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The game and TV station apps will probably be the most popular, but the potential for productivity apps on the TV - historically a blob out device - is the most historically interesting possibility. Could the Apple TV be the first console that is not a total time waster?
That's true. Especially if they then lock you out with a nasty password like 17346721476C3278977763T732V731171888732476789764376.
Siri in iOS 8 does not require training, you just pick it up and start using it. The last time I had to train a voice recognition system would have been at least 5 years ago, a Dragon product I believe. I thought it was unnecessary now.
Do you think it's a security ("my voice is my password") type thing?  I was assuming it was just a learning thing.  If it's just a learning thing then it needn't be the future, because people are capable of meeting new people and understanding them right away with no training, so there must be some way to do it, which we will presumably learn how to program eventually.
That's a disappointment, I had thought the necessity of training voice recognition systems was a thing of the past.
I remember from the keynote, the iPad Pro also uses the custom display controller from the iMac 5K to allow for such a high res screen. So possibly there is no off-the-shelf tech that other companies can currently buy to deliver a similar device.   It's the Mac Pro and Macbook Pro that have led the way on fast Flash too. So it seems like we might be able to predict future iPad specs by looking at today's Macs.
They are really serious about it being a computer replacement.
Apple originally thought the dock was the logical place for a keyboard. I had one of these with my iPad 1.  
The speed improvements on the CPU/GPU were better than I expected, really impressive.
Because the magnetic connector slides in a tiny bit easier than a Lightning one, and for Jony Ive that is reason enough to make a whole new port?
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