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If they have made some kind of Gold alloy, I'm sure there'll be a Jony Ive video about it in a few hours.
I hope to get some more information on the Watch's OS, i.e. is it a cut down version of iOS, same as iOS is a cut down version of OS X, or is it the full/same iOS as you get on an iPhone?   And even though the Watch will be the focus of the event, I hope they do some Mac updates first. Maybe a new Macbook Air/Pro, or the release of 10.10.3 with Photos app.
I don't mind paying movie ticket prices to rent a movie on iTunes if it comes out at the same time as the theatre. Once it leaves the theatre the price should drop down to a more typical video rental kind of price.
Well, I think if you believe in putting customers first, ahead of developers, then it's not so unrealistic.
Isn't that a false alternative? The third option being, since Apple controls what is and is not allowed on the App Store, they could make the following change to the App Review Guidelines: 7. Advertising7.1 Due to Apple's deeply held values of privacy, no app on the iOS or Mac App Store shall be ad-supported. Acceptable forms of revenue are (i) up-front payment and (ii) in-app purchase. Apps that contain advertisements will be rejected.
I really wish Apple would get out of the advertising business. It's a conflict of interest with Tim Cook's stated principles about privacy.
This is why I only install stuff from the Mac App Store, because it has been checked for this kind of nonsense. Of course I also have a Linux box with OpenJDK on it because I don't want to miss out on Java development :)
Maybe it's just a case of 2 engineers at a party full of singers and actors latching on to each other.
Yep, I also used to write ObjC apps using retain/release before GC or ARC were available. In fact manual retain/release is probably a little bit more efficient than ARC as it doesn't have to go searching up the stack to see if it should release a var at the end of a method or not.
Splitting apart atoms and getting at the energy inside seems like a very clever way to get energy, but solar seems like a more "obvious" way. The Sun is beaming down free energy on us 24/7, all we need to do is capture it (well 12/7, if you happen to be facing away from the Sun at the time :).    Fossil fuels are a gift of nature... all those rotting plants for millions of years, just sitting in the ground in an energy dense sludge. But there isn't an unlimited amount of...
New Posts  All Forums: