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 Subvocalising is just the words you hear in your head when you read to yourself. The thing is, I believe your body involuntarily sends nerve signals to the muscles in your throat while you are doing this, so it's not something you have to learn. I agree your concept is the ideal, I was just trying to think of a way we could get 99% of the way there with tech that is maybe 3-5 years away instead of 10-20. But as Dick Applebaum raised, I am also not sure if it's a...
You could still run those apps - on existing computers. Apple is not taking anything away anything you can currently do by releasing new, incompatible computers.  And I think they would rewrite those apps because it wouldn't be a rewrite, just be a recompile. It's not like the transition from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X where the system calls changed, and it's not like the transition from PowerPC to Intel where the CPU endianess and word sizes changed. Unless a program has some...
A mind interface would require a major breakthrough, but you could get pretty close just with highly sensitive external sensors. For example a neckband that can detect when you are subvocalizing, or a camera that can pick up the tiniest eye movements. So you can be sitting there hardly moving and yet in full control of a computer (yes, "hardly moving" is not the same as "only thinking" but it's pretty close). At All Things D Tim Cook was asked what the next big thing might...
What do you mean, it's still basically a Mac. You can run Terminal, open multiple programs in multiple windows, run Xcode, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Photoshop Elements. The only problem would be if the particular program you want to run is not on the App Store, but presumably if Apple were to release such a Mac, they would lobby more software developers to put their apps on the App Store. And the developers themselves, seeing which way the wind is blowing, might also bite...
Maybe in the workplace, for people designing 3d objects. Having it float in front of you and being able to walk around it might be an advantage. Or for doctors prior to surgery, being able to see a 3d model of the area they will be operating on.
Not necessarily, maybe he is just wearing it to learn from it.
I don't think they would do Intel emulation if they did switch to ARM (as others have said, for speed reasons). The ARM version of OS X would only run apps from the Mac App Store (same as iOS has always done). And the App Store would know to only display apps for download that had an ARM version in their fat binary.
It's nice to see people thinking big. It's people thinking big that often unseats the biggest companies (ironically).
I read yesterday that Google is working with SpaceX to launch thousands of little Internet satellites in to orbit. How much more attractive would Android products be if they came with free connectivity? This is the sort of thing where you want innovation on the radio/networking side, not trying to make your own baseband chip.
They finally found a way to make 1UPT work. Use ships, and it's space so no terrain around that the AI can't handle.
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