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But the new upstart *has* to be a lot better than the incumbent.
 Is being guarded by this: 
Having a good mapping service is probably criticial in getting car makers interested in CarPlay. If that's a managerial priority maybe the indoor maps can wait.
Being able to use multiple programs at once, each having it's own Window, and being able to copy and paste between them was a genius idea in it's time and is still the best way to work with multiple programs. A lot of tasks that people need to do require multiple programs. It's even optimal in some cases to have programs that do one task and do it well, and an operating system that facilitates interaction between programs, instead of trying to have one Swiss army knife...
I guess they don't have metal detectors at the borders over there.
 In the Terminator movies the AI took over automated nuke launch systems. Automated military systems in general would be another thing to worry about along with transport systems. I agree that humans can hack such systems too, so we already face that danger. But separately, if AIs became a threat, could we hack software written by them? No way to know, it could be programmed so perfectly so as not to have security vulnerabilities. So I wouldn't count on computer hacking as...
The difference between this watch and the Apple Watch is that the Apple Watch is a full computer (albeit a relatively underpowered one) with a full operating system, and this is more of a fixed function device. In the long term the former will beat the later because it can adapt at the speed of software updates instead of hardware updates.
There is a city near my city that is right on the boundary of being too close for a flight but too far away to drive. I have done both and it just feels suboptimal whatever you choose. A hyperloop would be perfect.   People think the AI apocalypse is far-fetched because they think evil genius robots taking over the world is far fetched, and they're right. But that's not what the AI people are warning about.    What they are warning about is the danger of writing a very...
Hmm... they could implement objc_msgSend() in hardware.
The article mentioned that extra cooling room could allow Apple to clock the ARM chips higher... Which raises the question of how high they can go. Intel chips seem to max out at about 4GHz (at least on the Mac, custom PC builders get them higher). If Apple's ARM chips are actually capable of faster than 4GHz, might that change the equation?   One potential additional barrier I would add is GPUs. Are the normal Nvidia and AMD GPUs compatible with ARM or do they have to...
New Posts  All Forums: