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The little miniaturised computer in the Apple Watch is very impressive. They should try to think of something other products to use this in (not just the watch).
Yes, I was talking about GDP per capita, but yes if a lot of poorer countries have been integrated lately that could explain it. Hopefully joining the free trade bloc will help to improve their standard of living.
Yes. Europe has the same people (and more of them), the same excellent ariable land/natural resources, and the same massive amounts of money/capital as the US. So the fact that they're not ahead must be because of bad policy.
If you look at the most successful US companies they are all run by people with European names: Cook, Ive, Ahrendts, Musk, Schmidt, Nadela (err... ok, not that one :) The point is Europeans are smart cookies and they also have a higher population that the US. I can't help but think they could overtake the US if only they had better (more pro-business) policies.
They should make a version of Windows 10 that installs on the iPhone. Just like they did with the desktop, forget about hardware and focus on software which they're reasonably good at. I would certainly try out Windows on my iPad, provided there was a way to reinstall iOS afterwards if needed.
Visual Studio is an excellent IDE on Windows. I haven't tried the Mac version yet but it looks a bit bare bones in the screenshot, hopefully not.
 Privacy potentially comes in when you're searching for a keyword in your own private local files, and Apple submits those searches to Twitter to see if your tweets or anyone you're following contains that keyword.
So now if you type something in to Spotlight search it will be sent to Microsoft (currently) and Twitter (rumored). And if you type something in to Maps search it will be send to Yelp, TripAdvisor and Booking.com. "Your privacy is important to us," says Tim Cook, "you are not the product."
The Mac has been a star for a while now, you'd think it would get more love. Annual updates for the Mac Pro, and a new Mac monitor would be nice.
Shipped doesn't mean sold or even preordered, right? I think he is just saying that by the end of March Apple had manufactured 631k Watches. And shipped them off to a warehouse somewhere to wait for release day.
New Posts  All Forums: