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Crickets chirping?
Haha, I like the humourous approach. The Magsafe re-enactment at the 7 minute mark was funny. And the sarcasm about joining all the adaptors together is probably justified, though in reality someone would use a hub.    It's interesting about the power supply supporting dual voltage output, I haven't heard any other sites mention that. It does point to USB-C in other future Apple devices.
30" iMac?
Ha! That little Opera browser is hilarious. I can't believe they actually programmed that. I think you're right that smartwatches are a phone accessory - for now. But in the medium term I still think they will replace the phone outright. I don't see an inability to do web browsing as a barrier, since all the popular sites will make apps. Gaming? Well I think in 5 years cars will be autonomous and people will game in their car as it drives them around. Also in-home gaming...
I expect the reception to be only lukewarm. But regardless, as the article says, it was the right move for the long term, because in the long term wearables will take over from pocket phones.
The Swiss are a rich and hi-tech people, it's not a market you want to miss out on.
Ok, well, neither of us made that claim then.
I didn't make that claim, it was anantksundaram who said he didn't recall any past videos. I just made the claim that past iDevices were intuitive enough not to need videos, without asserting anything about whether such videos existed or not.
They also help to explain just what the device is *for* I think, which is perhaps not yet widely understood.
This was how I bought my iPad mini retina. It wasn't launch day, but it was still the period where supply was so constrained you had to reserve a unit online before going in to the store to pick it up. It wasn't a great experience because they didn't have a dedicated sales assistant dealing with all the people coming in to pick up their reserved units. So it ended up a small group of us there milling around waiting for sales assistants to become available, who were of...
New Posts  All Forums: