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Couldn't they have used digital effects to replace the iOS 6 screenshots with iOS 7?
It's a good point that you'd only use it where it best fits, such as surfaces that have to be crystal clear, like camera lenses and fingerprint scanners.  But it's hard to know whether the factories are just for more of the same without knowing numbers. Maybe there is something else they are going to make that also has to be crystal clear see through, that is not a camera lens or fingerprint scanner (or screen). Medical devices often require extremely good quality parts.
If it was only about cloud synchronization, Apple could have modified the back end of both iPhoto and Aperture to use PhotoKit. Having two separate programs on one computer using the same photo library in the cloud would be no different (from the cloud's point of view) as two completely separate devices accessing the cloud at the same time. If it was about the cloud *and* about making iOS and OS X more consistent, they could have done the above (given both apps a cloud...
It sounds like it was an honest mistake. But really, they shouldn't have been discussing his personal life in the first place. If anything, they should have been discussing how good (or not good) of a CEO he is.
That's right. Photos will basically be iPhoto with a new GUI and a cloud backend, and Aperture is discontinued.
That's a good point. The whole beauty of touch interfaces is the natural gestures like pinch and zoom etc. It's hard to do that when your finger is 1/4 the size of the whole screen, which is what it would be with a normal sized stylish watch. I don't think Apple will make something oversized. They will make something small and stylish, it will just use something other than a touch interface. Keyboard and mouse is ideal for a large screen. Touch is ideal for a middle sized...
All the book makers need to get together and make a deal with someone else... oops. But they still could work with Apple to make their products on iBooks higher quality than Amazon. Better spell checking, no DRM. Quality works.
Watches and shoes... the belt is another thing that could hold a little computer.
That's nice. They raise $75m for charity and get insulted and called a "religious cult." How about some manners and gratitude?
It is a popular app. Maybe it will make people update their OS X. If they put it on the App Store, people will have to update to 10.6 at least.
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