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Yes, there would be a lot of expectation. And management would have to give him a lot of creative control like Steve Jobs did to Jony Ive and Tim Cook has let continue. I don't know the Samsung management, if they're capable of that, or are the kind who all want to add their own 2c to the design.
On the plus side, if they did switch to ARM, we might get another "no new features" performance focussed release of OS X.
Yep, I actually think C is quite a clean, simple language. C++ is a beast. Swift is actually a little over-complicated too in my opinion.
iBooks is my favourite iOS app. My iPad Air is basically a glorified Kindle :) I would like to see them sell iBooks DRM free at some point. They led the way on removing DRM from music, and books are arguably even more important for humanity.
Trying to hire a really good designer is a good move for them though.
 Well, I don't think it's valid for you to criticize the USA for racism. I mean, racism is an individual decision so it just doesn't make sense to criticize a nation for it. Unless of course the national government is deliberately running a racial superiority agenda, but I don't see that here. And saying "There are X million people in prison, isn't that bad," also doesn't make sense. It could be good or bad, depending on whether the laws they were convicted under were just...
Why do you hate the USA so much? They're ok. If it's human rights you care about there are countries with far worse records you could be criticizing.
"Apple may shun Intel for custom A-series chips in new Macs within 1-2 years"     Shunned... by the ARMish?
Yep, there's always opportunity costs, that's the point. And it means that to know the best use for some money, you have to take in to account all the other things that could potentially be done with it, and can't just say outright that giving it to the bus driver is best.
 What about the opportunity cost though? Whenever you divert resources from one thing to another there is an opportunity cost... e.g. Say Apple didn't pay extra to the bus driver, they gave it to the cook in the cafetaria instead, who just happens to have a genius daughter, who the mother then puts through university with the extra money, and the daughter cures cancer. Or e.g. maybe there is a guy who has a really good idea for a new restaurant chain but he can't get a...
New Posts  All Forums: