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People do have a responsibility to watch documentaries with a skeptical eye because it’s your brain, and if you let too much nonsense in to it, your decision processes and therefore the quality of your life could be effected. Your responsibility does not end when you’ve bought the ticket.
Steve Jobs said the reason they stopped making the Xserve was that "hardly anyone was buying them" this was in an email response to a customer question about pro products. The iPod HiFi was another product that wasn't really a success.
I don't believe in speaking ill of the dead, and do think people should wait a respectable amount of time before making movies about dead people, especially if they're going to make a disrespectful one.   If you make it too soon then it is opportunism.
Well it would be more hygienic to have a line of robots waiting as against a line of smelly, tired humans.
"Rubbish bin" is the most common term in Australia, so iOS 9 in correct. Ubuntu (on the desktop) has called it the rubbish bin for years.
I would be willing to pay more for the App Store version to cover Apple's cut. Besides all App Store apps have a 5 Mac license, so it would have to cost more anyway.
I was hoping to buy it from the Mac App Store. Also why isn't Skype on the Mac App Store?
Yes, exactly.
But Apple also goes for the high end of markets they enter (to begin with anyway), so if Tesla is making money in that segment, it should at least be possible for Apple to. 
Elon Musk has said that if all Telsa were doing was making Model S and selling it, they would be making a profit, it's only because they are investing so much in capacity expansion and R&D for the Model 3 that they are making a loss overall. So it is possible to make money selling electric cars.   Maybe if GM aren't making any money, it's more to do with the particular models they have designed, rather than anything inherently unprofitable about electric cars.
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