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Different programming languages are suited for different purposes, not different ages. Some are more high level, suited for prototyping, some are more low level, suited for performance. Some are domain specific such as math or science.I remember them saying "Over a thousand new APIs" before but never 4,000. And Tim Cook himself said in the keynote that we were going to see "The Mother of All Releases for developers," and "It's so huge we're going to dedicate an entire...
The new iCloud Kit for developers is a real game changer in my opinion. Basically giving devs free server side hosting. It was strangely underemphasised in the keynote but will be a hugely practical thing go forward. I wonder if that's what all the new data centres have been for.
I agree with mdriftmeyer that Swift may find a place as a rapid prototyping language but won't displace ObjC. And I agree with ecs that eventually Swift will be forgotten and C/C++ will still be going strong.   Sorry guys but releasing a new programming language is something companies do when they don't have any really *good* ideas about where to go next. And releasing 4000+ new APIs is another sign of the same thing, i.e. we don't know what direction to go, so lets just...
Hmmm... I expected the new Dock to go all the way along the bottom of the screen as with iOS.
iBooks Store on the Mac has been playing up for me the last few hours. I wonder if it's just a glitch or if they're rolling something out?
Windows is by far the most popular platform (90%), so Windows users are the lemmings. Linux users are all zealots, who want everything to be "open" no matter what. Mac users are just buying good quality.
Yes, that's true. With a little thought it's often possible to come up with inexpensive gifts that still blow people's socks off.
Maybe an Xcode 6 banner?
I don't think so, I think those other shows are being overly generous/extravagant. 
State of the Union is more enjoyable than the keynote for me. It goes in to more technical detail but not too much.
New Posts  All Forums: