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Awww... look at the little squirrels playing Chess.
Somebody asked Tim Cook to provide figures on that at the last shareholder meeting and he got quite annoyed, so I wouldn't be so sure. The local power company, that typically powers entire towns and/or cities, probably has economies of scale that make it cheaper to just buy from them than try to generate your own. I don't think it is all about money for Tim.
I thought hydro power was generally not considered green energy, because damming rivers is bad for the wildlife. Or something.
Isn't it a false dichotomy to say being Gay must be either genetic or a choice, what about the third option, that it's not genetic and not a choice?   Because human beings are a complex mix of genes and ideas, both of which can effect our behavior. And you don't develop the full mental maturity to accept or reject information/ideas that are presented to your brain until later in life. So it's conceivable that the very young could have information flows in to their brain...
He's brave laying out those phases ahead of time, usually you need an historical perspective to do that kind of thing. He's also going on the assumption that the various tech firms have no better imagination than he does.
iDevices have pretty small screens. Couldn't they serve up 4K to Macs and Apple TVs and 1080p to iDevices, at least in a transition period? It's already the case that iTunes serves SD videos if it detects your machine doesn't support HDCP, so there is precedence for customising video for the client.
Yep. These guys have already implemented H.265 on the Mac so I'm sure Apple can too: http://www.divx.com/en/software/playerBut then Apple would probably prefer hardware decoding for battery reasons.
It seems like they didn't sanitize a value that came from the network. If there was a naming convention for untrusted/unsanitized variables the compiler could warn upon their use in memcpy, etc. Naming conventions was how Apple was able to implement largely automated memory management.
4K movies next please.
Searching for phone numbers and addresses in unstructured text would be extremely difficult if you had to go on patterns only. But these days a lot of the physical world has been digitised (e.g. Apple Maps). I wonder if, e.g. exhaustive lists of every street name in your state could be used to enhance this feature?
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