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"Premature specification."   (a reference for the old hands)
I think the rose is what is causing the confusion. You have Ming-Chi Kuo saying the iPad Air 2 will be released but production will be delayed for screen reasons. Earlier in the week the WSJ said Apple was planning a 12.9" iPad but was delaying production to leave more screens available for the iPhone 6 plus. These sound like the same device being called two different names to me. Also there is a new rumour on MR just now from Digitimes saying the A8X is specifically for a...
"too long" could apply to the Retina iMac if it does not refer to time, but to non-retina pixels being too physically long.
Things we know: - The current iPad was renamed the iPad Air. If they are being consistent with the Mac, that makes room for a bigger iPad Pro. - The new iPad has an A8X. In the past, X chips have been associated with more graphics power - The new iPad has 2GB RAM - There is an issue manufacturing the screen. The article says it is the anti-reflective coating but that sounds like a small thing. A more likely explanation is that it's a bigger screen and that's what's slowing...
The 27" iMac is the product I most care about out of all these and it sounds like it's not delayed. That screen will just look incredible, like something from the future.
When I got home today there were photos of strangers added to my photo stream by Apple, but I've no right to complain because they were free.   C'mon Apple effectively admitted they went to far, by creating a URL to let you remove it, and now Bono is saying in maybe they went too far. And there are people here who are still defending it (apparently they disagree Apple and Bono).
I don't think the new iPad with have a sticking out camera like the iPhone. The iPad is something you lay flat on a surface more often. And the phone needs the better camera on the principle that it's the one you're most likely to have with you. The iPad will have the best camera it can without sticking out.
If the new iMacs need new drivers, and they have only developed Yosemite drivers, they may have to release it ready or not.
Ah, so it is technically possible at least. Thanks Marvin.
Do people think the Mac Pro might be refreshed at this event (not a total redesign, it's still very new, just a refresh)? Are the next gen of Xeon and FirePro available?
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