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I've been using iTunes 12 and it feels like they're trying to blur the distinction between what's in your library and what's on the store. I wonder if it's a stepping stone to going to a streaming model for content? Either that or they are grouping store movies with your movies under one tab, store music with your music under one tab, etc, as a stepping stone to separating each tab in to it's own app like iOS has. Either way it seems like they are trying to head somewhere,...
Wow, there are 17K users using pirated Photoshop or other apps? That surprises me, software isn't that expensive these days. 10 years ago there was a lot of app piracy but I thought these days not so much.
Is there is a 5K iMac on offer it will probably be expensive, but just imagine how it will look at the store next to the other brand computers. That gorgeous thin aluminium case with a 14 million pixel monitor. It will blow away everything else on the shelf, make them look out of date. And with the Beats acquisition, I wonder if the new iMac will have Beats speakers?   Edit: HP all in ones already have Beats speakers      
The analysis never depended on the 12 month figure in the first place, just the fact of Mac and iPad update frequency being closer than that iPhone and iPad (which I stand by). People are more vein about their phones than their computers and tablets.
That's true, most contracts are 24 months. But it's still true that phones are upgraded more frequently than tablets and computers in general.
Wow, an old lawsuit. Apple hasn't used DRM on music for ages. Even back then iPods could play MP3s, so those other services could have sold music to people with iPods. I would prefer that Apple didn't use DRM on movies or books today (especially books) but I recognise the right of content owners to set the terms by which people consume their content. It should be legal for content producers to use DRM if they want, and then in terms of removing it, that's up to customer...
It's interesting that they now put the iPad and iMac together in an event, with the iPhone separate. Their phone is something people upgrade nearly every year, but their computer or tablet is something they only upgrade every few years. In terms of form factor you'd think the iPhone and iPad belong together, but in other aspects the iPad best fits with the Mac.
Yep, the dialog where you enter a password for a disk image looks different too.
Thanks for that info. I have downloaded it but won't have time to take a proper look until Tuesday. I was one of the suckers who paid full price for Windows 8, so hopefully their will be an upgrade discount for me.
With their new payment system coming out, Apple needs more than ever for people to trust their platforms. The current safe reputation of the Mac has to stay. I think it's time they took the step of making Macs only run software from the App Store.   It would reduce the number of security incidents (because even if the user enters their password the computer still wouldn't run software not signed by Apple). Also it would force certain Mac software companies such as Panic...
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