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I am very interested in this product. Having used a Macbook Pro retina for the last few years though, I have grown to like the 16:10 display, and wish the iMac would have a squarer display. But despite that, a Retina iMac would be irresistible anyway. Also wondering if the same event might unveil an iPad Plus.
I didn't know Michael Keaton worked for Apple.
That's a good point. The home screen is no problem, because you can just put apps that you don't use along the top row. But actually inside apps, a lot of the navigation buttons are right at the top.
You jest with the name but I think an iPhone mini really could happen. Apple will be gathering stats right now, watching who is and who is not buying the new models. I wonder if they might see a drop off in sales to female customers and that might lead to the introduction of a mini.
Too soon to know in my opinion. We will know in a year, when the iPhone 7 has 3 sizes or 2.
I must admit I was surprised when Apple made both new phones bigger. I expected one but not both.
Jony Ive is recognised as a world class designer, even among non-Apple fans. Trying to attack his hardware designs, surely you will come off second best. Doesn't that occur to them before they start?
Don't most people use phablets in the horizontal orientation, typing with 2 thumbs? I think Apple knows this with the new side dock. So Reachability shouldn't be needed most of the time. In a way it's to Apple's advantage that iOS has always supported both orientations, it means more software is automatically phablet ready due to Steve wanting dual orientation support all those years ago.   That said, I wish Mail worked better in portrait mode on the iPad. It shows one...
Education is something that needs to be reinvented for the modern world, for our current technology, not the wristwatch.
If the climate is so huge and complex and incomprehensible then why do you believe the predictions (of mere humans) about what it will do?
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