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I am definitely doing great then. I hear the term "best looking guy ever" so often on a daily basis that i have lost any sensitivity to it.I am not just the baddest ass mother fucker here. I am also the prettiest.Don't hate me because I am beautiful.
no, wrong again- just you
you didn't know th=e answer to start with. Just reminding you and all others of your FUD
you are grasping at straws there. Totally expected that, too
TS, no doubt its hardware. But i really doubt he did a clean install either. If he did, he may not realize that his computer is indexing and it may take a long time to do so and that can really bog the comp down for a while. regardless, why not go to an apple store in the first place? Maybe he's scared of a professional diagnosis or something.   f2photo, I would bet that apple singled you out of all their user and sent a bug to destroy your hardware upon installing....
why don't you do your own homework and compare each devices offerings side by side.  I can't believe I seen the question posed, nor can I believe I had to tell someone that.
no, wrong. The apple tv works perfectly well right out of the box. give it an internet connection and you are on your way. Yes. the functionality will increase if you use iTunes from a computer, or have an iDevice. 
well then, it's just them ​north 'til you smell - it east 'til you step in it...
i know BS when I see it- and you are piling it on here.So take it into an apple store if you can't figure out how to reset with a usb cable.check what? Go check yourself, squirrel baityour statement and opinion aren't worth shit here. Too much BS to be taken seriously.
it is JUST you
New Posts  All Forums: