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thanks for adding to the debate
what would small be? if iPods Shiped is 100million? you try selling 10 million of anything
yep, i sure aint buyin one of those but are you still operating under the impression that ONLY HD-DUD prices can come down .. while only Blu-ray dives will stay the same price?
its amazing that with all the bracketing you did to make your point, you actually missed out the word LATTER which i believe was referring to HD-DVD as opposed to the former being Blu-ray... re-reading it might help?
so whos gonna get one? how long till we see official BD drives in macs?
just take them back to the OEM and get new ones! the ears i mean
what? no request for a mid range headless mac, joe?
i have no idea about the card... or even if that mac is powerful enough. but a simple converter cable or connector should work fine...just fine
oh i agree... PC world is a waste of time.yeah and the banner made it hard... but always check your scroll button
erm... {faux outrage} cant you even get THAT right the bottom rated "player" is 72 the 360 and above that... its 75 where did you get 79 ??
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