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The iPad sure it catching up with desktop computers faster than I thought it would.
Yep, that's what I thought the main problem with minefields would be: denying valuable land, not so much people consciously trying to walk through one.
Do people (even uneducated people in Africa) ever try to walk through minefields? Wouldn't the locals just know there are mines in that area, and everyone keeps away from it.
I don't think the Halo Effect is the only explanation. Another one is that the PC market in general is not shrinking, it's specifically the low-cost PC market that is shrinking (being displaced by tablets). So the Mac is not escaping the shrinking of it's market, because it's not in the low-cost PC market in the first place. And since it's not escaping anything, there's no need to hypothesize Halo Effects and such to explain why it is escaping.
I think Bill Gates, and other people who underestimated the iPad, underestimated the importance of mobility in opening up new applications for computers. Apple's Life on iPad videos show this. I wonder if people who are underestimating the impact of a wristwatch computer are making the same mistake?
A Schodinger's Cat, disconnected from reality, in a state of writing and wronging at the same time... a modern day Shakespearean insult.
What these companies really want is to lock customers in, right?    On the desktop, software applications are for serious work and very expensive, meaning that people will tend to get locked in to a particular OS. So being an OS vendor is how to lock people in to you on that platform.    But that won't work on tablets. The App Store has made software very cheap: less than $5 or free, so being an OS vendor is not the plum position on tablets that it is on desktops, from...
Yes, the iPad is the better dev platform, and more likely to be used by serious people.    But also, strategically, if Nadella is a cloud guy and wants to take Microsoft in that direction, he may view Google as Microsoft's new biggest enemy, since Google is king of the cloud.
I saw one of these monitors yesterday in the Sydney Apple Store. The staff had hooked it up with an HDMI cable instead of DisplayPort so it was only running at 30Hz (not the best way to advertise your products) but still - the screen was massive with a beautiful quality image. I haven't seen OS X in such glory since the days of the 30" Cinema Display (of which I had one).
They should have charged something small (e.g. $1.99) just for the basic viewer! With all the iPad users it would have added up to millions.
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