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And also with a resolution that high you would want the GPU to have lots of cooling headroom, so the round back will probably remain. Though, there is often clever unexpected ways to do cooling. And if it loses the hard-drive and goes pure SSD, well maybe they could make it even thinner?
In the Keynote they showed Spotlight searches that also sent the query to Wikipedia and other online services (that's what it appeared like anyway). Is there any new thing (e.g. in the Security & Privacy Preferences) to stop this and make Spotlight searches purely local? I remember when the Dash Search in Ubuntu started sending every local search query to amazon.com and there was some user dissatisfaction with that.
It's already the case on iOS that you have to write code to save the state of your app to a file, and code to read this file and restore the state again. This is because if the user switches to another app, and that app needs all the memory, your app will be purged by the OS, and will need to restore it's state later if it's switched back to.   So it should be fairly easy for developers to implement Handoff. All they need to do is use the same format of state file on...
Thing are probably cheaper in the US due to the larger market. Here are some local prices for other 4K monitors: ASUS PQ321Q 32" UHD $3,399Dell UP3214Q 32" UHD $2,879Dell UP2114Q 24" UHD $1,199Dell P281Q 28" UHD $889ASUS PB287Q 28" UHD $799
Yeah, it's really the same kind of niggles you'd get on any multi-monitor Mac setup.  I remember when Mavericks came out they were crowing about all the improvements they'd made to multi-monitor support. But the first time I go to use it, they haven't even implemented the naive/obvious multi-monitor mode, which is to just ignore all boundaries and treat all monitors as one big canvas. That is, with a menu bar across the top of the whole canvas, and a Dock centred on the...
I made a thread about it here. Basically the monitor had support for doing each side of the screen with a different port.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/180471/samsung-u28d590d-28in-4k-monitor
I'd be surprised if that was the solution, the Mac Pro already has 2 GPUs! But I like your lateral thinking.
That's what I was thinking they might do, the Mac Pro has enough Thunderbolt controllers. I was able to get 4K@60Hz output from a 2012 Macbook Pro Retina, which theoretically should only be able to do 30Hz, by using a dual connection, one from the HDMI and one from a Thunderbolt 1 port. OS X is already reasonably usable in this kind of mode.
Can Thunderbolt 2 carry a 6400 x 3600 display?
I think transparency makes sense (to a certain degree) when what is showing through is the user's content for the app it is showing through on, e.g. the way Safari content is visible through Safari's tool/title bar. But where it makes less sense is when what is showing through is something from a completely different app, or the desktop image. Transparency should strictly be within-app. But in both cases, how can you ensure a GUI will look good and be readable if there...
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