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I disagree that the theory of computer science is necessarily less interesting than concrete app development. I think for the smart students, dealing with the abstract ideas would be more arresting than writing one particular app for one particular platform. But I agree that the way education is done is in need of an overhaul, and iTunes U in general is a good idea. I guess the whole benefit of iTunes U is that it doesn't have to be one size fits all any more.
I think it's important to first teach the concepts of computer science apart from any toolset. Then the student will have a clear separation in their mind between the science, and any particular vendor tools. If I was teaching high school CS I probably wouldn't use Apple tools, I would use a plain open-source text editor, and a teaching-oriented procedural programming language.
It lets every button have two functions, one where you soft press and one where you hard press. Whether you want to do that or not depends on whether it would result in an intuitive GUI of course, e.g. a fast-forward button where a soft press goes forward at 2x speed and a hard press goes forwards at 4x speed would be quite intuitive.
I thought Boys Don't Cry was a good (though shocking) movie. I saw Philadelphia years ago but can't really remember it. Haven't seen any of the others shown.
They are not disabling it completely. They are just making it that any URLs you intend to try at runtime have to be declared in your app's main config file (Info.plist). So apps that are using canOpenURL as intended, to hand off documents to a few other related apps, will still be able to do so. But apps that have a massive list of thousands of URL schemes in their app, and are just trying them all to see what you have installed, well to keep doing that they will also have...
Well, reading her job description above, it sounds more like a cabinet portfolio than a corporate vice president to me.
Climate change, education, social initiatives and policy - is Apple a technology company or a political party?
In some jurisdictions if you sue someone and lose you automatically have to pay their legal costs.
Oh, you are right. I guess not all Japanese style is minimalistic.
Look at the difference between Hello Kitty and Lucky Cat above. It seems almost impossible to design a product that both the Chinese and Japanese would like.   I guess the solution is to make something that's physically just a blank slate and then change the software.
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