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Not necessarily, maybe he is just wearing it to learn from it.
I don't think they would do Intel emulation if they did switch to ARM (as others have said, for speed reasons). The ARM version of OS X would only run apps from the Mac App Store (same as iOS has always done). And the App Store would know to only display apps for download that had an ARM version in their fat binary.
It's nice to see people thinking big. It's people thinking big that often unseats the biggest companies (ironically).
I read yesterday that Google is working with SpaceX to launch thousands of little Internet satellites in to orbit. How much more attractive would Android products be if they came with free connectivity? This is the sort of thing where you want innovation on the radio/networking side, not trying to make your own baseband chip.
They finally found a way to make 1UPT work. Use ships, and it's space so no terrain around that the AI can't handle.
The use of art inside the stores, and the poem on this new Chinese store, were both very classy moves. I'm starting to like Angela Ahrendts' work.
Well, I certainly share your frustration that Samsung has gotten away with it to the extent they have.
Wow, some controversial recommendations there! Apple should stop being the good guy and just steal IP like certain other big tech giants? But I would question the idea that Apple should even try to make their own baseband chip (honestly or dishonestly). Those of us who have been Apple fans for a while remember past wireless problems in Macs and the iPhone 4. Also, even without that, networking is all standards anyway, so there's not really much room to get ahead.
Steady on. A couple of years in prison is enough punishment for stealing a few phones.
I bought a jersey from a department store once, and the checkout girl left the security device on but I didn't notice until I got home (don't know why the shop door didn't beep). Not wanting to go all the way back to have the tag removed I Googled to see if I could remove it myself. There are *entire forums* where people just discuss shoplifting and how to get around the latest security devices, and what the search policies of the guards are at particular stores etc. A...
New Posts  All Forums: