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Those are good improvements. People upgrade their devices when their apps get too slow, and games are very demanding apps. I personally believe that more focus on games could solve the iPad slow update cycle and also help the Apple TV to sell more units.
The new remote definitely looks more TV like than previous Apple remotes.
Are we sure it's only the iMacs? I have a 2015 Macbook Pro 15" running El Capitan plugged in to an HP z27s 4k monitor and it says it is receiving a 10-bit signal. When I boot up my Ubuntu box the same monitor display panel says it is receiving an 8-bit signal, so it's not the case that it just says that all the time regardless.
I'm not sure I quite follow. Are you saying that giving the iPad more accurate controls would not increase it's sales, because gamers will game on it anyway ("For a gamer, everything is a gaming device.")? I disagree, I think gamers buy the device that is best suited for playing the kind of games they like, and right now, for many category of game, that is not the iPad. I think Apple could get a boost in Apple TV and iPad sales by doing something as simple as bringing out...
I think the Apple TV will suffer the same fate as the iPad and for the same reason. My theory for why the iPad is declining year after year is that people want to play games on it and (as TotalBiscuit pointed out this week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU9XxsuhSvc), for most categories of game, the touch screen just isn't that great. The reason being that pinpoint accurate controls are really needed for a lot of genre of games and are what makes them fun.   Perhaps...
while (1) {     invade_user_privacy(); // TODO: possible battery drain issue.  }
 I got it from the article above "His supply chain sources indicated the new 12-inch MacBook with Retina display is already Apple's No. 2 most popular product, behind only the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro." But yeah, I haven't seen many in the wild either. Seen massive numbers of Macbook Pros though (as always).
With 4GB RAM and an almost 13" screen, the iPad Pro is the first iPad to seriously infringe on laptop territory. That's fine, but it's also a test. Namely, do people want a bigger iPad or a smaller laptop? It's the (new) Macbook vs. the iPad Pro, best of 10 rounds, ding ding ding!    So it's not self-evident that the iPad Pro will reverse certain iPad trends, it's maybe one of the more daring predictions Kuo has made lately. Especially given that the iPad Pro hasn't even...
In this case Apple should have been able to spot it. From the blog post by the company that found the issue, some of the private method names that were being called were just static strings in the binary. How did Apple not spot the method names of their private APIs when they were just there as plaintext strings? They simply must not have been looking for it.   The blog post also said some of the method names were obfuscated and not decoded until runtime, but even then...
I would feel pretty silly using that table.
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