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I'm sure a 15" version will be coming too.
Very nice. I wonder how OS X will perform on the Atom processor?
If they have made some kind of Gold alloy, I'm sure there'll be a Jony Ive video about it in a few hours.
I hope to get some more information on the Watch's OS, i.e. is it a cut down version of iOS, same as iOS is a cut down version of OS X, or is it the full/same iOS as you get on an iPhone?   And even though the Watch will be the focus of the event, I hope they do some Mac updates first. Maybe a new Macbook Air/Pro, or the release of 10.10.3 with Photos app.
I don't mind paying movie ticket prices to rent a movie on iTunes if it comes out at the same time as the theatre. Once it leaves the theatre the price should drop down to a more typical video rental kind of price.
Well, I think if you believe in putting customers first, ahead of developers, then it's not so unrealistic.
Isn't that a false alternative? The third option being, since Apple controls what is and is not allowed on the App Store, they could make the following change to the App Review Guidelines: 7. Advertising7.1 Due to Apple's deeply held values of privacy, no app on the iOS or Mac App Store shall be ad-supported. Acceptable forms of revenue are (i) up-front payment and (ii) in-app purchase. Apps that contain advertisements will be rejected.
I really wish Apple would get out of the advertising business. It's a conflict of interest with Tim Cook's stated principles about privacy.
This is why I only install stuff from the Mac App Store, because it has been checked for this kind of nonsense. Of course I also have a Linux box with OpenJDK on it because I don't want to miss out on Java development :)
Maybe it's just a case of 2 engineers at a party full of singers and actors latching on to each other.
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