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Does this mean Siri will get a Boston accent?
According to Wikipedia, Kapton (a word form the second image) is used in flexible printed circuits. So maybe it will be bendy after all? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton
Maybe not 4K movies, but it will have to have some fun stuff on it though. If it's all serious stuff like health monitoring, not sure how well that will go down.
The ability to make very small, very precise, mechanical devices could be very useful in the future world of nanotechnology. i.e. in assembling machines small enough to travel around in the bloodstream. I suspect ten years from now watchmakers will be more in demand than they are today, they just won't be making watches.
If it could receive power wirelessly that would be great, as it could suck some power from your iPhone if it starts running low (assuming you have your iPhone somewhere on your body, or in your bag).
I have Yosemite installed in the new VMware Fusion 7, and Yosemite doesn't recognise the VMware virtual display as something it should pixel double. So just a warning if you're thinking of buying this, on a Macbook Pro Retina, Yosemite will run at 2800x1800, not 1440x900 pixel doubled.
How will it charge then, are you thinking inductively?
The change from 30-pin to Lightning connector makes even more sense now, because it would be hard to make a fashionable watch with a large connector on it.
Wow, they must be really confident of it's looks to invite fashion critics. This is not going to be like other smart watches then (at least in the hardware department).
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