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The iPad Pro has 4GB, so it seems to me that after years of being stingy with RAM they are finally changing that.
That concept drawing is very cool, not far from the mobile phones they have on Extant.
The Mac Pro is my dream computer but when I come close to buying it I always chicken out and get a Mac laptop instead (half the price).   I wonder what new things it will have? The Radeon R9 Fury Nano seems like a good fit for an OpenCL box, it is small, air cooled, and yet still has the full 4096 stream processors. The one weakness is only having 4GB VRAM. Another thing that would be great is if you could have 2 SSD blades inside this time, I suspect the reason the 2013...
If this means you can do a BTO order on apple.com and have it shipped to your local Apple Store instead of your house, then this is great news. The local courier companies where I live are terrible, often just putting a "Sorry we missed you," card in the mailbox without even checking if you are there. Often you have to go to the depot and pick it up yourself.   If I could pick up from the Apple Store instead I would use that service every time.
Well there definitely must be some new product coming, because the incremental changes to the existing lines wouldn't have cost that much to work out.
 The board must think that the return he is making, minus a certain amount he is sacrificing for green and social issues (e.g. buying more expensive power because it is green, or paying higher wages to workers than is strictly necessary), is still more than another CEO would generate.
Yep. Cars are so big it doesn't make sense to manufacture them overseas, even given wage level differentials. The transport cost is just too much.
It's hard to comprehend those kind of numbers. When you read that they spent $15b on capex you wonder if they're building their own factories somewhere, intending to one day end the outsourcing.
Woo woo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo7CgWH8jX4
I think for mobile devices you want some kind of anti-reflective coating, because people will try and use them outside in the sun. Apple in fact have increased the anti-glare properties of their mobile devices over time.   But for desktop computers that are mainly used inside, glossy is bearable. I have used glossy iMacs in the past and they were ok, though currently I have a matte display.
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