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I was hoping to buy it from the Mac App Store. Also why isn't Skype on the Mac App Store?
Yes, exactly.
But Apple also goes for the high end of markets they enter (to begin with anyway), so if Tesla is making money in that segment, it should at least be possible for Apple to. 
Elon Musk has said that if all Telsa were doing was making Model S and selling it, they would be making a profit, it's only because they are investing so much in capacity expansion and R&D for the Model 3 that they are making a loss overall. So it is possible to make money selling electric cars.   Maybe if GM aren't making any money, it's more to do with the particular models they have designed, rather than anything inherently unprofitable about electric cars.
I don't run an ad-blocker and never have. I think asking me to consider this product or that is a small price to pay for free reading material. There's nothing wrong with people simply asking you to consider their product after all. However, that's not all the advertisers ask of you these days. They also track you, and that poisons the well for me. It changes my opinion of online ads from something that, while annoying at times, is essentially benign, to something more...
With this feature the iPad gets it's first window, and with iCloud Drive it gets a user visible filesystem (albeit a remote one). It's becoming a fully fledged computer.   Though, like DED has said in some of the AI podcasts, when I am using my Mac I usually have a lot of things open and going on at once (at the moment 6 programs all open and visible at once), more than just the 2 + a video supported by the iPad. So I would feel a bit cramped on an iPad still.
I am getting it too, but no fix.
If they claim to be political refugees, take them at their word. That is, offer them a temporary visa that is only valid until things calm down in their home country, at which point they must leave. Real political refugees would be happy with such conditions, but economic refugees would not and would go elsewhere looking for permanent residency.
Yes, you are right, it's not just a colour but an actual alloy. They make it by mixing copper with the gold. Well you learn something new every day.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colored_gold#Rose.2C_red.2C_and_pink_gold
Why is it called Rose Gold? I can see why it would be called rose coloured, or even "light pink," but where is the gold?
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