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Wow, he has a great voice! This video has fun references for people who remember the computers of the 80s.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBWSTMnBgCs
I wonder if iTunes will get 4K movies at the same time?
Is this a test of a new business model for iTunes, a way to counter the streaming services? Make deals with individual bands for their latest album and then push it out to all accounts automatically. The only potential problem with that idea is humorously expressed in the above Douglas Adams quote.
Remember, there are some people who don't have a PC and use their phone for everything. They are probably willing to put up with a bulky phone in order to have only one device for everything.
It's hard for overseas people to put those numbers in context, because we don't know what a normal income is in Hong Kong. But if you say people are willing to pay twice as much then I think Apple should probably put the price up.
It's really tempting to preorder but I want to see how big the Plus is in person first. But they are both amazing looking phones.
They could have just put it on iTunes as a free album, that is, the purchase button says "Free" but until you click it, you don't get it. And a nice big ad front and centre so everyone knows. Making everyone automatically purchase it is going a bit far.
It's something to think about though, if Apple wants the latest console games ported to iOS.
If the rumour about the iPad allowing 2 apps side by side is true, I'm sure the new iPad will have 2GB. Even the PS4 and Xbox One come with 8GB these days.
I think calling it "iWear" would emphasize the wearable nature (obviously) but also be a nice little jab at Google Glass.
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