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It seems the Apple Watch launch day has been scrubbed. Apparently they were worried that people would see "launch day" and line up outside the stores and there would be no stock for them.
Same as athletes that take steroids I guess, they care more about the adulation than the feeling of having worked for something and earned it fair and square.
The web browser?
I'm sorry I don't actually have one to try.  The thing that surprised me about the Dell 5K inclusion is that Apple says it's supported on the Mac Pro *and* the Retina iMac (but no other Macs). But I thought it needed not only 2 Thunderbolt ports, but 2 Thunderbolt controllers, and only the Mac Pro has that.
 I have performed that test too, and I recommend it to anyone who thinks everyday tasks are no longer CPU-bound in today's world. The test is: browse around the Internet on your iPhone for a while, then tether it to you Mac so that the Mac is accessing the Internet through the celluar connection, and browse the Internet on the Mac. It will be *way* snappier, on the same Internet connection. And another thing to ask yourself, if you believe web browsing can no longer be CPU...
I'm sure the software was far more basic back then too. 
It appears Apple is not censoring the iBooks Store. Most of the top sellers are steamy novels.  
I think you could make the argument that most people don't need an i7, that maybe an i5 or i3 will do. But once you get down to the Core M, 1.2GHz(!), you're gonna notice the loss, even doing light stuff.
Intel has some awesome new NVM Express SSDs for the PC. The 750 Series gets 2400MB/s read and 1200MB/s write. Another change in 10.10.3 is massively improved support for 3rd party 4k monitors. If you look at Apple's 4K support page, they used to list a small set of supported monitors, but now they just say with OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 "most" 4K SST and MST monitors are supported. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT202856 Edit: also, something else I just noticed on the...
I think it's because historically computer games have been considered for children, so they have been more restricted than movies and books. But it's more acceptable for adults to game these days.
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