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There doesn't seem to be any USB-C to Thunderbolt adaptor (maybe it's not technically possible) so maybe so.
I work in tech and there aren't many women, but I don't think it's because of discrimination. Most of the guys I work with are nice nerdy guys and whenever the rare women comes around she is made to feel welcome.    I think it's because engineers in general have a low social status (unlike say, doctors or movie stars) and women are more sensitive to their social status than men. It's not some kind of biological preference against engineering. Yes, little boys and girls...
It would have been less confusing if, instead of calling them Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition, they'd just called them Apple Watch Aluminum, Apple Watch Steel, and Apple Watch Gold. Those extra names just add more cognitive elements to the mix without adding any additional information.
Actually there's an 11", a 12" and 3 different 13" models (Macbook Air 13", Macbook Pro 13" and Macbook Pro Retina 13"). I personally think 15" is the sweet spot for laptops. Looking forward to the Macbook Pro 15" getting some of the features announced today, but hopefully not the Atom processor.
When you buy it on the Apple Store online, it's just like buying an iOS device. You choose your color and storage and that's it.
I'm sure a 15" version will be coming too.
Very nice. I wonder how OS X will perform on the Atom processor?
If they have made some kind of Gold alloy, I'm sure there'll be a Jony Ive video about it in a few hours.
I hope to get some more information on the Watch's OS, i.e. is it a cut down version of iOS, same as iOS is a cut down version of OS X, or is it the full/same iOS as you get on an iPhone?   And even though the Watch will be the focus of the event, I hope they do some Mac updates first. Maybe a new Macbook Air/Pro, or the release of 10.10.3 with Photos app.
I don't mind paying movie ticket prices to rent a movie on iTunes if it comes out at the same time as the theatre. Once it leaves the theatre the price should drop down to a more typical video rental kind of price.
New Posts  All Forums: