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Thanks for the detailed review. I am thinking of getting one and nothing beats hearing about firsthand experience.
That was a Picasso quote "Good artists copy, great artists steal." Stealing here means "making something your own," which means taking something and reinterpreting it in a personal, original way such as Picasso taking an ordinary building and drawing it Cubist style.   It doesn't mean making a knock-off of the market leader and selling millions of them.
I pay because badly made things make me sad. I can't help thinking about the poor soul that made it, and feel sorry for them.
The world would be such a better place if everyone valued quality as much.
Thanks, that video was a real eye-opener (as to how often graphics are actually used).
That's right. I hope that Nadella goes "back to basics" and concentrates on improving products instead of business tricks.
I agree in fact. There was one guy at my office (some kind of open source zealot) who insisted on using Open Office (and it's native file format) for everything, all he did was piss everyone off. Big companies need one standardised office suite, and since they typically already use Windows (and therefore have a relationship with Microsoft) it's just easier to use Office. And it's not that bad either. But for home users or small rebellious startups it's a different story.
I think the Office monopoly was doomed the moment they opened up the file format (the XML based one). Now they have to compete on app features, and not having a version for a particular platform is about an uncompetitive as you can get.
Better get used to tapping with your pinky.
It is sad that Ford, Holden and Toyota are leaving (I wouldn't say Qantas yet). But it's been on the cards for ages, and I don't really want my taxes going to companies.
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