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It's something to think about though, if Apple wants the latest console games ported to iOS.
If the rumour about the iPad allowing 2 apps side by side is true, I'm sure the new iPad will have 2GB. Even the PS4 and Xbox One come with 8GB these days.
I think calling it "iWear" would emphasize the wearable nature (obviously) but also be a nice little jab at Google Glass.
Notable in the history of computers or the history of man? p.s. ??? = iWear
The word "historic" sounds like hyperbole to me. I can't imagine a tech company (even Apple) announcing anything of historic scale importance. Medical companies could, e.g. cure for cancer. But computer companies? A quantum computer maybe. Or the first AI. But neither of those are going to happen, it will just be a wearable computer.   Maybe in a few years we will all be wearing computers, and look back on this as the start, and that's what they mean by this being an...
Does this mean Siri will get a Boston accent?
According to Wikipedia, Kapton (a word form the second image) is used in flexible printed circuits. So maybe it will be bendy after all? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton
Maybe not 4K movies, but it will have to have some fun stuff on it though. If it's all serious stuff like health monitoring, not sure how well that will go down.
The ability to make very small, very precise, mechanical devices could be very useful in the future world of nanotechnology. i.e. in assembling machines small enough to travel around in the bloodstream. I suspect ten years from now watchmakers will be more in demand than they are today, they just won't be making watches.
If it could receive power wirelessly that would be great, as it could suck some power from your iPhone if it starts running low (assuming you have your iPhone somewhere on your body, or in your bag).
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