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If a thing worn on your wrist has NFC, then you could indicate to it that you want to pay for something by shaking hands with the shop keeper.
I hope not. Given that Intel have just let them down on Broadwell, it might not be a good idea to put GPU advancements in their hands too. If they want to go the single chip, low power route then just go all the way and switch the Mac to ARM.
Yes, you're right, I believe the process was put in some kind of suspended state, but not actually killed. Well the auto suspend seems to be gone now, until they're still doing it, just not making the glowing bubble disappear any more.
Hopefully the 850M will be available as BTO. It's only 3% slower than two 750Ms in SLI, a major upgrade. http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-850M.107795.0.html
A few versions of OS X ago they added a thing where certain apps (e.g. Preview, Quicktime Player) would automatically quit if they had no open windows. This seems to be gone now, they don't quit unless you command-Q them.
I don't know why they don't just put their prices up a little bit. On $20bn in sales it wouldn't take much of a percentage increase to cover a few hundred million in losses.
I would like to post an update to this review.    After using the monitor for a little over a month I am no longer happy with it and have gone back to my old 1080p HP monitor. Despite the extra resolution, the colours of the TN panel are just not equal to what I am used to from the older IPS monitor. Also there is an odd flickering that happens every one in a while (it appears to lose signal/sync for a split second). And the flimsiness of the stand is quite noticeable....
Nearly every 4K monitor I have seen supports 4K @ 60Hz over DisplayPort 1.2.  4K monitors with DisplayPort 1.2:ASUS PB287QASUS PQ321QDell P281QDell UP3214QDell UP2114QPhilips 288P6LJEBSamsung U28D590DSharp PN-K321 And Thunderbolt 2 is 100% compatible with DisplayPort 1.2. Just plug a mini-Displayport to DisplayPort cable from your Thunderbolt 2 port to your 4K monitor and away you go. So I don't know what you mean by "Without HDMI 2.0 you are limited to 30 FPS" and "I've...
+1 I thought the Amazon Hachette bullying made this statement by the judge particularly tin eared. I don't think the judge is in the back pocket of Amazon or anything (that's pretty paranoid) but she definitely is not seeing the big picture.
I wonder who was the first person in history to figure out that if you make a pretty building and fill it with pretty things, people will start giving you their money. At least we now know it works on the Chinese too.
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