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A list of fixed vulnerabilities is indeed a sign that a system is getting safer. But it's also telling that 3 years after the OS X sandbox came out (Lion was RTM in July 2011), they are still fixing issues (10.9.4 is only a few days old). The Plugins framework constitutes a whole new attack surface that will have to go through it's own period of breaking in. And it's an attack surface that includes things such as photos, and the keyboard itself. Where I'm coming from is my...
After past experience with browser plugins causing security problems, should we or should we not extend plugins to other bundled apps? Something as personal as the Photos app, or something as critical as the keyboard?   There is no way I would trust something as critical as my keyboard to a third party, even one on the App Store. Do you know how much it costs to sell apps on there? Only $100/year. And if you're giving them away free you don't have to provide official...
I think you can admire the achievements of others, and you can love your country, but pride should be reserved for things you have done yourself. That's not to be narrow, it's because the feeling you get when you achieve a goal of your own is different enough from those other feelings to deserve it's own name.
I wonder if it will be written in Swift or ObjC?
14nm - nice! The current A7 is 28nm.
iTunes U is ok, they can't do everything at once. I like Coursera myself.
I don't think being homosexual (or heterosexual for that matter) is something to be proud of. Pride is when you set yourself a difficult (but achievable) goal and then work hard, have self discipline, and finally, after much effort, achieve it. That feeling you get then is pride. What they are talking about is more being "Unashamed" or "Guilt free" which is not the same concept. 
Couldn't they have used digital effects to replace the iOS 6 screenshots with iOS 7?
It's a good point that you'd only use it where it best fits, such as surfaces that have to be crystal clear, like camera lenses and fingerprint scanners.  But it's hard to know whether the factories are just for more of the same without knowing numbers. Maybe there is something else they are going to make that also has to be crystal clear see through, that is not a camera lens or fingerprint scanner (or screen). Medical devices often require extremely good quality parts.
If it was only about cloud synchronization, Apple could have modified the back end of both iPhoto and Aperture to use PhotoKit. Having two separate programs on one computer using the same photo library in the cloud would be no different (from the cloud's point of view) as two completely separate devices accessing the cloud at the same time. If it was about the cloud *and* about making iOS and OS X more consistent, they could have done the above (given both apps a cloud...
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