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Wow, he was really across the details. And to those who think Apple doesn't care about specs, well they might not market that way, but he was interested in keeping up at least.
And that is the correct question to ask in my opinion. You don't start with what size the screen should be, you start with what role the device plays these days and then deduce the screen size from that.
Heh. I guess most investors are not interested in long term fundamentals but in predicting and/or causing short term fluctuations. Everyone wants to get rich quick.
Yes, I just used the term "MP3" to make a point, what the actual codec is is irrelevant. What you perhaps don't know that Apple do in fact keep recordings of all queries sent to Siri for 2 years. This is from their own spokesperson, not a rumour. http://www.wired.com/2013/04/siri-two-years/
The main problem with proportional representation systems is that smaller (wackadoo) parties can get disproportitionate power for the number of votes they actually have. In your example, say the House ends up with 79,999 seats in total, so in order to pass legislation you need 40,000 votes. John and Jane, who represent large mainstream groups might want to pass some sensible legislation, but they are 1 vote short, so Jebediah, who holds only 1 vote (and is wackadoo), can...
That is a well thought out argument. And I agree with the bezel comment, because they really like one-handed operation, and 4" is pretty much the limit for that, so if they are going to go to 4.5" they must be going to reduce the bezel at the same time to allow the thumb to reach further.
I agree it would be hard to be so smooth again. But would they consider making the iPod Touch bigger but not the iPhone? It solves the problem of holding something big up to your face, since it doesn't take calls.
How does he know the people aren't buying the domestic cellphones because they're domestic? Even if they have larger screens, maybe that's not the reason people are buying them, maybe they're just being patriotic.
I agree. The main reason I don't use Siri very often is I don't want Apple having a library of MP3s of my voice.
I do agree they need to allocate more dev resources to OS X, it seems like they only fix critical bugs these days. But overall OS X is a fine product, if you want to see what real bugginess looks like, try using a Linux distro for a week, even one that focuses on stability such as Ubuntu LTS.
New Posts  All Forums: