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 My understanding (from watching the WWDC presentations earlier in the year) is that Siri will indeed index/learn from your private data, but it will build it's knowledge database locally, on your phone. This is in contrast to putting the database on their servers (which is what other companies do). This was the middle ground Apple found between not indexing your data at all (which would make Siri less useful) and protecting your privacy to some degree.
It's because no one yet knows how to do real, thinking, AI, so they are trying to put lipstick on a search engine. And search engines need big DBs.
I too wish the MBP came with more storage. I mean, it's not like SSDs are 2.5" boxes any more, they look more like DIMMs. Surely Apple could fit two of them in there. Maybe there aren't enough PCI lanes or something.
A few years ago AI was a joke and now all these big companies are spending up large on it.
What about the 4K iMac, is that further away?
 The gaming industry is bigger than movies and music now. But yeah, not sure how Apple will do.
 It has an optical drive and 500GB HD I think, both of which Apple would never use. Solid state all the way.
The trailer didn't seem very good to me, but maybe it is worth a look after all.
If they are releasing an Apple console I hope that over time it results in more games for the Mac.
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