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I don't know if it's going to be awesome or not, will have to wait and see for that. But I do agree that the most obvious explanation for the price increase it's that the next Apple TV is going to be a game console not just a set top box. Watch out Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, a fourth player is coming.
Good point, I often get more lost in books than computer games. But I still think toys are noticeably better these days!
Oh dear. I'm usually pretty good about saving, but I think there might be some exceptions in my future when these new Star Wars toys start becoming available. They can make action figures a lot more realistically now than when I was a kid.
Thanks to Apple insisting on web standards with Safari/iOS, and refusing to support Flash and Java, the web is a lot more standardized than it used to be. In terms of how pages render, it doesn't really matter any more what browser you use.   I just use whatever's bundled with the OS: Safari on my Mac, Firefox on Ubuntu, Edge on Windows. That way you're sure to get security updates.
I don't think cross vendor search will *necessarily* be a big deal, it depends on how people use their Apple TV. If they use it like YouTube where you sit down and watch lots of little 3 minute videos, browsing and searching, then it could be a big deal. But if it's like traditional TV where you have your 5 favorite shows, and you watch the same shows every week, then you'll only use search once during device setup, and it won't really matter if it's awesome or just...
Is the data associated with individuals, or is it aggregated/anonymized? I guess it would depend on the experiment. I think the company Theranos has some good ideas. Their basic premise is that medical breakthroughs are not needed to cure a lot of things, just earlier detection. But people don't get tested frequently enough because you need to go to a mean nasty hospital and have several viles of blood taken. So they have reengineered many common blood tests so they can...
I guess I was assuming that highendedness presupposed exclusivity, i.e. to be high end at all, a product can't be available to everyone. But maybe that's not correct. If highendedness simply means "the best" and, due to the nature of the product, a lot of expense is not required to make the best, then a product can be both high-end and low-end at the same time (minus the gold unibody). Let's see if Apple can pull it off.
C'mon it's obvious they copied. You have to go through the motions for legal reasons, but enough is enough. Can't judge Koh just find her common sense, fine Samsung a metric f ton of money, then all parties can move on and get back to inventing the next generation of technologies.
It is a good idea to use people's mobile phones to gather data for medical experiments. Compare this with Google whose first thought is gathering people's info for advertising. I read an article today (on Ars) about a group of people who are going through past scientific papers and trying to reproduce the results. About half could not be reproduced. This makes me think scientists need better data (e.g. ResearchKit) and less ego (that part is up to them).
 But isn't a high-end fashion image mutually exclusive with a PC World gadget image? How can they hope to do both? Maybe those fashion contracts, which were their initial approach, were made months in advance and we are just seeing their completion, but Apple has already changed strategy. Only time will tell.
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