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Having a high stock price discourages speculators, but Apple tends to do a split whenever it gets "too" high.
Those original iMacs were some beautiful looking computers, you can often find quite well preserved ones on eBay.
That's what I was thinking. All it needs it some major Christian group to boycott Apple and it would surely show up in the numbers. Whether you agree with it or not, it's a widespread religion.
I think it would be pretty cool to go to hospital and they wheel you in to the theatre and there are all these high tech robots there.
 I tend to think of morality as a private thing, something you apply to your own actions rather than something you preach to others, so I'm not super impressed by Tim Cook trumpting "Apple's Values" every chance he gets. 
This is the second time they've released a thinner keyboard with less travel. The end game might be for the whole keyboard to be a taptic device, and they are just easing us in by gradually reducing the travel over the years.
 The software quality has dropped but the hardware quality has remained the same. But the software bugs are not due to laziness and "coasting" - quite the opposite. His strategy is to move so fast that his competitors (e.g. Samsung) can't keep up. e.g. by the time they have copied the iPhone 5 the iPhone 6 is already out.  The problem with this strategy is that software development (as a field) is not well enough understood enough to move that fast. Hence the bugs. I think...
The linked Fortune article says he has already quietly started making donations.
I've been wondering when SSD capacities were going to starting increasing again, this is great news.
Not the iPhone though, which is the only phone the Apple Watch works with.
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