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Less than 2mm? Ambitious!
Apple's next press conference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLsDvGlIDh0
I think his information comes from supply chain sources in East Asia. So when he claims knowledge of production delays I tend to believe him but when he claims knowledge of retail prices, not so much. But quite apart from him, do I think Apple could release a > $1000 watch? Yes. It's no fun selling low margin products, it's much better to go after the top end of the market where you as a designer have the freedom to use expensive materials and make a no-compromises design.
I agree. It's not some random analyst making vague claims. It's an analyst with a good track record (the last being the prediction of the low cost iMac) making very specific claims. Of course no one can see the future, and Apple may very well have a breakthrough and solve these problems and launch both models in quantity. But I believe that, as of right now, he is in all likelihood correct.
That's the big question. Other company's digital watches haven't been compelling, but in the past Apple has been able to enter such markets and reinvent them. People are waiting to see if they can still do it without Steve Jobs. I think that Jony Ive is still there, so even if the watch is conceptually the same as the others (which would be a disappointment), at least it will still be the most beautiful. And maybe that is the future of Apple in general without Steve Jobs:...
Songs that people on other forums say are 30s are still 90s for me, so it's all very confusing.
Yes. I just tried to redownload an old HD purchase that now has the new extras. This is the dialog that popped up: So there is a choice between higher quality cloud based extras or lower quality local ones. I wonder why the new extras are cloud only?
Humanity won't ever run out of jobs. It used to be that 80% of people worked in agriculture in order to feed everyone. Nowadays we are so efficient at agriculture we get the same amount of food (actually more, hence the obesity problem) with only 5% of the population. I'm sure at the time there were people saying society was doomed, as the farming jobs dried up.   So now we are getting better and better at making manufactured goods. Some day soon only 5% of people will...
If someone tries to import a malformed document, the app should pop up a dialog saying "Import failed: Malformed document." It shouldn't crash.
It's an interesting point about Twitter's rise being closely linked to Apple, I hadn't considered that. A Share Extension is in some ways the modern equivalent of a printer driver (if you think of the web as replacing paper).
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