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The Macbook Pro (arguably the most popular Mac) is 16:10 (2880/1800 = 1.6 = 16/10)
 An efficiency/productivity gain just frees up resources. Some process that used to cost $200 now costs $100, so the company now has $100 to spend on something else. It's up to management to decide what. A pay increase for workers and/or management, back to the shareholders, into R&D? What would make them choose a pay increase for low skilled workers is if they can't hire enough of the kind of worker they need at the wages they're currently offering. And I don't think...
A decent documentary is a really good idea actually. I just watched a documentary about Benjamin Franklin this afternoon and it was as entertaining as any movie.
So, I just bought one of these. I got the base model because the main thing I wanted it for was the screen, and that is the same on all models. I wasn't concerned about getting an updated CPU or GPU because I have a separate PC for gaming or long running compute jobs.   And, wow, what a screen. No dead pixels which is good, but I asked the guy at the Apple Store if I could return it if there were any, and he said yes. Photos look amazing but I've actually taken to using...
Yes, it's a price signal to young people about which industry they should try to get in to. "Where society needs them"
 Yes, that's true. You can't increase people's standard of living by increasing their pay, because if there's still the same number of goods in the economy, the prices of them will just be bid up until everyone has the same amount of stuff they always had. The only way to really/physically increase people's standing of living is to increase the number of goods in the economy. That means becoming more efficient at making goods. When Tim Cook makes Apple more efficient, such...
The A9 so quickly?
The X-Wings look like they're on some kind of forested planet (Endor?) and the guy with the red lightsaber is somewhere cold (Hoth?)
Since the Midichlorians came up in the prequels, which was the past, they could say it was just a false scientific understanding people had at the time.
It's quite a scary trailer in some ways. The original movies were more about the Rebels vs the Empire, with the Force just a background thing, but the Force seems to be the main thing here, which is something I more associate with the prequels.
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