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It's too bad that Apple don't have their own ability to mass produce microchips.
 I don't see how that follows. Free will is a process of initiation, if you are initiating the queries you are still in control. The query results are just information to consider, they don't take control of you by their mere presence.
 That's not a very good analogy. There's pleasure in eating food, but unless you really like Google's web interface, there's not much pleasure in using that vs a more direct alternative.
I'm looking forward to becoming a cyborg. Having my brain plugged in to the Internet, and being able to query the problem I'm working on against the body of human knowledge, would be a tremendous help. You can kind of do that with Google already, but something more integrated with out thought processes would be better. So instead of having to stop thinking, query, and start thinking again, it would just be seamless.
Apple is being more conservative with their wearables. Even if some people don't wear watches today, there is at least an historical precedent for wearing them, and there isn't with goggles.   But another point is that Apple sells devices to consumers and Microsoft targets business, and in the workplace if everyone is wearing goggles at their desk, there won't be the social pressure that you look like an idiot, like there might be on the street, where Apple is selling...
That's right. What someone gets paid is not a moral judgment on how good of a person they are, or how much they contribute to society, it's just the balance of supply and demand. Supply of people like them vs demand for people like them, and there are more big companies than people who are actually capable of running big companies. So they get paid a lot, no need to get upset about it. If companies were prevented from getting above a certain size, there would be a lot more...
Good on her! I hope she gets to Le Mans. Sad about her collarbone.
 Almost-as-good will win out in the short term because currently mobile and desktop are both just games on a screen. But once VR kicks in, it won't be safe to be out and about while in virtual reality, so you will have to game at home, and that's when the swing back will happen.
A nice overview, with an impressive timespan going all the way back to the Amiga 500.   AMD provide the GPUs for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, so they're not going anywhere. And Nvidia is favored by PC owners which, due to sheer computing power, is still the best experience for game lovers. "PC Master Race" as they say. So Nvidia aren't going anywhere either. Unless gaming goes fully mobile of course.   But I think the future holds a bifurcation, with mobile...
For $458,000? Mars?
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