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 In those online lists of celebrity favorite books, Tim Cook's is listed as "Competing Against Time" by George Stalk.In essence, his business strategy is for Apple to move so fast other companies simply can't keep up. He knows logisitics is where his personal gift is, so he has cleverly found a strategy for Apple that plays to his strengths.  But I think it's inevitable that there will be more bugs with this strategy (I am a software developer by profession). I suspect the...
No to everything, lol. So: - You think it's easier to navigate to what you want in iTunes 12 than previous versions, even though it takes more clicks. Ok, I prefer to be able to go directly to what I want rather than what is effectively a 2 level menu system, that often stops to load in between menu clicks. - You think that liking the look of 10.9 or 10.10 is not a matter of individual taste. I think 10.9 and earlier did not look bad or awful, it was just a bit tired, so I...
I wonder if these kind of laws will change advertising? There's no point making ads that try to cause an emotional impulse buy if people legally have 14 days to change their mind. Maybe ads will tend more toward being reasoned arguments.
I recently saw a TV Show on iTunes where they were making the whole season available digitally just as it was starting to air on TV (i.e. not a season pass where they drip feed you episodes at the same time they air, but just the whole season available at once in advance of airing). Maybe that is a possible future sales model too, and this was them testing it.
Not everything in 2014 was awesome. The new iTunes 12 is not an improvement, it's like a web browser with 2 address bars at the top. First you have to specify what type of media you want to view and then whether you want to view your own media or the Store's. It's always 2 clicks to get where you want to go whereas the earlier GUI with a bar down the left allowed you to get anywhere with 1 click.   And whether OS X 10.10 was an improvement over 10.9 depends on individual...
But they are disassembling it and moving it and reassembling it anyway aren't they?
Even if that's true, the knowledge and/or genetic mutation that enabled him to do that seems to be long gone now. So it's still a case of us having to (re-?)learn how.
That's even more amazing to me, that living things could last hundreds of years. Wish we could learn that trick from them.
I think if you're releasing a brand new device, it's a good idea to release it on only one network to start, until you get all the bugs out. But the exclusivity shouldn't have lasted as long as it did. There's no technical reason behind these music deals, it's not like they're testing some new file format or something. 
It's pretty cool that something made of wood has lasted 100 years.
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