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From the trailer it looks like it's 90 minutes of Steve Jobs being picked on by everyone from Woz to his own staff to the blooming fire marshal.   1/10. Don't pick on geniuses.
I run a MBP connected to a 4K monitor and find it works really well. The desktop is nice and retina, and when you want to play a game, it is exact 4:1 scaling for 1080p, which is a resolution a mobile GPU can usually do high settings on.   A 4k 21in (or even 24in) iMac would make a great all round machine I think.
I'm talking about the fact that they have both Control Panel and Settings, and overlapping functionality between them, instead of just one place to go for OS settings (like Apple).  
The rumor is not that they'll go with 8K, it's that they'll use a new type of phosphor that gives better color reproduction.
Sounds exciting. Would be nice if they made a new standalone Mac monitor too. I am using an ASUS monitor with my MBP but would have bought an Apple monitor if they had something newer than the current 2011 version.
I know it's not the point of the article, but imagine making a business deal where you have to sell 2m units per month just to break even. Their margins must be razor thin
The tablet market is shrinking. It is being squeezed on one side by laptops getting lighter and with all day battery life, and on the other side by phones getting bigger screens. Maybe Apple sees the stylus as a way to differentiate tablets again.
I think it looks amazing. It reminds me of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose.
I installed it yesterday. The new Edge browser is noticeably faster than IE. The Mission Control thing works quite well. It's nice to not have ads in the Weather app any more like Windows 8 did. The Windows app store and music and video stores are all integrated in to a single app now just called the Store, same as iTunes on the Mac has them all together.   The worse thing about it is that the tablet-face and the desktop-face are both there side-by-side, for example...
Apple's computers are great and all, my favourite brand, but I don't really understand the appeal of wanting to visit their HQ.
New Posts  All Forums: