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I actually don't think OpenGL is superior. DirectX has been faster and more popular for a long time. But we are at a unique point in history. With the release of Mantle, AMD has people thinking about whether GPU drivers should be providing a lower level abstraction than they have in the past. And Microsoft aparently agree, with DirectX 12 being a major rewrite. So if Apple ever wanted to escape OpenGL (and it's permanent second bestness) now is the time.  There are only 4...
I wonder if they would consider reimplementing CoreGraphics to use Mantle instead of OpenGL. It's supposed to be a lot more modern and efficient.
There aren't many rumors this time around. Usually that happens when they've been working mostly on software things, since the software is done in house while the hardware supply chain tends to leak. The 64-bit iOS took everyone by surprise. They could have another major software architectural change coming and we would know nothing about it, e.g. ARM OS X.
Companies that invest in China and then get burned, it's their own d*mn fault in my opinion. Different governments have different levels of regulation, ok, you can deal with that. But why would you put any of your money, whether in the form of plant, capital or just plain cash, in a jurisdiction that doesn't have an established record of protecting property rights? Property rights are the fundamental, if you don't want to lose your money
I surprised Tim Cook didn't name the OS X releases after great civil rights campaigners.
I definitely remember "Yosemite" from the PowerMac days, not sure if it was a chipset or CPU or what...
The shot of sunlight through the water reminds me of Jaws :)   Could it be a hint as to the next codename? Is there a famous diving/snorkelling place in California?
So iOS 8 as well as OS X 10.10. It seems they are maintaining the aggressive pace of 1 OS update a year. Quite impressive actually. Leaves Microsoft in the dust.
Rap music is definitely inferior to classical music. If you have ever gone Cold Turkey and just listened to classical music for several months, and then gone back to mainstream music, your brain is like "What the hell is this simplisitic sh*t?" You just giggle at how simple it is. But there is a tradition in Western society of letting the youth find their own way. Maybe in other cultures they try to control their kids and discourage them from listening to s*it. But we tend...
But people have to want something in the first place, before they consider how well it integrates.
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