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How can it not have a fan, it's not ARM based is it? Or maybe if you take the most efficient Intel chip there is, and cover it with copper heat pipes, you just simply don't need a fan. OS X is 64-bit, and they have just release a 64-bit ARM chip in the 5S...
Steam needs this. There are so many indie games on there nowadays it is hard to find the AAA games.
To me a leader is someone who inspires people to follow them.    I believe in technology and it's power to make people's lives better, to lift us out of the caves and the muck. I also like originality. That is the kind of person who inspires me, and I think Steve Jobs believed that about technology too, and was also highly original. But I wouldn't say the same about the current CEO of Apple. But the author of that piece obviously holds differing values.
I have been a professional software developer for 18 years. I have worked with men, women, Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Russians, Polish, French, British, Irish, South African, Turkish, Iranian, Dutch and 2 lesbians (Lol, that's not a joke, it's literally true).   It is such a diverse profession, that even if people start out racist they surely lose it pretty quickly. So whatever the reason for the small number of black people, I'd be surprised if it was racism. That...
I agree. My hope is that subvocalisation technology will be developed, and you will wear some kind of a choker and subvocalise to it.
The usual calendar/messaging stuff isn't too exciting. But I like the idea of augmented reality without the goggles, i.e. you are walking past an historic building and you look down at your watch and it's already telling you the history of it, without even having to do a query. The thing to be careful of with these kind of devices, is that they don't start nagging the user. With one that was centred around health for example, there is a danger of that.
I like the styling of it. The main thing that spoils the illusion with these headsets is latency isn't it? I thought the Rift guys were the only ones making big strides in this area?
I think they are just trying to increase the price differential between the two.   e.g. In Australia a 32GB 5c is the same price as a 16GB 5s! Who on earth would buy the c? Someone who values a colourful case over the technical features of the 5s must have been Apple's original thinking. Except then they released the 5S in gold, and all the  less technical people who might have gone with a 5c just for colour instantly wanted the gold.
Interesting that they haven't tried to pull an "iPhone 5C" with the iPad, just selling older ones instead.
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