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But you don't need a new computer to run Windows, you can just install it on your Mac.   If they are serious about poaching Mac users then just offer a free copy of Win 10 to anyone who owns a Mac. Make it a special ISO download that only installs on Macs.
I don't think he's walking back. It's been his position for ages that he wants as many companies to enter the EV market as possible. And also in the past he has called Apple an innovative company with great people.   He is just clarifying his comment on the Apple Watch, that it is the functionality he was criticising, not the design. And notably he didn't "clarify" his implication that Apple couldn't make a better EV than Tesla, so presumably that's still his position.
Here is Apple's support article on how to uninstall the apps. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT205347   It doesn't say which ones they were, but it says to delete the app's configuration profile from Settings > General > Profile. I guess if your iDevice doesn't have anything in this section (or doesn't have the section at all) then it means no apps have installed their own root certs?
He's saying he's glad that Apple is entering the electric car business, because he wants electric cars to take over from gasoline powered cars in general (for the environment's sake). But at the same time he does not think Apple will be able to make better cars than Tesla. There is no contradiction there. The new world of electric cars will have multiple competing companies just like the gasoline car world did, and he thinks no matter how many new guys come along he can...
 It might not just be about city size but about what APIs the city provides. e.g. Sydney has JSON APIs offering timetables and live information:http://www.transportnsw.info/en/about/transport-data-program.page
A great loss to the world.
I've read the entire Ender series and the Bean series. The speaker for the dead concept was one that stuck in my mind too. But it would have to be someone really good at it to make it work, else it could be a disaster.
 I'm sure there are many different ways to implement it, but I was talking about the two essential (yes, I used that word) ways to solve the problem. Content providers (1) give Apple an API or (2) give them the data. If you can think of any solution that doesn't involve one of these two I am willing to hear it.  Yes, they could anonymise the queries, but that doesn't mean there would be no privacy issue. e.g. 1. You are Google. Someone signed in to YouTube does a query for...
 All geniuses are "just men." When people think of geniuses as super-human figures, they're not doing themselves any favours. It prevents them from recognising such people when they actually meet them: "He can't be one, look he has a stomach! Everyone knows geniuses don't need to eat!" Also, perhaps worse (in terms of human achievement), it gives people an excuse not to do great things themselves (e.g. "I wasn't born that way").  But that doesn't mean it's ok to make a...
A key question for me is how it works, because there's essentially two ways they could do it.    Approach One: each content provider provides a query service (e.g. over the web) which they keep up, and whenever a user issues a query, Apple sends it to these services and aggregates the results and presents them to the user. This approach has privacy issues in my opinion, because it means every time you do a search maybe 5 large corporations and 10 or 20 small ones are...
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