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The official charts just include abstract black and white representations, e.g. Emoticons: http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1F600.pdf Misc. Symbols: http://www.unicode.org/charts/PDF/U1F300.pdf Everything: http://www.unicode.org/charts/   It's up to individual fonts to render letters with certain styling, or faces with certain colours.
Yes, the drop shadows definitely fool my perception in to thinking there is depth. But you raise an excellent point, there are many ways to show depth that don't effect legibility. Regarding the fonts, I believe it is not standard Helvetica they are using but one with tweaks for GUI elements (this is from watching one of the WWDC talks). Personally I don't like the current system font OR the new one. They both take too much horizontal space. If their argument for making...
Titanium Macbook Pro... Aluminium Macbook Pro... Sapphire Macbook Pro? :)
These IP cases just seem to go round and round in circles making the lawyers rich.
Yes. I even have some of the API code here for those interested: // Apple HealthKitBOOL AppleWillFailAtThis(){    return YES;} // Google Fitboolean andSoWillGoogle(){    return true;}
That is a excessive fine. Intel should increase the prices of their chips in the EU to cover it.
Well, the Internet is a big bad place and your home computer probably less so, that is a reason enough to segregate search. e.g. a family has young children that use the computer. On Mavericks they type pussy cat in to Spotlight and they get the pictures they drew for a school assignment. On Yosemite they do the same thing and, well, what happens when you type pussy in to an Internet search engine? Or the same argument could be made for adults in the workplace, someone...
What about the new icons though? Don't you think it would have been more consistent (and probably prettier) to make them all front-on like iOS? I understand why they would want to be quite conservative in changing GUI controls, I mean, professionals use these boxes for doing real work, and you don't want to pull the rug out from under them. But icons? There's no need to be conservative there. Icons are only used once, when launching an app, not hundreds of times in a...
And also with a resolution that high you would want the GPU to have lots of cooling headroom, so the round back will probably remain. Though, there is often clever unexpected ways to do cooling. And if it loses the hard-drive and goes pure SSD, well maybe they could make it even thinner?
In the Keynote they showed Spotlight searches that also sent the query to Wikipedia and other online services (that's what it appeared like anyway). Is there any new thing (e.g. in the Security & Privacy Preferences) to stop this and make Spotlight searches purely local? I remember when the Dash Search in Ubuntu started sending every local search query to amazon.com and there was some user dissatisfaction with that.
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