to do both would be to offer a big pay raise to non-union guards only. This would share the wealth while causing (or at least incentivising) an exodus from the union.
Yes, good points. People traditionally upgrade watches very infrequently, and Apple is really trying to market this as a watch not a computer. But on the other hand, maybe the reason for lack of upgrading watches in the past has been their static feature set, which probably won't be a property of the Apple Watch (for a while at least).
What will be the upgrade cycle for the Apple Watch?
It should be dismissed because it's ridiculous on it's face. The claim that a big company like Apple, with all the huge data centres they have, doesn't have a centralised cloud infrastructure group just beggars belief.
Me too. I love the original Mac fonts. Back in the 10.2 to 10.4 timeframe I used to hack my OS X to use original Mac fonts.
Bertrand was awesome, it would be great if he came back.
Syncing is a difficult problem, especially if the objects in question are editable. They should take it slow.
Dutch: [looks up in awareness] He's using the trees.
I don't think one person should just be able to declare something and then it be law. It has to be debated and voted on. The US need to reform their system at some point to prevent this.
 Stealing her font name was about as classy as stealing the Swift name from the academics who created the real Swift language: http://swift-lang.org/main/ Apple need to stop doing this.
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