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It's funny to think they can't hire enough people in China, with their massive population. I wonder if it's possible to design future iPhones and iPads to be less labour intensive to make? Or else open factories in India, another 1bn+ country.
That's a good point, surely we would have seen at least one case leak by now. I don't think iOS uses a swap file. It does have virtual memory but when memory gets low, instead of swapping it out to disk, it compresses it in memory (as in zip).
As others have said, surely this indicates a bigger model? As the graphics performance on the 6 Plus showed, Retina HD does not come for free, so they would not do it on the current size, for a very marginal improvement in sharpness.   They made the new iPhones bigger to create room at the bottom for the Apple Watch. But now the phones and tablets are too close, so they have to push the iPads out by a proportional amount.
It's been way too long since they had a computer just called the Apple Mac. That's why the logo is from the Apple 30th invitation. They are going to drop the "i" from the new iMac and replace it with an Apple sign.
That's an excellent point, the cognitive load probably comes from people trying to think back about what queries have worked/not worked in the past. I wonder if they measured someone talking to someone else who doesn't speak their language would get similar readings, or to a child with limited vocal, or a pet.
What are voice interfaces good for? Slower than a keyboard for text entry, too distracting for the car. Not really precise enough for controlling a computer game. I guess they are good for asking Internet queries such as "What is the temperature outside?"
I don't know what the cause of the upgrade slowdown is, whether it's bugs, upgrade disk space requirements, more unsupported models than last year, or just media FUD. But the above (an 8.5 release next year) wouldn't hurt.
I would say Microsoft is somewhere between Apple and Google in terms of their use of ads vs paying. For example there are no ads in the Windows 8 Mail app but there are in the Weather app. I think in general when people go to Microsoft they to have to pay something (e.g. Windows), and when they go to Google they expect it to be free. But perhaps that is a remnant of what their first major products were each, and the difference is not so great these days. People think of...
I have never had a Gmail account but a lot of people I know do and are very happy with it. I have an Apple account and a Microsoft account.   A bit off topic, but Apple and Microsoft aren't really enemies any more like they used to be... In the recent Charlie Rose interview he asked Tim Cook to name his competitors and they went through the list: Google, Amazon, etc. Microsoft wasn't even mentioned by either of them.  Not to mention: - Apple doesn't just allow you to...
If you compare the Yosemite calculator to the Mavericks calculator, it looks like it's been redesigned for a touch screen.
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