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It seems like they didn't sanitize a value that came from the network. If there was a naming convention for untrusted/unsanitized variables the compiler could warn upon their use in memcpy, etc. Naming conventions was how Apple was able to implement largely automated memory management.
4K movies next please.
Searching for phone numbers and addresses in unstructured text would be extremely difficult if you had to go on patterns only. But these days a lot of the physical world has been digitised (e.g. Apple Maps). I wonder if, e.g. exhaustive lists of every street name in your state could be used to enhance this feature?
If anyone can do it they can. We are talking about the company who has spent years shaving millimetres off their products. Maybe that's the reason for the recent baseband hiring also, they want to make an LTE chip so small it can go in to an iWatch (a future generation, not the 1st one).
All good points and I would add that some other manufacturers are quite a bit smaller than the mini now, e.g. Intel NUC, so if they did want to continue with the line, it would probably require a bit of redesign work, so presently they are at a decision point of recommitting or drop it, and maybe this low cost iMac is an indication of which way they went. Mind you, the Mac Pro redesign was very nice, if the same level of newness of concept could be brought to the mini it...
Unless the low cost iMac is intended to replace the mini, and that's the reason it's not on his timeline.
It's a really interesting idea that it could be a premium/designer product, I think the assumption up until now is that it would be cheaper than the iPhone. If it really is going to compete with traditional watches, they must have achieved a level of miniaturisation that others haven't, as others don't really look like traditional watches.
Steve used to release products at Macworld in January but Tim likes to save everything for the second half (presumably so everything's fresh come the holiday gift season).
The use cases are really any time that both hands are occupied, and a computer could be helpful. Apple is focussing on exercising, but clever developers will make a list of all human activities where both hands are occupied and try to think of apps that could be useful in that situation and be ready to hit the iWatch App Store on launch day.
New Posts  All Forums: