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 Could be. I think they just invested so much in Android to prevent Apple becoming a monopoly in mobile, which they saw as a threat to their services. But since that hasn't happened, maybe Android has served it's purpose for them? Is that what the "We'll see," is - watching Apple's market share to see if it's stabilised? Long term I don't think they want to be an OS company, but an Internet services company.
Well, if you are not a writer (or English professor, book reviewer, or at least a school teacher) then by definition your critique of his writing was an amateur one, so why does it deserve a professional reply? 
Where's your website of writing so we can all criticise it and see how good you feel?
Australia will be next on the chopping block. Our dollar was worth $US 0.91 three months ago and now it's only worth $US 0.81.
The article mentions the possibility of future ARM Macs. But do we think Microsoft might release an ARM version of Windows 10 desktop? I know Surface RT failed (as the article mentions) but I am talking about the desktop version of Windows. Imagine if all those millions of office workers which are Intel's bread and butter got cheap little ARM boxes on their desks running Windows 10.
I have LEDs in every room now too, but I didn't do it for energy saving reasons! My house has terrible wiring and normal bulbs (and CFLs) typically blow in about 6 weeks, but LEDs seem to last forever, so that was a happy discovery.
The lightbulbs will probably take off at some point. I can imagine a future where people think it's strange that we used to have to turn lights on and off by hand when entering/leaving a room. They will make an environmental argument that it will save electricity.
I think they should enhance the music videos section of iTunes, out YouTube YouTube. Make the videos all HD and ad-supported, and redo the interface.
They worry about Apple's interconnectivity and see pushing open standards as a strategic move against it. But it won't work, case in point: iDevices have a fully standards compliant web browser and yet people still use apps.   More generally, the problem with his plan is that it's not one or the other: a device can implement a standards compliant interface and a proprietary one and customers are not ideological, they will just use the best one. And Apple's own...
The extra speakers thing actually makes me believe it, because if someone was completely making up these specs I don't think extra speakers is something they'd think of.
New Posts  All Forums: