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 But isn't a high-end fashion image mutually exclusive with a PC World gadget image? How can they hope to do both? Maybe those fashion contracts, which were their initial approach, were made months in advance and we are just seeing their completion, but Apple has already changed strategy. Only time will tell.
I don't know if it's sales related or something else, but it does seem like a change of direction. I suspect it's more to do with the reception the fashion world has given it. Apple tried to convince the fashionista that it was an fashion accessory not a gadget, they had Christy Turlington Burns and all those high end fashion magazine shoots, and gave a special preview to Anna Wintour. But perhaps despite it all those people are not convinced, meaning it would be a waste...
So much for the Watch being a piece of jewellery that you make a special appointment to try on, part of Apple's transition to a luxury brand. These stores are your usual high street electronics retailers where you buy TVs and $300 HP computers from.
Maybe El Capitan will be released at the event? The betas have been getting closer together.
Won't they call it the iPad Plus, to match the naming of the larger phone?
Markets in Asia lost 4-5% on Monday. If the US follows suit, Apple should end up just under $100.
 I'm not sure whose projection you're using there. The latest UN medium projection has population reaching 11.2 billion by 2100 (currently 7.3 billion), at which point the fertility rate drops below 2.1 (the replacement rate). "In the medium-variant projection, global fertility declines from 2.5 children per women in 2010-2015 to 2.25 children per women in 2045-2050 and 2.0 children per women in...
Gold does have value over and above being a medium of exchange. It has the chemical property of not reacting with air or water, meaning that it stays shiny all by itself, indefinitely. That makes it excellent for making jewellery out of. As long as people are vain gold will be popular. Maybe once world population peaks and then starts to fall it's price will fall.
 Yep, any country with over a billion people is surely going to be a net importer of food and raw materials. Even given economic cycles, with China and India both coming out of poverty, it mustn't be a bad time to be a farmer and/or miner in the west.   Good point about Steve. I think his gift was the ability to see the potential in new technologies. That is, he didn't come up with ideas for new products out of thin air, he would e.g. see a half-working touch screen on a...
Apple might sell a lot of stuff in China but, in general, the US is a net importer from China isn't it? All those products in Walmart?    So I don't think a recession in China need cause a big worry for the US. It will cause a worry for Canada and Australia and other countries that sell a lot of iron, gold and other resources to China. I was watching a documentary yesterday about the Bordeaux region in France that sells nearly all their wine to China now. Wouldn't want...
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