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A single TB2 port can not handle 5K but yeah, they probably could have done a 4K monitor for the Mac Pro. It seems like they invested in a lot of tech to make the new iMac screen so a bit surprising that they wouldn't want to put that in an external screen also. On the other hand the Mac Pro has a lot of TB2 ports, and 2 together could power an external 5K, still leaving 4 ports free.
Apple's webpage for the Retina iMac is very cool. As you try to scroll down it actually zooms you out...
This should say "... didn't return until Windows 10 (currently in public beta)," there's no start menu in Win 8.1. Ouch! True. It's quite impactful when said like that.
That's what I thought when I saw it. The underlying issue that needs fixing is too much white in the GUI, and the menu bar and Dock are not even the main part of that. Using so much white is fine in iOS because the device screens are so small, in fact it helps with a small screen to have it extra bright, but on a computer-sized screen it just burns your retinas out.
They bother because one thing Tim Cook has been doing is making things available at lower prices than in the past. Even with the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 they refused to discontinue the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, just so they could have something to sell at a lower price. Also they still sell a lot of devices with only 16GB storage. I think it's a dangerous game because the standard used to be "We will not ship anything that's not a great product (even if we could make...
Actually, there's some bugs in this OS. I opened Activity Monitor and geod was sitting there hanged (coloured red). And Safari was trying to background load sites from my bookmarks, stuck, using 25% of CPU, even though I have "Preload top hit in the background" turned off in Safari preferences.   Edit: Ahhh, it wasn't Safari, it was the new Spotlight. If you have it index your bookmarks and you happen to search for a string that is in a given URL, it will try to preload...
I'm an iMac fan. The only reason I'm currently using a Macbook Pro is because it has a Retina display and the iMac didn't. Well, now I can go back to my favourite Mac. I'm super happy that Apple pushed the envelope and went 5k instead of 4k. It's pushing technological limits that really makes a company valuable (if they're not doing that they can be too easily copied).
I'm not sure this is the full interview is it? It doesn't include some of the earlier clips we've seen such as the one about Steve calling him vain. Brilliant interview though, a really enjoyable watch.
I was kind of surprised that it didn't have a smaller case. I mean, I was glad that it was updated, but there are smaller mini PCs now (e.g. Intel NUC) and with Apple's design chops you kind of expect them to leapfrog that, even if it is a low priority product category (which I have no proof that it is). But yeah, still an amazing deal though. In the sense of getting 20Mbit I/O ports on a budget computer. And the $100 price drop.
I know. It's bloody ridiculous. A new CPU, GPU and world leading screen. When are they going to upgrade something significant? It's just the same identical parts year after year. :)
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