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It's a bit of a false distinction between consumers and producers anyway, because you can only consume something by buying it and you can only get the money to buy it by producing something for someone else (with the exception of buying something on credit, but you eventially have to pay that back, so it doesn't change the principle it just time-shifts it). Really we're all producers and consumers.
If they just made Model S's and sold them, they would be profitable. The loss is only because they are investing so much in future products and expanding manufacturing capacity. Running a loss is actually the smart thing to do at this point in the life of the company.
You really need a visionary type person like a Steve Jobs or Elon Musk or Thomas Edison to even know how to spend that much money.
Musk has said his goal with Tesla is to accelerate the advent of electric transport. He wouldn't be against selling it provided there was some guarantee that that would still happen. i.e. that the patents would stay open and that the 3rd generation mass market car would be produced.
Wasn't the start of the fight delayed because there were so many PPV requests it was overloading the system? So it seems like they probably did ok.
Even without this couldn't you make a strap that charges it? Because it's designed to be charged inductively, without any sort of connection.
 My understanding of Windows 10 is not so much that it adapts to what screen size you have but what peripherals you have. So if you only have a touchscreen the buttons are fingertip sized. But if you plug in a mouse the buttons shrink down and menus pop up, all in real time. Unplug the mouse, it changes back. Turn on your Bluetooth stylus, the GUI changes again... This puts a lot of burden on app developers though, they have to use model-view-controller to keep their app...
The iPhone got bigger and now the iPad is getting bigger. Next up, return of the 17" Macbook Pro? Woohoo!
At the end of the review the author points out that his kids weren't interested in it (though he made that out to be a positive). Which made me wonder what the average age of an Apple Watch purchaser is.   Health features are not something young people would care much about, since you're largely automatically healthy when you're young. And even Apple Pay - young people don't have much money and prefer ad-supported content I would imagine. And there's no web browser. And...
The Apple ad describes a single process from start to end, whereas the Samsung ad just presents a bunch of disconnected (but impressive sounding) techniques. It's quite fitting really because Apple designs products as an integrated whole, whereas Samsung just checks off things on a spec sheet. i.e. their ads have the same lack of integration as their products.
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