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I get that it's good for Apple, I just think it's a dirty tactic. Others may differ.
No but I have been a consumer for a while, and I was talking about what's best for the consumer not what's best for the media business.
Exclusives are a bit of a D move. People should want to use your service because the GUI is more intuitive, or it has the best search function, or it always downloads quickly. Not because they have to, because you're the only one with the album, because you did some deal to stop anyone else getting it.
What a mean spirited act that was.
That's not the way it works though, Apple makes their billions hundreds and thousands at a time. It's not like they don't get up in the morning for anything less than a billion. Anyone would be kicking themselves if they missed out on making a few million by the mere act of not putting a digital file up on a server.
The closedown period wasn't over. They probably released it because they saw the other online streaming services making a fortune off it.   What I hope movie studios take away from this is that you can make a lot of money releasing online at the same time as the cinema (rather than taking away that you can make a lot of money by making a lot of hype).
Even Microsoft IDs can be merged. C'mon Apple, don't let yourself be beaten by them.
High speed USB = USB 2Super speed USB = USB 3 (those are the official marketing names anyway)
Yep, iOS devices are basically like little computers and imagine a computer with a 16GB hd.
Sometimes groups of people get stuck in a cognitive bubble and do things which make perfect sense to them but to people outside the bubble its like, WTH? I think the Apple execs need some friends who will be honest with them, outside the inner circle, that they can run ideas past as a sanity check.
New Posts  All Forums: