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Gold does have value over and above being a medium of exchange. It has the chemical property of not reacting with air or water, meaning that it stays shiny all by itself, indefinitely. That makes it excellent for making jewellery out of. As long as people are vain gold will be popular. Maybe once world population peaks and then starts to fall it's price will fall.
 Yep, any country with over a billion people is surely going to be a net importer of food and raw materials. Even given economic cycles, with China and India both coming out of poverty, it mustn't be a bad time to be a farmer and/or miner in the west.   Good point about Steve. I think his gift was the ability to see the potential in new technologies. That is, he didn't come up with ideas for new products out of thin air, he would e.g. see a half-working touch screen on a...
Apple might sell a lot of stuff in China but, in general, the US is a net importer from China isn't it? All those products in Walmart?    So I don't think a recession in China need cause a big worry for the US. It will cause a worry for Canada and Australia and other countries that sell a lot of iron, gold and other resources to China. I was watching a documentary yesterday about the Bordeaux region in France that sells nearly all their wine to China now. Wouldn't want...
People can change, they can change from liking sci fi to thrillers, or beer to wine. But changing from someone who is violent against others to someone who isn't, can people really make that big of a change?    I don't know, never having had to try. But I think it should be possible if the person has a very strong will and desire to change. And they have to have patience with others too, and realise that people will eventually trust them again, but it might take 10 or 15...
"Apple Pay" such an unfortunate choice of name. It always makes me think "If you buy Apple, you're gonna pay."
Is this correct? They can't repatriate their overseas profits to the US without paying tax, but if they sell bonds overseas the money they get for those can enter the US tax free. And then in 5 or 7 years when the bonds fall due, they just pay back the overseas investors with the offshore profits which stayed there all along.
Whether it has a stylus or not, I would consider buying it for the big screen alone.
Apple Pay survey:   "It's magical," - ok those are the idiots.   "It's convenient," - that's more like it   "About time you did something useful you ridiculous bauble" - one week in, buyer's remorse   "Well, you see first the transaction is signed by my 4096-bit private key, and is then routed to Apple via my iPhone, where..." - Maurice Moss   "Here's what I found on the web..." - Siri accidentally left on
 I used a local celebrity when I first did it, but when posting I changed it to Obama at the last minute because this is an American site. But it was really a fail if you think about it, because the answer was in the question (as it was in all 3 of my examples), but it didn't realize that and did a Wolfram Alpha query. Why would I assume otherwise? Maybe Apple's claim on their website that Siri "understands what you say [and] knows what you mean." Speech recognition +...
Try the wording I used though "How many litres does a 1 litre bottle hold?" and it doesn't work, even though the answer is virtually in the question. Which goes to my point that it's easy to tell you're dealing with a fairly fragile regex style pattern matcher and not yet what people would call an intelligence.
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