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It's a good point. If you're going to consume somebody's service, you should probably consume it on their terms. I think the way ad-click sites could survive is by making an app, and it the app don't give the user any blocking tool. Or, if they want to stay on the web, well currently most sites send the article and then the ads gradually fill up the rest of the screen. Maybe the ads themselves could fetch the article, only once they're downloaded and running? But there...
Yes, it probably would attract antitrust attention. And Google could immediately retaliate by making YouTube, Gmail etc. not work on Safari, so I don't think it would actually happen.
That's an excellent point about 75% of Google's mobile revenue coming from iOS. If Apple were to ship a Google Ads content blocker by default they could deal Google a serious blow overnight. Though it would probably quickly become a cat and mouse game in terms of getting around the blocker. Regarding the app/web distinction: there were a couple of things at WWDC which make apps more like the web. One was universal linking, which allows apps to link to other apps like...
 It's really your personality that determines what kind of job you're good at, more than your gender. People who are good at engineering, computer science and mathematics tend to have logical minds, the ability to deal with abstract ideas, and the willingness to concentrate on a single intellectual problem for days or weeks on end.  This is quite a rare kind of personality, and yet software is replacing a lot of industries (e.g. Mail is now an app instead of a physical...
That vault door is quite impressive.
I thought she was perfect and was trying to remember where I had seen her before... it was House, thanks.
I was surprised to read that too! They must be talking about porting pre-DX12 titles to Metal, and their own rendering code being actually more efficient than e.g. DX9 or OpenGL, which is pretty bold!
The background noise didn't bother me too much, I actually thought it was better than last time as the speakers weren't speaking over each other, the whole thing flowed a lot better.    This has been a big WWDC for Mac gaming, it would be good if you could do some interviews with Mac game developers about the new tech.
Ever since (Mac) OS X came out in 2001 it has had OpenGL, and PC games ported across have not been able to run as fast as DirectX on the PC.   My hope if that Metal will evolve in to "Apple's DirectX," and as Mac porting houses and Game Engine vendors adopt it, we will see ported across games run at equal speed to a Windows PC with equivalent hardware. Especially since DirectX 12 is a low-level API also, so hopefully Metal and DX12 will have a very close mapping.
 It potentially does, it depends on how the individual app developer implements it. Those are all aspects of the user-experience surely? In general, I think where there are tradeoffs to be made between ease for the user and ease for the developer you should favour the user and put the weight on the developer's shoulders. I don't think you understand the technology in question. It's basically an API and some Apple provided hosting to let apps download things in the...
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