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What if someone hacked in and turned off *all* the cellphones? :)
I knew that. I should have just reported but somehow replying to a spambot on the issue of whether robots would take over from people was more beautiful :)
I don't think they will make the phone any bigger. They may make the screen bigger by reducing the bezel to nothing, but that's the only way.
Even though everything in the universe may be cause-and-effect/orderly, not everything is algorithmic, I think Godel proved that. So don't give up on us humans yet! In any event I don't think your future where mankind stands still while robots get better and better, eventually overtaking us, is a realistic one. Humans will continue to improve too, both through genetic engineering and electronic implants.
The long haired Harley rider, riding off in to the sunset, enjoying his freedom is definitely one kind of iconic American cool. And so is the young maverick businessman/CEO. But they combined both these ideas in one photo here and it really deserves two separate ones.   The aloof but clever Paul Newman or Humphrey Bogart "Rick" type character is another (somewhat historical now) version of American cool, definitely belongs. As for the rappers, I think mainly young people...
Yet more proof that the Mac Pro comes from the future - that's the only place you can buy one :)
Imagine how cheaply they could produce Android phones if they can get the production process automatised? Apple needs to not let them get too far ahead on this stuff.
When I opened the Music app on my iPad this morning (Australia) the Radio icon appeared right away in the toolbar, and the app jumped to it automatically, with a "Welcome to iTunes Radio" screen. So it should be hard for people to miss.
It's in the Catalyst Control Centre, Performance tab.
You can in fact write any program you want and run on in your iPhone. You need a Mac, then just download Xcode (a free download), write the program, plug your iPhone in to the USB port and install it. It could be a porn or gambling app or anything and Xcode won't stop you. Where the restrictions come in is if you try to distribute the app through the App Store. So basically you can put whatever you want on your own phone, just not everybody else's.
New Posts  All Forums: