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There are fundamental problems in computer science they could be researching. Programming languages are still pretty primitive. Computer security is a big problem. And Microsoft and IBM are spending big on quantum processors now. Apple is kicking butt with the A8 but they need to keep an eye out for any fundamental advances that could come out of left field and turn the market on it's head.
Or... even safer ... I remember in high school they told us that if you move a magnet near a coil of wire it induces an electrical current in the wire. So if the Apple watch strap was a coil, and you injected your bloodstream with milllions of tiny magnets, then your blood pumping through your wrist would constantly charge the watch.
What you don't want is a battery that only lasts part of the day, and then you get a lot of people walking around at 4 or 5pm with these dead Apple Watches on their wrists, and it becomes like a running gag about the Apple Watch, with stand up comedians joking about everyone having a dead watch. Most people sleep 7-8 hours so the battery life should be 16 or 17.
I'm looking forward to the iMac with quantum co-processor.
Since the SSD is just a blade, it should be no harder than swapping out a RAM module. So it would be nice if the door on the back let you upgrade the SSD as well as the RAM.
Good point. I wonder if they considered that possible retaliation before blocking Apple Pay.
I think 1.8 was the default gamma on the Mac up to OS 10.5, then from 10.6 onwards they changed it to 2.2. Don't know why.
I also had a play with one in the Apple Store on Friday. The screen does look beautiful as everyone says. One thing that was very noticeable to me also was, what people have been saying about how "close" the screen appears. That is, normally the lights which are the pixels look like they're under a piece of glass, but with this computer it's like the pixels are right there with no (or very thin) glass covering.
That's right. Companies play their strategic games if they can get away with it, but there's only one place they get their money, the customer. If people stop paying them you never seen anyone change position so fast.
IT security is very difficult to get right. There are some stores where I will only use cash because of their poor record. Other stores, like Apple, I use my credit card, but even that has fraud protection.
New Posts  All Forums: