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With the first revision they included a lot of features and now they will be gathering telemetry and seeing which ones people are actually using, and that will inform the next revision. I still think people aren't super sure what this form factor is good for (other than time telling and notifications), so having some real field usage data will be a big advantage over their competitors
Yes but unlike Greece the US has it's own currency, so it can use the time honoured way of getting out of too much government debt: money printing. When Greece, Ireland, Spain and other European countries joined the Euro, they should have realised they were leaving behind further use of this grand tradition, and been fiscally responsible from then on.
Yep. Without TRIM the garbage collector will be diligently moving and compacting blocks that aren't even in use any more.
If you ever find yourself impressed by Google Maps or Apple Maps or Samsung's effort, just Google for "old maps." There are some really beautiful old ones that put our modern day maps to shame. Even though we have way better technology than they had, we seem to have lost the art of it.
Even Ubuntu will only run trim on Intel and Samsung SSDs by default. The trim implementations on many of the SSDs out there is poorly implemented it seems.
 It's because of the way your program is turned in to assembly language. The compiler doesn't understand it line by line as such, rather it has something called a "grammar" which describes what is and is not a syntactically valid program as a whole. The grammar describes a tree structure, and the parser needs to be able to map what you wrote on to this tree, and then the tree is passed to another program for conversion in to assembly language. So if you ever want to know...
I disagree that the theory of computer science is necessarily less interesting than concrete app development. I think for the smart students, dealing with the abstract ideas would be more arresting than writing one particular app for one particular platform. But I agree that the way education is done is in need of an overhaul, and iTunes U in general is a good idea. I guess the whole benefit of iTunes U is that it doesn't have to be one size fits all any more.
I think it's important to first teach the concepts of computer science apart from any toolset. Then the student will have a clear separation in their mind between the science, and any particular vendor tools. If I was teaching high school CS I probably wouldn't use Apple tools, I would use a plain open-source text editor, and a teaching-oriented procedural programming language.
It lets every button have two functions, one where you soft press and one where you hard press. Whether you want to do that or not depends on whether it would result in an intuitive GUI of course, e.g. a fast-forward button where a soft press goes forward at 2x speed and a hard press goes forwards at 4x speed would be quite intuitive.
I thought Boys Don't Cry was a good (though shocking) movie. I saw Philadelphia years ago but can't really remember it. Haven't seen any of the others shown.
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