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The reason they switched from PowerPC to Intel was that the CPUs were becoming a limiting factor in making devices smaller and thinner (i.e. the Powerbook G5 that never happened). And certainly a switch from Intel to ARM could be justified on the same grounds. The thing I don't believe about the report is that Macs would have 4 or 8 of these CPUs. Surely that would require some nasty motherboard logic, with 8 CPUs all access the same memory? Doesn't sound...
I'm hoping for a 4K theme, to the Mac part of the event at least. The new OS X 10.10 will have such fine detail that it will really need a 4K display to look it's best. The Macbook Pro is already done, so they will do the iMac and Macbook Air and a new 4K Thunderbolt display. And maybe announce 4K content on iTunes as well (just a little to start).
Everything in one chip, that's an interesting idea.
I have never worked at Apple, so I am loath to disagree with this guy, but there are other companies with engineering cultures and they don't produce such great products. I think what Apple has is a Quality culture. A dedication to quality in all forms and a refusal to accept anything less than the best.    I think that's why so many people got upset with the iPhone 5C which they, rightly or wrongly, perceived as cheap. Or why there is now such a furore over the Beats...
If Microsoft wants to do hardware, I would like to see them do a PC. A really top quality one with all the best components, and fully tested/guaranteed compatible with Windows.
Hawaii GPUs and dual internal SSDs would be nice (even if 1 of the Thunderbolt controllers has to be sacrificed).
The photos on all these Dr Dre and Iovine stories should have them looking more and more sad as the negotiations drag on :)
CoreAnimation is a pretty amazing framework, you can do really fancy stuff in only a few lines of code. Sorry to see him moving on.
I know how they could save $3.2bn
I'm not pretending, I genuinely believed that is what "exclusive" meant.
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