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A carrier here in Australia has had a similar deal for some time. It's a standard 2-year contract but after one year you get a brand new iPhone. The AppleCare+ being included is new though.
Apple and their ports! They can't go 1 year without introducing some new kind of connector. And proprietary too.
Tim Cook outright said that Apple regards the bigger iPad as the future of personal computing. And they released a physical keyboard for it too. I wonder how long until the Mac is simply discontinued?
That's not accurate in my experience. I am older so I had a PC because it was the only game in town. Ten years ago all the younger 20-somethings at my office had consoles and only the 30-somethings had PCs. Fast forward to today and all the (new) 20-somethings have PCs. What has changed, were the grey beards right all along? No, it is the rise of MMOs, and the extra power of a PC making a difference there. Also Steam prices are often better than the consoles. Competition...
The current gen consoles are pretty underpowered aren't they? They don't have separate GPUs themselves. I think an Ax based machine could compete. That said, I think PC gaming is going to take a big leap in 2016. There is the combination of GPUs finally moving off 28nm to 16 or 14nm, HBM, DirectX 12. And new engines like the Fox engine in MGS: V are just amazing. And the VR headsets are almost ready. I don't believe the line that the majority of people just want casual...
Taylor Swift (wearing an Apple Watch)?
It's not just a cut scene, you can download Zen Garden from the App Store yourself and freely pan around and interact with the world.
If would be great if they introduced refunds. Steam introduced a policy a few months ago whereby if you have played a game for less than 2 hours, you can get your money back. It has already started having a positive effect on PC game quality, with an especially poor PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight being pulled from Steam for rework, possibly due to them getting inundated with refunds.   It could potentially have a similar quality benefit for iOS apps.
I think there will be a "One More Thing" for the El Cap demo (Hair Force One will say "one more thing"), and it will be Siri. The whole event has a Siri theme, plus Windows 10 includes Cortana, and Apple cares about what Microsoft does more than we Apple fans think they do.
I don't think we should assume the Apple console will be about casual gaming. The Zen Garden demo above shows what the Ax GPU can do, and that's on a Retina device: most TVs are only 1080p remember. Plus we are talking one generation ahead of that. They might surprise everyone by showing a AAA game on stage.
New Posts  All Forums: