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The decision by Apple to start making their own CPU/GPU all those years ago is really starting to pay off, now that they have caught up with the i5 performance. It would also be good not to have to rely on AMD and Nvidia for graphics drivers.
Yep, I meant only that the test results were amazing (to me). I didn't expect the A-series chips to catch up with the Intel GPUs for about 2 more generations. And for them to do it without a fan too!
The Ars review is pretty amazing, they found that the A9X's GPU is actually faster than the Intel GPUs in the Core i5/i7 (though on CPU performance it's still a little behind).
 Well, anyone can say anything is the future. The data shows Macbook sales increasing and iPad sales decreasing.  Companies will buy a product if they think it will be a productivity improvement for their workers, but will a touch screen offer a productivity improvement over a mouse for business apps? I doubt it. With a mouse on sensitive settings you can zip all over the screen tapping quickly and accurately with a flick of the wrist, to use a touch screen you must move...
 The picture of the guy hunched over an iPad drawing a technical diagram is a bit non-typical, in most businesses people sit at cubicles with a terminal. But if you showed a picture of someone at their desk with a tablet propped up and a foldaway keyboard in front of it it would look suboptimal, and would visually demonstrate why the iPad taking the business world by storm is unlikely.
 I think of it as quite a big update. Those Skylake processors are cutting edge, they haven't been out for very long at all. And adding wide gamut colour required what were probably quite deep OS changes. And the kind of display LEDs they used in the display were very new technology weren't they?
Given that Macbook sales have been going up and up over the last couple of years and iPad sales have been going down and down, that's a lot of hope to be pinning on a bigger screen. I predict the opposite will be true: many, many people will conclude that a laptop and phone is all they need, and an iPad doesn't really add anything.
Why give a discount on a brand new product, especially one that's probably going to be sold out for a while anyway?
I actually tried to watch s01e01 on Netflix a few weeks ago but I thought the demand that the terrorists made of the Prime Minister was digusting and stopped watching.
Yep. I think in the future most home users won't have a separate computer, you will just sit down at a desk and dock your phone in to a keyboard, monitor and mouse, and then that becomes your computer. So iOS devices will continue to get more RAM and more serious apps preparing for this day. It would almost be possible today expect that the Lightning connector is of too low bandwidth to be a dock connector, and iOS does not support a mouse.
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