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It's too gimmicky. If they want to do something with sensors they should make an iPad with a whole bunch of pro sensors (a "Tricorder") for all those Life on iPad people to use.
What about simply iCar?
Yep, that must have been what they were thinking.
"Windows in the Car" - another double meaning? CarPlay is a bit of an unfortunate name, driving is a responible activity, and you shouldn't really call products that go in the car "play."
I watched it as a kid too. For those too young to remember, Airwolf was an 80s TV show about an experimental jet helicopter.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IKeJmhCJBg
Nice choice of music Stringfellow! :)
They act like copying this or that GUI element is a minor thing, but if you think about it, the user interface is the key to a new class of device failing or succeeding. It's not a minor thing at all.
There's also the embarrassment factor. People can sometimes feel silly using a voice interface in public, but talking to your TV in your own home is no problem.
It used to be that when designing a new device you had to check you weren't violating anyone else's patents. Nowadays you almost have to only include things that you can patent. Like bringing patentability in to the design process the same way manufacturability is.
How do you interpret this comment by Steve then, since he came back:"iPhone 4 with better antenna, processor, camera & software to stay ahead of competitors until mid 2012"https://s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipchat.com/9858/564763/EbGR9kXSYfwJJ2X/DX489%20Rev%2003-07-14.pdf It's not "about" the specs, it's about making technology accessible to everybody, but to enable that, you need a certain level of specs. It's powerful CPUs and GPUs that enable more intuitive interfaces. 
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