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The OS contains a lot of shared libraries that actually reduce the size of apps so it would be a false economy to remove them.
I was in a one a few days ago and they still had the Christmas posters up with the young girl singing to her grandmother.
Wow, that looks really good. There's something about the spartan style of Apple Stores that kind of makes them like art galleries to begin with.
Could you take all the in-depth articles (not the purely newsy ones) and compile them in to an Apple iBook once a year and sell that?   It would enable people like Robin Huber (above) to pay something once a year without having to purchase a subscription. And for a staff of writers, maybe compiling a book would be more natural/fun than app stuff.
You need a program that takes file/folder dates and names and puts them in to the photo EXIF metadata.
What to expect in 2015 article: "The buzz around Google Glass has died down, and smartwatches could be the next big thing instead." http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/latex-and-middle-eastern-food-what-to-expect-in-2015/story-fnixwvgh-1227171954536
 It was Russian manpower combined with American industry and British intelligence. The Russians had more men than the Germans could handle, the Americans had more factories, and the British (due to their empire) had listening posts all over the world.
I like the drawing of the Japanese street, the facial portraits, and the photos of the flowers. If the Japanese street was a bit higher res I'd make it my wallpaper.   These big companies can argue over exclusives for albums, and who has the best streaming service etc, but one thing the Internet does that TV and radio did not is allow everyone to produce, so arguing over distribution of a few items is a bit stuck in the past really.
Lol, developers fight back.
Oh. Since you quoted the whole thing I thought you were saying "No" to the whole thing. So you don't think the watch form factor will take over in 3 years, fair enough.
New Posts  All Forums: