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You can download it at 10Mbit and watch it later, as opposed to streaming. And as SolipsismX said, new codecs are coming. And with things like the Retina HD iPhone and (probable) new Retina iMac, and massive price falls in 3rd party 4k screens, I think it's closer than people think. The TV makers thought 3D was going to be the reason for everyone to upgrade their TV, but it didn't take off, so now they need something else. There are those TV with curved screens in the...
I haven't tried it in person but yeah, you shouldn't have to zoom *and* pan to find an app. If there was like 4 apps per screen, and turning the crown flicked high speed through the pages, people would quickly learn that app X is about a half turn from the home screen, and app Y is about a quarter turn, etc.
It takes more attention than an auto-download :)
A glamorous looking girl (on the cover, not in the other pictures of her posted here).   Apple seems to be tackling one of the key social barriers to adoption of a computer watch, the social stigma that it is too geeky. They are spending money and working with the movers and shakers who decide (well, influence) what's fashionable. Samsung doesn't seem to have tackled this problem or even realised it exists.
I wouldn't call it rock solid. I had a KP the other day while playing a rented movie in iTunes. That's with nothing funky installed, no 3rd party drivers etc, nothing running in kernel space except Apple code. Xcode was installed and that potentially gets it's hooks in to the system at a deeper level than other apps, but that's a special case as it is written by Apple itself. It will be fine though, there will be no "gate." Most people run OS X on home computers not...
I didn't watch the iPhone event live, I waited until I had time later in the day. But being a Mac fan, this one I think I'll make time.
It's not a very high number when you look at some of the views on music videos on YouTube.
Wow, an impressive list of speakers at that summit... http://www.vfsummit.com
The Apple TV could be refreshed to 4K.
It's surprising the resolution they can achieve, e.g. the strings on the Japanese Zither or the individual bumps on the crocodile's back. I'm sure Apple must be experimenting with this in their labs.
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