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I think long run the sensors will just be in our clothes. That is the logical place, it is close to your body, and little sensors will be so cheap they can be sewn in, and no great loss if they are never used. But we are not there yet so it will have to be in a wristwatch or earphones or something a bit more substantial than clothes. Well, maybe shoes are the one thing that could be done today. Yes, there are some traditional features of watches that have value, but if the...
Imagine if they could cram all 10 sensors in to a pair of EarPods? Then it wouldn't even need a bluetooth transmitter to your phone, just plug it in in place of your normal exercise EarPods. But probably it would have to go in to the Lightning port instead to transfer the sensor data. Wasn't there a rumour recently about Apple making Lightning earphones?
Looks like fun! Can I make Han shoot first again?
Re screen sizes, well, most people buy laptops still. And extra res is now being used for sharpness not space. Re thinner fonts potentially becoming ugly or illegible, yes, there does need to be a balance, but I think other OSes have shown that you can go a lot smaller and still be successful. One area where this font size issue manifests is the Finder. People have been saying for years "Fix the Finder." It has been said so much it even has it's own abbreviation: FTF. And...
Fundamentally Intel CPUs don't do anything that ARM CPUs can't, they're both just Turing machines and all Turing machines are equivalent. The GPU question is an important one, mobile GPUs are a long way behind desktop ones. But still, look at some of the 3D graphics on the iPad these days, good enough for all but AAA games. I don't know how they would perform on CAD or technical apps, that is some important testing Apple has to do in their labs before making the leap.
It should be nice and quiet, it's only a 15W CPU. Especially if you upgrade to an SSD.
Yes, there is a similarity between the Air and iMac updates. It makes you wonder if Apple might switch to their own ARM CPUs at some point.
That's a good point. I remember when I switched from dual to quad core it was quite a noticeable difference, which I wasn't expecting at the time. Things are more multi-threaded than they were a few years ago.
I wonder how many more of Kuo's predictions will come true? If he is right there's nothing for 2 months now, then an iPad update.  
I think the 1.4GHz figure might be a bit misleading - look at the Turbo Boost 2.7GHz. That is way more than most Intel CPUs boost by.  
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