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Yes, presumably they could have done the same story about any tech company that subcontracts to China. They probably chose Apple to get the most attention possible.
That's great about the iMac 5K. It may mean they have solved the problem of how to mass produce hires 27" screens which is an advance for technology in general. Maybe big hires screens will spread to the rest of the industry now.
 If you are young you don’t have many skills, so the only way to get paid as much as an older person is to work longer hours. Plus you have the energy for it. I actually don’t approve of Apple placing working hour limits on their contractors, it seems like it might hold back the ambitious people to me. And in a developing society like China they need the ambitious people not to be held back, but to work their guts out.
I don’t know. Are you maybe going to say that medicine was freer back then, and the free market is better at innovation that the state, so there were more discoveries back then and fewer today? That could be the case, the free market is better at innovation. But maybe the reason for the holdup is that some new fundamental discoveries are required before we can progress further, such as a deeper understanding of genetics. And there is a place for government in fundamental...
They used to make great children's TV in those days. I remember growing up, they made proper adventure and sci fi shows for kids that didn't talk down to the younger audience. These days with the Internet, there is so much information everywhere, all the time, I'm not sure state broadcasters are really required any more. 
The health and safety exam clip was pretty shocking, just telling them the answers. I wonder if Apple could install cameras at the factory and have people back in California monitoring them 24/7 for violations.
They did add new features over time but I don't think that's why they were successful. The success comes from being the easiest to use, and that was present from the first revision. That is why I bought one anyway. The user interfaces on some other smart phones at the time felt like trying to program a DVD player.  That is what I wonder about with the Apple Watch. They are not entering an existing smartwatch market where all the existing products have crappy UI. The...
If it had nothing much more than the others, why would it suddenly take off and dominate the market, effectively ending such big names as Nokia and Blackberry? People don't switch from the established brands they're used to if a new entrant is only a little bit better, it has to be a lot better.
A lot of newer TVs have Internet connections. I'm surprised the TVs themselves aren't beaming back show viewing stats.
Those early smartphones were phones with a few computer features bolted on. The iPhone was a computer (as witnessed by it's full desktop browser) with a phone bolted on. i.e. basically a little comptuer with a radio plugged in to one USB port and a microphone on another, with OS X (um, sorry, iPhoneOS - same thing) drivers for them both. That is the turning point. It will be the same difference between the Apple Watch and a TAG Heuer watch I bet.
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