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Elon Musk discussing rumours of Apple acquiring Tesla last year:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fenS5N6vOF8
I think the correct time to make a new programming language is when there has been some major advancement in theory. For example when OO was invented, the correct thing to do was go from C to Objective-C. And if, in a few years, Quantum-Oriented programming (made up name) is invented, Apple should go to Quantum-C.    In between these major advancements, the last major language should be advanced as smaller theoretical advances are made. e.g. Objective-C 1.1 gets...
A device that's permanently touching your body (such as a watch) could measure your body for health reasons but also for user interface reasons, i.e. detecting tiny movements you make as UI gestures.   The person who mentioned smart apparel, that would explain the hiring of Ahrendts in an even deeper sense. Sensors in your clothes in a Bluetooth network with your wristwatch.
It was a lot smoother than the last one, fewer awkward pauses. Maybe you had a video linkup this time so you could see when each other had finished speaking.    With the advent of UXKit, it seems they want Mac apps to not be entirely separately written apps from the iPad versions, but basically the same app with a few extra options here and there that are made possible by the more powerful CPU and extra memory. Time will tell whether that is successful or whether it just...
Someone who sees mankind living on mars and shifting to sustainable energy, and then actually tries to make it happen. How can that not be a visionary?
As much as I love Apple, given the choice I would rather work for Tesla or SpaceX. They are companies created and run by a visionary. Tim Cook is running someone else's company, very well, but still it's not the same.
How pro is it, does it have any Aperture features?
Finally a judge that knows blatant copying when he sees it. If only Apple could have had him in the Samsung case.
If the street view images can be post-processed to read shop names from signs, that could help with searching. It could also have a database of known corporate logos to look for.
I don't think street view is a gimmick. If you have to go to a building you haven't been to before, it can be good to know what it looks like.   When we start seeing people walking around shopping malls with 12 cameras hanging off their bodies, we will know indoor mapping has started.   Some people are saying it's a mapping car and others are saying it's a driverless car. In a few years, why not both? Mapping drones will just become a fact of life.
New Posts  All Forums: