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Oh, you are right. I guess not all Japanese style is minimalistic.
Look at the difference between Hello Kitty and Lucky Cat above. It seems almost impossible to design a product that both the Chinese and Japanese would like.   I guess the solution is to make something that's physically just a blank slate and then change the software.
Do we know what Apple's formula is for streaming payouts?
Taking it one step further, it they are in the hole $21 for each customer at the end of the 3 month trial, and Apple only get $3 of the $10 monthly subscription for themselves, then each customer will have to be a paying customer for 7 months after their trial before Apple even breaks even on them.
I think it's the right thing to do, I'm glad they changed direction. I predicted on this board yesterday that they would.   If it's $10/mo and 70% of that goes to the artist, and Apple are now subsidising 3 months free for everyone, does that mean every new signup will now cost them $21?
I don't think the screen is too small for vidchat. A lot of people carry around photos of their loved ones in their wallets that are not much bigger than that. It's too small for video in general, but just for a head/face it's ok.  As for your arm getting tired, I don't think people would even try standing there holding their arm up to their face and talking to it (for that very reason). They would find somewhere to sit or slouch down rest their arm on their lap or...
 Yes. It's one thing to use your size to drive a hard bargain with an electronics supplier in the Far East, but quite another to try the same thing with American pop singers. Unlike the electronics supplier, the pop singers are popular in their own right and can take your tough contract to the court of public opinion. So let's see what happens next. Lately, when Apple has started to get bad publicity about this issue or that, they have changed course more often than not.
 What if the digital crown slid out about 1cm and there was a camera on the side of it, and you push it back in to end the call? Since the camera is hidden inside in normal usage, it doesn't effect the aesthetic and also might address the Glass-like privacy concern.
I think she might hate, hate, hate, hate, hate streaming.
They should at least have got back to the researchers, one way or the other.
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