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Companies that invest in China and then get burned, it's their own d*mn fault in my opinion. Different governments have different levels of regulation, ok, you can deal with that. But why would you put any of your money, whether in the form of plant, capital or just plain cash, in a jurisdiction that doesn't have an established record of protecting property rights? Property rights are the fundamental, if you don't want to lose your money
I surprised Tim Cook didn't name the OS X releases after great civil rights campaigners.
I definitely remember "Yosemite" from the PowerMac days, not sure if it was a chipset or CPU or what...
The shot of sunlight through the water reminds me of Jaws :)   Could it be a hint as to the next codename? Is there a famous diving/snorkelling place in California?
So iOS 8 as well as OS X 10.10. It seems they are maintaining the aggressive pace of 1 OS update a year. Quite impressive actually. Leaves Microsoft in the dust.
Rap music is definitely inferior to classical music. If you have ever gone Cold Turkey and just listened to classical music for several months, and then gone back to mainstream music, your brain is like "What the hell is this simplisitic sh*t?" You just giggle at how simple it is. But there is a tradition in Western society of letting the youth find their own way. Maybe in other cultures they try to control their kids and discourage them from listening to s*it. But we tend...
But people have to want something in the first place, before they consider how well it integrates.
I mean, if the Gear wasn't successful, why would something largely similar be successful? You have to try something new at this point.
This is what Tim Cook should have announced:   "Today I would like to announce a special Deal with Beats. In 2003, Apple started the iTunes Music Store to create a legitimate online music market to counter piracy and help us sell more iPods. Today, the online music business is thriving with many quality companies and many quality products, all of which have App Store access. Apple's mission in this space is therefore accomplished.   "So today I will be announcing the...
But Beats was already in the ecosystem before the acquisition (through their app). I guess it depends what your ultimate corporate goals are. Do you want to spread certain products, with a certain design, or do you just want to get bigger and bigger even if it's selling other people's stuff. I believe Elon Musk has said he will sell Tesla once electric cars reach a certain critical mass, which is an example of the first kind of philosophy, as against the beats acquisition...
New Posts  All Forums: