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Windows 10 has this feature called Universal Apps where you can download a single app that will run on your phone, tablet or computer. I think Apple will introduce something similar at WWDC.
Apple sure picks primo locations for their stores. Here is everything you need to do to become mayor of the City of London (for anyone who thinks their own democracy is complicated): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1ROpIKZe-c
Pretty amazing that they would offer something with negative yield and people would buy it. Wouldn't you be better off just turning your money in to physical cash Euros? Provided you could keep it physically safe, there would be no negative yield and it would be equally as safe financially.
Where are you getting those numbers from? According to tradingeconomics.com Japan has positive inflation, and they get their figures from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs.http://www.tradingeconomics.com/japan/inflation-cpi
Does that say 0.35% on there? That's less than inflation. So it's a 5 year investment where you get less back in real terms than you started with?
I would like to see Apple start a game studio. Microsoft did it, and Apple always say that they are the artistic ones.
This is great news, I really didn't like the old TB connector, it was always too loose. And since TB can mimic any kind of port (it is just a PCI bus on a port) there's no reason not to use the same connector as USB. If someone plugs a USB device in to it it can happily pretend to be a USB port.
I don't think they should have sold it and then tried to find her to give her half the money. It was clearly a mistake giving it away, so they should have just put it aside and tried to contact her and give it back whole.
When computers can perceive the world as a set of objects, as we do, instead of a grid of pixels, they will be able to help us with a lot more things. It feels like one of those fundamental technologies that leads to many applications.
I agree. If iOS 9 turns out to be significantly faster than iOS 8, even on older devices, they could do even better than the 82% coverage of iOS 8. Better performance = better coverage, also it's just a pleasure to use devices that are snappy at everything. Linux, for example. The hardware support is behind and there's hardly any apps, so I wouldn't use it for my main OS, but when you do use it you can tell it's mostly written in C. You can have a lot of stuff open, and go...
New Posts  All Forums: