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It won't necessarily be on them though. If it gets widespread enough adoption (which is more likely when something is a system framework and when Apple handles the hosting), then the platform as a whole could get a reputation/feeling of "always loading." One (big) thing they changed in watchOS 2 vs watchOS 1 is that the app is now hosted natively on the Watch, instead of the app being hosted on the phone and the Watch just acting as a display server. I remember several of...
Yeah, Bitcode and App thinning are good ideas but on demand resources can potentially give a bad user experience, and user experience should be put ahead of all other considerations, therefore it should not have been implemented. There's actually a lot of amazing new stuff for game development they're announcing (not just Metal for Mac) it's in the later half of the Platforms State of the Union talk.
 I think Apple would say the amalgamation *is* the exclusive feature. As they say, it's one place to go for all your music needs, instead of, as Iovine said, going to this app for this, that app for that. But whether "one-ness" is a compelling enough reason for people to move from other services, I'm not sure.
Probably what Elizabeth Holmes wears. She nearly always wears the same thing just like Steve Jobs did.
The question of whether people in poor countries are better off getting a sweatshop job or no job at all - I think Apple has shown (with their electronics manufacture) that to be a false alternative.  You can contract the work to a poor country *and* put certain minimum safety/labour standards in the contract. And that's not anti-capitalist because a contract is a contract, you can put whatever conditions in it you want and the overseas partner can take it or leave it.
Universal apps?
Ah, so that's why Google's services are so much faster than everyone else's, the use of custom hardware. Now I want to research it to learn more. Well I hope Apple is successful in this too.
Oh, you would prefer to see female engineers on stage not just businesswomen. Would an artist satisfy you? Maybe the designer of the San Francisco font was a woman and she will announce it's adoption across all 3 OS'es. We just have no way of knowing.
The keynote is never pure developer stuff though is it, even at WWDC? The State of the Union address which happens right after the keynote is pure developer. Oh well, we will know in 5 hours I guess. 
Lisa Jackson might come on to talk about buying all that forest in China.
New Posts  All Forums: