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Very generous!
I agree about the discovery problems with hidden UI controls. To quote from a novel I'm reading at the moment: "Tell me about it! The user interface is so easy to use, I can't do anything!"
 If only Steve Jobs could have seen this.
Having an AI virtual assistant on your wrist at all times would be a game changer for the company that gets it 100%. Apple, Microsoft and Google are all charging ahead.
Yes, companies need a feedback loop with their customers to stay healthy. There are some on this board who shout down any criticism, mistakenly thinking they are helping Apple.
It reminds me of when Bill Gates resigned as CEO of Microsoft to become Chief Software Architect, basically giving up any management responsibilities and just focussing on the software side of things (or in Jony's case the design). I think they are laying the groundwork for him leaving in a couple of years. An article on another Mac site suggests he wants to raise his kids in the UK.
Again, thanks for the info and links. I went to my local Apple Store today and they had some, but stock was so tight they said they weren't putting any out on display, based on the logic that they looked the same as the old ones anyway (of which they had a couple left). Which was no good for me because I was going to try and find a way to benchmark the GPU! But from your links it looks like some other people have already done it. Maybe I need to readjust my thinking on...
I think they are reaching the limits of what can be done with silicon, but there are other elements that can be used. A computer is just a machine that manipulates information, there must be a hundred ways to implement that.
Thanks for the advice Marvin. Based on what you said I think I should probably wait at least for some independent testing of the GPU in the new MBP. If it is close to 2x what I have I will go ahead, but if it's only really the SSD that will be massively faster, maybe the purchase isn't worth it. Actually part of the reason I am worried about the Skylake MBPs being cut down too much is your past confidence that they will switch to purely iGPUs at some point.
New Posts  All Forums: