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basically what the thread title says now that you have had the Apple TV for a while, what are your thoughts about using it day to day? better than you thought? worse? useful? usless? hacked? cheers
what it basically does is .. when you get an email with virus attached from your PC owning friends...zapps it so you dont pass it on to your other PC owning friends or indeed if your a switcher used to PCs you think you HAVE to get anti virus software... norton will be happy to take your money... as would i... im sure i offer about as much protection
sorry am i completely missing something?? are you saying Cingular now AT&T would NOT want people using lots of bandwidth so that AT&T could make money from them? thats crazy talk
many years ago (or even NOT that many years ago) we had desktop computers mini computers and main frame computers.those lines became blurred and indeed sound archaic today, likewise i think the thought of a "desktop CPU" versus a "laptop chip" or a "server chip" is getting almost as redundant. after all, the G4 chips..what were they? we saw them first in the powermac (desktop line) but soon they became laptop ONLY.. so what were they? the definition is blurred...
well you were speaking in absolute terms "there is no way you'll see two competing formats from the studios. however, i was pointing out that there ARE already companies with the same film out on different formats. which runs contrary to your absolute statment. i whole heartedly agree that,as it stands the higher price of universal players is not that appealing, as has been pointed out a few times on this thread, one would e better served buying two players for the same...
what? your mini is 64 bit.. i thought the core(not 2)duos were 32 bit :P an update to Logic in one form of another would be cool.. a UI update alone might be disapointing, but welcomed the current one is so DRAB IMO. still holding off for non RAM bottle-necked 8 core PMs ... not that they cant SINGGGG as is but 4 core iMacs would be nice... hey, its all wishing right!
erm... but arnt there already studios that have put out the same film on both formats... or is the inside of my head making that up?
the only way i can express myself upon what you have written is as follows:- your name is apt, you are an ass
the obvious use IMO is with the proliferation of Apple TV and wifi iPods.. imagine calling over to your mates house to watch a movie! SIMPLE Boom! just add the 2 word killer feature someone mentioned the other day to iTunes store. Now Renting...
its clear you dont actually understand what goes into remastering from Vinyl to CD and if you dont understand something, you shouldnt REALLY comment on it... in simple terms Vinyl had a limited bandwidth.. too much bass and the needle poped out of the groove.. whereas CD didnt have that problem, so the initial first wave of CDs had a LOT of people screaming that they sounded horrible.
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