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Lisa Jackson might come on to talk about buying all that forest in China.
Why do you even need the videos? All you really need is the language spec and API docs.
In BASIC "let" let you declare a variable and initialize it, but in Swift, "let" is only used for declaring constants. That is, if you use let you can never change the value of that symbol again. But it's a nice homage to the older languages.
Back when Macs had low res screens, some people complained that their use of paper fonts instead of screen-optimized fonts resulted in blurrier text than Windows. Then along came the HiDPI displays and it didn't matter any more. And so *now* we get a screen-optimized font, lol.
 I think you're right. Unfortunately to unseat an incumbant, a new product has to be a lot better, it can't just be a little bit better or people won't be bothered to learn it. And Apple Pay is a lot better than the swipe and sign credit cards in the US but not a lot better than the contactless chip and pin cards in Europe. 
 Thanks for the explanation. Wow, that's a lot of lag, something is probably wrong there actually, even allowing for international participants. I would do a traceroute and if my traffic is taking an illogical path complain to my ISP about it.
30% makes sense for an app. At least 30% of what's running when you run an app is library code, provided by the OS vendor. Apple write the code to recognise gestures, draw on the screen, play the sounds, etc. And since OS upgrades are free, something has to cover the cost of that. But when people are just downloading additional media content, and Apple aren't even hosting it, the 30% charge doesn't make as much sense.
Rabbit ears comment was great. I think if you did this podcast with Skype or Facetime you could see when the other guy had finished speaking.
Windows 10 has this feature called Universal Apps where you can download a single app that will run on your phone, tablet or computer. I think Apple will introduce something similar at WWDC.
Apple sure picks primo locations for their stores. Here is everything you need to do to become mayor of the City of London (for anyone who thinks their own democracy is complicated): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1ROpIKZe-c
New Posts  All Forums: