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not only is it incorrect, its downright insulting. but then its what we have become used to with record companies.
i sort of knew that as i posted... and couldnt think of a better word than manufacturer however as most of them are an offspring of the name Tonic (this, Tonic that) one might assume that Tonic are capable of SOME type of manufacturing capabilities (???) Its difficult to make judgement when not knowing the ins and outs of the suit but i thought Sony did something similarly foolish (although it thought it was protecting its business, as i have no doubt Tosh also thinks)...
i THINK the original posting was implying that ipod sales would decline rapidly in about 5 years as walkman sales had declined rapidly...so i THINK Clive was saying that in his opinion it would be more like 20 years. i THINK... you understand
IF you could read it... assumeing its within that 82% - har har har
thats a brilliant bit of work! well done ive bookmarked it thanks
well it was sarcasm that started it (on the other thread) i believe humour (and its lack/lack of understanding) was where it was heading (too lazy to check )but yeah, i thought hook(er) line and sinker was a well worn phrase!unless.... we're showing our age!!! :
Hardly the smartest of moves Tosh if your gonna spread your HD-DVD goodness, i can now think of 17 manufacturers who wont be so keen to say "aye"
are you saying Batman Begins is comming to BD? if so, im sold!
ever heard of google? google handbreak... which is now called mediafork (why they had to change it to something WORSE i'll never know ) also mac the ripper.i was gonna just PM you with this info, but seeing as everything else gets disscussed in here i dont see how this is TOO off topic.im currently slowly going thru my DVD collection (about 500 discs 50/50 films and TV shows at a guess) and the TV shows are a pain in the behind to convert as its one episode at a time...
funny... considering your post on the other thread about the POSTER not makeing sarcasm clear enough ---- to the people whinging about $500 being too much... heres a hint, dont buy it! yeah its likely way much money than YOU would have spent as a kid, but inflation is this funny thing, its like time itself, it just happens. we all make choices, we all balance our needs with our wants... kids have less to worry about outgoings like a mortgage or car payments. its not...
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