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I don't think they will make it that you take in your gold watch and have the electronics replaced but you keep the same gold case. Because like every other Apple product they will want to make it thinner year after year. I agree with the person who said they will have a trade-in program. There is already precedent for that with iDevices. And it won't be a token trade-in price either, it will have to be at least the market value of the gold melted down, else they would get...
Still less than a maxed out Mac Pro.
First Batman now Magneto? What *is* the plot of this movie? ;)
The article is a good summary of scientists' attempts to explain why global warming has been slowing for 15 years while CO2 output has been rising.   http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21598610-slowdown-rising-temperatures-over-past-15-years-goes-being   At first they dismissed it as a blip but now it's been too long and they're actually trying to explain it. That is the correct approach.
Exactly. Any binary data can be encoded in to an image. They are effectively giving you free storage for whatever you want. Of course you can get a 4TB hd for under $200 anyway so most people probably wouldn't be bothered.
 Liberal: The common man doesn't think long term. Without government programs to take care of his health and retirement he will not save, and have no money for the hospital and no money in his old age. He also holds ignorant opinions from the past (such as racism and sexism) that need to be cured through government programs and art/movies showing white people holding hands with black people, etc. Conservative: The common man is perfectly capable of taking care of himself,...
To me, it shows the economic error of policies that try to "boost demand." You don't need to boost demand, you need to boost supply, of cool stuff, then people will buy it. In the absence of cool stuff you can adjust all the economic levers you like and people will just keep their money in the bank.
I would like to buy Word and Outlook on the Mac App Store. I'm not interested in the other parts of Office, or in buying it on the Web, or in subscribing to something.
Hardware stuff seems to be cool these days, and software has lost some of it's shine. I suppose after such a focus on software for so long there's some low hanging fruit in hardware now.
Apple themselves provide a calculator widget for the OS X notification centre, so it's a bit confusing why they weren't allowing it on iOS.
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