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Has he designed any computers before?
A lot of power saving measures come from software tricks, and Apple tends to share code between devices, so one way to see what they're up to might be to look for new power management code in iOS 8 betas.
Get ready for the next wave of lawsuits...
They would't be involved in an iPhone launch, because it's not specifically a music device. Either: - The new iWatch is going to be called the iPod Band (or something like that) and they are involved because it's the iPod again - There is some new music app that Apple is launching, that they will endorse - It is some kind of AIDS charity thing
Well, the iPhone was trouble for Finland, maybe Switzerland is next?   Only joking. Yes, a beautiful wearable computer would be the beginning of the end of traditional wristwatches, but I'm sure Switzerland has a much more diverse economy than just that.
If a thing worn on your wrist has NFC, then you could indicate to it that you want to pay for something by shaking hands with the shop keeper.
I hope not. Given that Intel have just let them down on Broadwell, it might not be a good idea to put GPU advancements in their hands too. If they want to go the single chip, low power route then just go all the way and switch the Mac to ARM.
Yes, you're right, I believe the process was put in some kind of suspended state, but not actually killed. Well the auto suspend seems to be gone now, until they're still doing it, just not making the glowing bubble disappear any more.
Hopefully the 850M will be available as BTO. It's only 3% slower than two 750Ms in SLI, a major upgrade. http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-850M.107795.0.html
A few versions of OS X ago they added a thing where certain apps (e.g. Preview, Quicktime Player) would automatically quit if they had no open windows. This seems to be gone now, they don't quit unless you command-Q them.
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