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I was kind of surprised that it didn't have a smaller case. I mean, I was glad that it was updated, but there are smaller mini PCs now (e.g. Intel NUC) and with Apple's design chops you kind of expect them to leapfrog that, even if it is a low priority product category (which I have no proof that it is). But yeah, still an amazing deal though. In the sense of getting 20Mbit I/O ports on a budget computer. And the $100 price drop.
I know. It's bloody ridiculous. A new CPU, GPU and world leading screen. When are they going to upgrade something significant? It's just the same identical parts year after year. :)
If you go in to Accessibility Preferences and select "Reduce transparency" it looks quite a bit different.
It seems quite a bit faster than Mavericks to me. I wasn't expecting that, thought it was mainly a features release.
Yep, it definitely needs an update, but you never know with the mini, it's updates are less regular than the other boxes. Perhaps they want to ensure they keep a decent gap between it and the more powerful machines, and a new Retina iMac will give them enough breathing room for a good mini update.
The article says possible Mini update. Is that just based on how long it's been? I would like to see it updated, but not aware of any specific rumors.
Well they did have the first Retina phone in the iPhone 4, and the first Retina laptop in the 2012 Macbook Pro. If they think 5k qualifies as Retina for a 27" display but 4K does not, then it would be consistent for them to be first with 5K. Maybe they will be conservative and go with 4K though. I guess we will all know in ~11 hours.
"Premature specification."   (a reference for the old hands)
I think the rose is what is causing the confusion. You have Ming-Chi Kuo saying the iPad Air 2 will be released but production will be delayed for screen reasons. Earlier in the week the WSJ said Apple was planning a 12.9" iPad but was delaying production to leave more screens available for the iPhone 6 plus. These sound like the same device being called two different names to me. Also there is a new rumour on MR just now from Digitimes saying the A8X is specifically for a...
New Posts  All Forums: