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I wonder who was the first person in history to figure out that if you make a pretty building and fill it with pretty things, people will start giving you their money. At least we now know it works on the Chinese too.
Apple isn't working on an iWatch with Swatch or anyone else. They are working on the 2014 iPod which just happens to have an wrist-band form factor and biosensors.
Will they actually listen to general feedback from these users, or just process bug reports?   I personally think the GUI isn't that great. Not quite Windows 8.1 bad, but heading in that direction. The Mac is supposed to be, above all, the computer that's easy to use. Their thinking seems to be "minimialist->simpler->easier to use." But really it should be "more intuitive->easier to use," and the most intuitive GUI is not always the most minimalist one.
That would be a major academic achievement and, if true, would have been the first thing out of their mouths at WWDC.
So that's the plan for Swift, an enterprise language like Java or C#.    The reason enterprise apps are ghastly though, is that enterprises just want something basic and functional that works as cheaply as possible. They are not interested in pretty GUIs or even polish. The GUIs we are used to on the iPad come from competing for the consumer's attention. Replacing the PC with the iPad + a new programming language is not going to change any of these underlying enterprise...
What if all along the 'iWatch' has just been the next iPod? The only reason to have a dedicated music player these days is for exercising, since your phone is too bulky. And since you're exercising anyway, why not add bio/health sensors to it, and make it strap to your body. But still call it the iPod.
 Well, Tim Cook was dropping hints about the importance of speech interfaces earlier this month:http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/07/02/apples-cook-says-ios-8-voice-messaging-a-key-feature-prompts-speculation-of-inclusion-in-iwatch- If it did have a touch interface, I'm not sure a watch face would have room for more than 1 or 2 buttons. Remember Apple would not make a big silly sized one, it would be small and elegant. My bet is for speech as the primary interface,...
Oh well, there's always the public library.
Doesn't the (rumored) iWatch concept feel vaguely PDA-ish to you?The original Newton promised futuristic handwriting recognition that never quite worked. The iWatch promises futuristic speech recognition that...
New product lines are not guaranteed to succeed, even from Apple. When John Sculley took over from Steve, his first entirely new product line was the Newton Message Pad. It flopped and he got the axe.
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