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I run Chrome (well, Chromium) on my Linux partition, but Safari on the Mac. The Yosemite Safari is quite a bit faster than Mavericks. If you do a lot of web browsing it's almost worth the OS upgrade just for the new browser.
 This table of transistor counts shows a Sandy Bridge quad core i7 with GPU having 1.16bn transistors, while the latest A8X tri-core has 3bn (but a much better GPU). So while ARM is more efficient than x86 architecture in terms of transistors (and therefore power) for CPU cores, the CPU transistor numbers are dwarfed (these days, not initially) by the GPU and cache memory anyway. The reason ARM took off was their low power, but also because all these mobile devices use...
Intel will close the gap eventually. Chip design is not magic and they are not stupid. And while they're playing catch up, they have to keep an x86 ecosystem alive in that space, hence the subsidies.
Well I hope you enjoy your ill-gotten gains.
I don't think the argument from the right is that the free market would do a better job. The argument is that having a fast Internet connection is nice, but it's not as important as upholding indvidual rights. In this case the private property rights of the people who own the cables.
I don't think the Moon will ever be properly colonized. It is analagous to the Arctic or Antarctica. There are massively overcrowded cities on Earth and free land in those places but nobody goes there because you can't support yourself on a slab of ice. And you also can't on a barren rock. The Moon will not be empty, it will have scientific and military outposts, but it will not attract colonists.   Mars is a different story. As I understand it there is a lot of water...
The fact that it will take 2 of the 3 busses to feed the monitor isn't even the greatest concern in my humble opinion. We still don't know whether OS X will support this monitor *at all*. I would wait for confirmation of that before buying. How will PCs feed this monitor anyway? Do you need two separate graphics cards?
The shipping time in the online Apple Store has slipped from 7-10 business days to 2-3 weeks. Must be popular.
It could save iTunes from streaming services if more artists do what she did.
That's not correct. You can run the internal 5K display and one (but not two) external 4K@60Hz display at the same time. If you want to run 2 external displays they have to be 2560x1600 max (I think this is because the two Thunderbolt 2 ports in the iMac 5K are on a single controller).https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht6008 Also you are getting your DisplayPort versions mixed up in earlier posts.Thunderbolt 1 has DisplayPort 1.1a = only standard resolutions. Thunderbolt 2...
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