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Try the wording I used though "How many litres does a 1 litre bottle hold?" and it doesn't work, even though the answer is virtually in the question. Which goes to my point that it's easy to tell you're dealing with a fairly fragile regex style pattern matcher and not yet what people would call an intelligence.
I find the speech recognition quite impressive. Even if it initially gets a word wrong, it will often correct it later in the sentence based on context. But let's not kid ourselves, it's clear that you're not talking to any kind of "AI" e.g.   "Siri, How many litres does a 1 litre bottle hold?" Here's what I found on the web...   "Siri, what is Barack Obama's last name?" Here's what I found on the web...   "Siri, all cars are green. What colour is my car?" Here's...
Maybe they are issuing bonds in currencies they expect the US dollar to rise relative to, so that when they have to give the investors their money back in X years time, it will be fewer US dollars.
I wasn't saying you should keep all your money in cash under the mattress, just that you could avoid transaction fees and improve anonymity by using cash. For example instead of using cards everywhere, which tells your bank and/or credit card company everywhere you've been, just take a few hundred out of the bank every Monday, and use that for the rest of the week.
Or maybe just their own credit card company, as opposed to a whole bank?
I don't think so. Multinational companies have enjoyed a window where tax laws (which were drafted in an age when most companies were national only) have not caught up with them and the additional tricks available to them as multinationals. Just as media pirates enjoyed a brief window before the law caught up with torrents and the global nature of the Internet.  The law moves slowly but it does move, and these windows are coming to a close. Soon multinationals will have to...
0% fees, 100% anonymous  
SHAME   *ding ding*   SHAME   *ding ding*   SHAME   *ding ding*
If you turn one of the b's upside down in Alphabet you can write "Apple hat" or "tha Apple"
From the trailer it looks like it's 90 minutes of Steve Jobs being picked on by everyone from Woz to his own staff to the blooming fire marshal.   1/10. Don't pick on geniuses.
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