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When they were a small company it was easy to ignore the additional money that could come from ads. But now that they are huge, they have a large customer base and advertisers would pay a lot for access to that. Over time we will see Apple's principles crumble and they will give away more and more of their customer's privacy.
Government is good because law and order is good. Vital to civilisation and progress in fact. But yeah I agree they don't need to be involved in telecommunications.
If they are "selling audiences" then they must be profiling you. It says they are doing it through iTunes. There is a checkbox in iTunes Preferences to "limit ad tracking" but I don't know how far it goes.
When you're making a product with 100 parts, if only one of those parts is not delivered on time the whole production line stops. You have to be strict and only deal with people who don't over-promise and can in fact deliver.
Freemium, the "mium" is Latin for "not really"   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5OxlIucd_0
Presumably they wouldn't have dropped it if they thought they could make a profit on it. It must be marginal, some studios think they can, others think they can't. 
Now that it's 64-bit, I wonder if they will put it on the Mac App Store?
I run Chrome (well, Chromium) on my Linux partition, but Safari on the Mac. The Yosemite Safari is quite a bit faster than Mavericks. If you do a lot of web browsing it's almost worth the OS upgrade just for the new browser.
 This table of transistor counts shows a Sandy Bridge quad core i7 with GPU having 1.16bn transistors, while the latest A8X tri-core has 3bn (but a much better GPU). So while ARM is more efficient than x86 architecture in terms of transistors (and therefore power) for CPU cores, the CPU transistor numbers are dwarfed (these days, not initially) by the GPU and cache memory anyway. The reason ARM took off was their low power, but also because all these mobile devices use...
Intel will close the gap eventually. Chip design is not magic and they are not stupid. And while they're playing catch up, they have to keep an x86 ecosystem alive in that space, hence the subsidies.
New Posts  All Forums: