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Unlike Microsoft, this judge has good taste.
It's up to the individual developer. When they're compiling they can choose to make only a 64-bit binary, or a 32 and 64-bit ("fat") binary.
This post of yours is so mean and horrible.
It's easier for a computer company to learn all about timekeeping than it is for a watch company to learn all about software development, cloud service provision, making the S1 system in a package, etc.   He says they are partnering but how well that will work remains to be seen, the integrated nature of Apple's approach has been noted in the past as an advantage in making small consumer devices.
Ah, right.
Lol, I think Canada is there to stay.
 The US invaded Canada on June 18. 1812 and tried to annex it.  If I recall the Canadians successfully fought them off and even burned down Washington DC at one stage.
 But what if the person is question is not a citizen of the US (just a resident), but is commiting a crime (or suspected of such) in the US? If I was King of the World, I would base it on a thing being a crime in both jurisdictions. That is, country A contacts country B and asks for the data off the server. Country A provides the legal justificiation (under their system) for wanting that data. If that justification would also be a justification under Country B's legal...
Such a difficult question! The whole legal system up until this point in history has been that certain governments control certain geographical areas. So it would seem Microsoft/Apple is in the right, if the Microsoft server is in Ireland it falls under Irish government rules. But in the age of the Internet, does the whole geographic location thing need to be rethought?
 It obviously didn't occur to Apple's advertising team that the young lady poking through her grandma's old love recordings was an invasion of the old lady's privacy. Which seems obvious to me.
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