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The closedown period wasn't over. They probably released it because they saw the other online streaming services making a fortune off it.   What I hope movie studios take away from this is that you can make a lot of money releasing online at the same time as the cinema (rather than taking away that you can make a lot of money by making a lot of hype).
Even Microsoft IDs can be merged. C'mon Apple, don't let yourself be beaten by them.
High speed USB = USB 2Super speed USB = USB 3 (those are the official marketing names anyway)
Yep, iOS devices are basically like little computers and imagine a computer with a 16GB hd.
Sometimes groups of people get stuck in a cognitive bubble and do things which make perfect sense to them but to people outside the bubble its like, WTH? I think the Apple execs need some friends who will be honest with them, outside the inner circle, that they can run ideas past as a sanity check.
Good point. All money and all effort should be focussed on the products themselves and making them better.
You can go on the Internet at any time, apple.com/retail and see if there are any genius appointments available in your store, so you could have pulled out your phone and checked his story, maybe they really were fully booked.
Do you really think it would be successful in the US? It's basically a $343 lottery ticket, and I don't think many people would want to spend that much on a lottery ticket. Luck is a much bigger thing in Asian cultures.
It was the ability to get tech support on your computer that helped get the Apple Stores started. I wonder how much of a computer section these stores had and how much of it was mobile.
Which was the bigger waste of money, Rockstar or Beats?
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