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i wonder... do all those 5 free HD-DUD discs add up to total discs "sold"?? i wonder..
i could be flippant and roll my eyes and say that even 10:1 not being a good enough indicator for you is no surprisethat i can agree with , it will be very interesting if players like Apple can get enough sales and enough movie VARIETY and sell enough Apple TVs... but its still all if,if,if so really all you or i can say is... we cant predict the future. so we rely on the scant but GROWING evidence of volume sales... just EXACTLY like we will in terms of looking at movie...
ive my mini hooked up to the TV.. its one of the best things ive done, apart from actually BUYING a mac in the first place so i have no need for an Apple TV or so i thought but then one day recently the obvious dawned on me the TV room has a (not so) great tendancy to be cold in the winter, now i can keep te heating on, and thats ok, but costly.. considering the kitchen/living room has a range cooker on 24/7 in the winter.. so im gonna go LCD in there and buy an Apple TV...
...sorry? i dont know why but dropping the prce that £26 has made it look a WHOLE lot more attractive to me... if it wasnt so sunny here, if i wasnt up to my neck in house maintenance (building a courtyard out the back then redoing the kitchen ceiling) id be very tempted.. i AM very tempted... 6 months ago id have been all over this ! unless the summer turns out REALLY bad, i think i MIGHT just wait till GTA4 comes out
id like to read (for laffs) microsofts response to the iPod stops bullets thing.... "Apple may be ahead in stopping bullets, but with the release of the watermellon Red Zune, we can catch up" yeah... SURE lucky lucky dude... but then the kevlar vest would have stopped it anyway
you see this is what i dont understand... YOU offer figures... and we are all ment to believe them.. someone else offers figures that dont suit your opinion, and you imply that they arnt good enough for the disscussion. what ratio does BD have to outsell HD-DUD at before you admit that it IS outselling? pick one or both... player sales or disc sales? come on... just so we have something to aim for, what ratio does one have to outsell the other ? oh yeah.. and for how...
all this and your an Aries too? you know, its starting to make sense... the stubborness on this thread i mean... im a Taurus... im NEVER wrong funny, id forgotten i was NEVER wrong for a while sorry for the multiple posts, been busy so havent checked in that often... you know how its is... so much FUD, so little time
play in the UK currently selling PS3 for £399 with free BD movie and HDMI cable....gee a price dropp already
what? like HD-DVD fanboys crowing about early sales last year? yeah... i guess
Happy Birthday!great present
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