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It's a really interesting idea that it could be a premium/designer product, I think the assumption up until now is that it would be cheaper than the iPhone. If it really is going to compete with traditional watches, they must have achieved a level of miniaturisation that others haven't, as others don't really look like traditional watches.
Steve used to release products at Macworld in January but Tim likes to save everything for the second half (presumably so everything's fresh come the holiday gift season).
The use cases are really any time that both hands are occupied, and a computer could be helpful. Apple is focussing on exercising, but clever developers will make a list of all human activities where both hands are occupied and try to think of apps that could be useful in that situation and be ready to hit the iWatch App Store on launch day.
A grappling hook on the bottom would make it more fun :)
But caring too much and caring too little are not opposites, they're both the kind of obsession that can lead to eating disorders or over-exercising.
Haha, gold.
Maybe they will release Cortana as an iPhone app?
Thanks. When I see this screenshot it just seems to extreme for me. If someone is sick then sure, but a normal person shouldn't obsess to this level.
I wonder if they will ever give Siri a face?
Apple is from California and they like to export that culture in their products. And many times that is a good thing, but there are some negative aspects to that culture such as obsession with body image and fad diets and plastic surgery.   These obsessions all begin (as they logically must) with simply thinking about food and exercise too much. Instead of food just being the thing you use to keep you going (so you can get on with your main interests), it becomes the...
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