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Yep. People say it's market size that attracts developers, but really it's money, with the assumption being that a bigger market means more money. But sometimes a smaller market of higher end devices will have more to spend.
Those might be tests but they're not real world tests. When did you last buy an app that had 5 buttons, each of which ran a different list sort? You say they're replacing ObjC not C, but that doesn't really make sense. ObjC is C when you're not doing OO. And you shouldn't be doing OO everywhere, OO is great for GUI control libraries, collection classes, or anywhere there's a natural hierarchy in the business domain but elsewhere you'd just be using the tools for the sake...
Nice choice of review for Goat Simulator, pure gold.   This article is spot on, Android's problem is "Software squandering expensive hardware." What the article doesn't mention is that Apple is heading down the same road with their switch from C to Swift, which sacrifices runtime performance to make life easier at coding time. In other words it puts the needs of the coder ahead of the needs of the user.   Ironically, as the comment from the Five Nights at Freddy's...
They have given up on one GUI to rule them all, but they haven't given up on one OS to rule them all. They have a concept called Continuum whereby as you add or remove hardware (e.g. connecting or removing a keyboard from your tablet) the GUI changes to best match the current hardware. If you plug a mouse in, the start menu replaces the start screen, etc. That's their long term vision anyway.   Apple doesn't have any combo devices like this so they only need one GUI per...
Xcode 6.1, now with Apple's new, slower programming language (which we called Swift for doubleplusgood reasons).
Here is another graphical bug:1. Open up System Preferences2. Click on Desktop & Screen Saver3. Click on the Back button to go back to the main System Preferences window4. Click on General and change Appearance from Blue to Graphite5. Go back to the Desktop and Screen Saver settings: the tabs are still Blue. It must cache the preference panes you've opened and not flush the cache when you change Appearance.
That would be good. My bank has something similar actually, in the Internet Banking it is set up so you can easily donate to a bunch of charities.
Wow they sure can pull out the big names if they want to.
This is the company that put two Radeon 7970 equivalent, along with a 12-core Xeon, in a 9.9in tall case with 1 fan, that you are talking about.
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